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If you’re a big fella like me, finding the best 5xlt hoodies and sweatshirts is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s impossible to find it!

Many retail stores have entirely neglected big and tall people and won’t even have the sizes we need. On the other hand, some brands that do offer it offer only big or only tall sizes.

Another common problem is how clothes will quickly shrink after one or two washes. Summer is long gone, and hoodies are essential for fall, winter, and even spring months. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll share the best 5x large-tall hoodies and tell you what to consider when looking for big and tall sweatshirts.

5xlt hoodies are a must-have for all-big and tall people

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

image of kingsize men's big & tall full-zip fleece jacket - Extra Large Living
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Hoodies can come in many different forms. If you’re in the market for a zip-up hoodie, the KingSize Big and Tall Fleece Hoodie is an excellent choice. This comes in 22 different colors, covering all of your basic colors while also having unique marble colors that look very edgy. Not to mention, the many size options available from large tall to 9x large big. So no matter how big or tall you are, there should be something for everyone!

The hoodie is incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s made from a blend of polyester and cotton. These materials ensure that the hoodie is breathable, soft, durable, and moisture-wicking. It has a standard zipper along with two front pockets for extra storage.


  • Includes dual front pockets
  • Very relaxed and comfortable fit
  • Able to machine wash
  • Available in 22 colors
  • Ideal fit for big and tall individuals
  • Aesthetic ribbed knit trim design
  • Very durable and great for both indoor and outdoor wear
  • Offers up to 9x in size


  • A little on the thin side

Puma men’s tall essentials big logo full zip hoodie

image of puma men’s tall essentials big logo full zip hoodie - Extra Large Living
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Sometimes you want a sporty-name brand to wear. Puma offer’s their men’s tall essentials for bigger individuals like us. This hoodie comes in six different colors including, black, gray, white, peacoat, red, and black with a red logo. Although it has a very sporty look due to the puma design and logo, it’s very comfortable to wear both indoors and out. It’s made from 66% cotton and 34% polyester to maximize comfort and breathability.

Like most hoodies, this one has a kangaroo pouch for holding small items and a drawcord to adjust the hoodie to fit your needs. It also can be machine washed and will last you a long time.


  • Able to machine wash
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Has a drawstring closure for hoodie adjustment
  • Kangaroo pockets for extra storage
  • Very warm and relaxed fit
  • Offers a very sporty and loungewear look
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Some people might not like the big puma logo in the center

Amazon essentials men’s big & tall crewneck fleece sweatshirt fit by dxl

image of amazon essentials men’s big & tall crewneck fleece sweatshirt fit by dxl - Extra Large Living
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Sometimes you want to switch it up. Sweatshirts are an essential wear for chillier or colder temperatures. Amazon Essentials have sweatshirts available from 2x to 7x! It comes in four neutral colors, including black, charcoal, light gray, and navy.

It’s made with a very relaxed fit so that you won’t have to worry about the sweatshirt being too tight. This sweatshirt is made from 40% polyester and 60% cotton, making it breathable yet very soft and comfy. In addition, the product has a nice ribbed collar crew neck and doesn’t come with an annoying tag in the back!


  • Very inexpensive
  • Available in four different neutral colors
  • Able to machine wash
  • Comfortable crew neck to wear, made with a blend of cotton and polyester
  • Crewneck is tag-free
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear
  • Very relaxed fit


  • Slightly thinner fabric than expected
  • May run a little long

Amazon essentials men’s big & tall tech stretch Long-sleeve pullover hoodie fit by dxl

image of amazon essentials men’s big & tall tech stretch Long-sleeve pullover hoodie fit by dxl - Extra Large Living
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Pullovers are another unique style of hoodies. They fit a little more snug on your body but are very soft and comfortable to wear. The Amazon Essentials hoodies are made of 12% spandex and 88% polyester giving you a wide range of motion. It’s very stretchy, and flexible making it ideal for a nice outdoor walk, run, or even workout. Not to mention, you can wear it all day long without feeling too restricted.

Furthermore, it comes in five different colors: black, light grey, black space dye, navy space dye, and olive space dye. These colors provide a fashionable grainy look which is unique from just your standard colors. It also comes with a unique low-profile thumbhole. This thumbhole is designed to help with layering. For example, while hiking, you may want to remove layers as you get warmer. The thumbhole helps to remove other layers easily without taking all the layers off at once.


