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Do you have an apple-shaped body? Larger chests, broad shoulders, narrow hips, long legs, and a somewhat prominent waist are typical features of people with apple-shaped frames.

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In a nutshell, apple-shaped women typically have slimmer tops and bottoms, with their biggest areas being in the center of their bodies. You don’t need to go any farther if you’re questioning how to dress for apple-shaped body types.

The main rule for dressing with an apple shape is to emphasize your bust and legs while detracting emphasis from your belly, especially if you have a longer torso and shorter legs.

Dressing an apple-shaped body

Tops, or other clothing items that cover the upper body, are some key considerations while selecting clothing for an apple-shaped figure.

You should choose something that emphasizes your rounded shoulders, larger bust, and neckline. The best thing people with apple body shapes can do is draw attention away from their wider midsections, where they carry the most weight.

They can do this by focusing on the top and bottom parts of their bodies. By diverting attention towards the neckline and collarbone, you can create a favorable look. Boat necks, square necks, and various necklines all highlight the collarbones, which is a favorable look for bodies with an apple shape.

Alternatively, you could pick an outfit that focuses on the lower part of your body. High-waisted pants are ideal, as they go straight past the waistline, creating an illusion that your waist and midsection are much slimmer than they are in reality.

Mid to high-rise pants are also ideal, as they eliminate any chance of catching a glimpse of muffin tops or belly fat.

What looks good on plus-size apple body shapes?

As all apple-shaped plus-size women know, it can be more difficult to create the illusion of a curvy, smaller-waist figure, as having an apple-shaped silhouette means that your waist is hardly visible.

However, there are tips for creating the illusion of a smaller waist, while giving the impression that your hips and bust are more prominent.

Fortunately, if you have an apple-shaped body, your bust will likely be one of your greatest physical assets. This will give you a lot of room to create looks using suitable outfits to create a rounded, sleek appearance around your gorgeous shape.

Take Melissa McCarthy, for example. She is, perhaps, the most famous example of a plus-size apple body type. She is also only 5’2, and, as many of us are aware, it may be difficult to find clothing that fits a curvy, petite size woman.

McCarthy pulls off a variety of attractive looks whenever she appears in front of the camera, and you can follow her footsteps by taking note of our tips.

What pants look best on apple shapes?

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The best type of pants for an apple-shaped woman are high-rise or mid-rise. Bootcut, regular slim, and boyfriend jeans can also be excellent selections.

Avoid button-fly styles and choose pull-on, elastic waist alternatives. When you have a larger waist but smaller legs and hips, these are simpler to slip on, as the breadth of your trousers’ waist must be adjustable to your waistline.

To effectively showcase your body type, select darker colors when it comes to pants. It would be ideal to use black, dark washes, and other dark tones. The key is to give the impression that your waist is smaller than your hips and shoulders, and darker colors are exquisite for creating that illusion.

What is the most flattering dress for apple shape women?

When it comes to choosing dresses that really highlight the figure of an apple-shaped body wear puff sleeves, skater dresses, V-neck dresses, and wrap dresses.

If you have been invited to a wedding or any other special event, try these dress styles to truly enhance your figure:

  • Puff sleeve dresses – These are fantastic because they divert the attention from your stomach while balancing out rounded shoulders with more fullness to the upper arm.
  • Skater dresses – Skater styles pinch in under the bust and instantly give your silhouette more definition.
  • V-neck dresses – V-necks make your bust the center of attention, also detracting from your waistline.
  • Wrap dresses – A wrap dress creates impressions around your bust and upper body, taking the focus away from your midsection altogether.

Avoid any dress that has a belt effect around the waist or hips, as this will draw further attention to your fuller midsection. Wrap styles are perfect for this exact reasoning, as they draw eyes toward your bust instead.

What styles should an apple body type avoid?

The most important rule to remember is to draw attention away from your midsection and focus on your upper body or your legs.

  • Belly shirts – Avoid anything that exposes your stomach. Crop tops, for example, are an item of clothing that you may want to steer away from.
  • Baggy jeans – Avoid wearing baggy jeans or slacks. You may think that this style of pants will cover up your wider midsection when instead, it creates the illusion that your stomach and hips are much wider than they actually are.
  • Dresses with belts – Belted dresses should be avoided as horizontal lines create a wider effect on the waist.
  • Tucking in shirts – Steer clear from tucking shirts and tops into your pants, as this goes against the idea of having an undefined waist, creating a broader appearance.
  • Light colors – Light colors will not look as dramatic as darker colors when trying to create a silhouette.

If you love wearing feminine, lighter colors, you should continue to do so, as your style is all about what makes you happy! However, if you want to shape your figure to its fullest, we recommend avoiding light colors in your outfits.

Wrapping up

Apple body types can be tricky shapes to style, as anyone in the apple body shape community will agree. However, this is such a gorgeous shape, and one with features that can be enhanced to their fullest once they’ve been dressed in their ideal styles.

Don’t forget that no matter how you decide to dress, you apple-shaped, curvy queens will always look absolutely fabulous! Although, by drawing attention to your finest attributes, and following our style tips you can truly boost your figure to the highest levels.

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