  • Comes in five unique neutral colors
  • Hoodies come in an athletic fit, ideal for outdoor wear
  • Material feels more flexible and stretchy
  • Available up to 7x large
  • Sizes run perfect, not too big or small
  • Able to machine wash
  • Very affordable


  • Runs a little thin
  • Not ideal for colder temperatures
  • No front pockets

Falcon bay big & tall men’s full zip fleece hoodie

image of falcon bay big & tall men’s full zip fleece hoodie - Extra Large Living
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If you’re looking for something that keeps you warmer, especially for people who live in colder climates, then consider a fleece hoodie. The Falcon Bay hoodie has a thicker layer of fleece making it ideal for outdoor wear. It’s a little bit heavier than a standard hoodie because it is made from 40% polyester and 60% cotton. The hoodie includes a long drawstring that is located wider, which increases the range for adjustability. This means you can have a more relaxed fit or a tight fit for your hoodie.

In addition, it comes with a double zipper in the middle. Most zippers tend to wear down when used repeatedly, but the double zipper is much more heavy-duty. It also comes with two deep frontal pockets along with a little side-utility pocket for extra storage. This is useful for outdoor activities since you may need additional storage for small items.


  • Fleece materials make it ideal for colder temperatures
  • Drawstring available for adjusting hoodie
  • Uses a durable, high-quality double zipper
  • Offers a utility pocket and two deep pockets in the front
  • Available up to 10x big
  • Available in black or navy color
  • Aesthetic bottom hem and ribbed cuffs


  • Runs a little tight at first but will stretch

Ks sport by kingsize men’s big & tall wicking pullover hoodie

image of ks sport by kingsize men’s big & tall wicking pullover hoodie - Extra Large Living
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KS Sport Kingsize Pullover Hoodie offers a very sporty look to your collection of clothes. This hoodie comes in four unique colors. Each has a two-toned color, a bold color, and the other color neutral. This is a nice change-up from your standard neutral-colored hoodies.

It keeps you dry and colors with its moisture-wicking, polyester material as far as comfort. Most pullovers don’t have any pockets, but this one includes a kangaroo pocket. This hoodie is also available in many sizes ranging from large-tall to 8x large big, meaning it will fit most big and tall individuals!


  • Drawstring string closure for hoodie adjustability
  • Able to machine wash
  • Material keeps you dry and cool
  • Comes in 4 available options, each with bold two-tone colors
  • Relax fit
  • Up to 8xl; big in size
  • Has two front pockets


  • Could be a little thicker
  • Sleeves run a little long

And the best men’s 5xlt hoodie is:

image of puma men’s tall essentials big logo full zip hoodie - Extra Large Living

Puma men’s tall essentials big logo full zip hoodie

The Puma Men’s Tall Essentials Hoodie! We love the material and texture of the hoodie. It’s made with the perfect blend of cotton and polyester, making it durable, breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking. This helps move sweat or moisture to the outer layers and dry off quickly. We also find that these hoodies are thicker than some of the other ones on our list, making it a great choice for loungewear.

It has all of the standard features, such as a drawstring closure for adjustability, a kangaroo pouch, and a hemmed wrist fit. Not to mention, you’re wearing a well-known brand! If you’re looking for something comfortable with a relaxed fit that keeps you cozy, the Puma Essential Hoodie is the choice for you.

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Frequently asked questions

How to choose the best big 5xlt hoodies?

When looking to purchase 5xlt shirts or hoodie, there are many factors that you should consider before buying. This includes:

Material: Three of the best materials to look for when purchasing a hoodie are cotton, polyester, and fleece. Polyester is a fabric designed for moisture-wicking and durability. If you expect to be outdoors and are in wet weather conditions, look for polyester hoodies. Cotton is ideal for comfort due to its breathability and softness. You can wear cotton hoodies indoors because it’ll keep you cool and feel cozy to wear. Lastly, it provides extra insulation to keep you warm.

Style and fit: Are you looking for a more relaxed fit or snug fit? Some hoodies are oversized or are extra roomy. Other hoodies such as the pullover ones are meant to fit, be stretchy yet fit a little tighter on your body. Also, consider whether you want a zip-up hoodie or a standard one. A zip-up is designed for layering.

Diversity: Some hoodies have more features than others. Do you want a drawcord to adjust your hoodie? Many also have a kangaroo pouch or two sides pockets in the front for extra storage.

Why is it important to have 5xlt hoodies?

Always check the sizing when it comes to finding larger hoodies. For individuals who are both tall and big, you’ll need a large and tall hoodie. A big man tends to have a larger size in hips, waist, chest, and shoulders. A tall man simply needs a longer length in sleeves and body. Measure your chest, waist, and neck so that you can buy the hoodie that fits your size.

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