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Most big individuals are at risk of suffering from knee problems such as arthritis designed to handle a larger person’s weight and size.

Not only is it tough to lose weight, but it can also be difficult to move around for long periods without experiencing some sort of discomfort from your knees from previous injuries, prior meniscus tears, or a past knee surgery.

A Bariatric knee brace should be flexible, comfortable, and supportive enough to be worn for daily use and especially for physical activities such as running, hiking, and walking. Extra Large Living compiled our list of seven best bariatric knee braces to help you feel comfortable and healthy all day long!

Best bariatric knee brace

Adjustable Knee Brace Support Plus Size Knee Brace for ACL

image of adjustable knee brace support plus size knee brace for acl - Extra Large Living
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The adjustable knee brace support is an open patella style brace that is ideal for post-injury, comfort, after knee surgery, and incredibly adjustable for people including plus sizes. From our research, most bariatric plus size knee braces only fit up to a two or XXXL in size. This plus size knee brace fits up to a 6XL in sizing and is available in four unique colors.

This product uses an adjustable hook and loop to ensure that it fits snuggly onto your body and supplies ample knee support. The velcro straps prevents knee instability and relieves knee ache, tendonitis pain, and offers outstanding knee support. Unlike many of the other knee braces in our list, they are designed to be worn for heavy usage. It can be worn for all types of physical activity such as intense workouts, sports activities, or just daily walking.


  • Excellent support and stability
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Available in four colors: gray, black, blue, nude beige
  • Ideal for instability, ligament injuries, knee swelling, post-surgery recovery
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • Fits up to 6XL in size


  • Occasionally slips down a bit

Hinged Knee Brace Plus Size Newly Engineered Knee Braces Flexibility, Extra Supportive, Non-Slip and Non Bulky

image of hinged knee brace plus size newly engineered knee braces flexibility, extra supportive, non-slip and non bulky - Extra Large Living
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One of the reasons we love this plus size knee brace is because they have designed their brace based on customer feedback. Other braces for men and women tend to cut to the back of the knees and don’t fit large legs, are too rigid or non-supportive. This exclusive brace addresses all of those issues. The hinged knee brace exclusive offers sliding strips to prevent slippage when wearing for long periods.

It has adjustable and removable double-sided metal stabilizers to provide both ample support and flexibility. Some knee braces provide lots of support but are too rigid. This one has both! This brace also a silicone gel patella to safeguard your kneecaps from potential injury or pain.


  • Ideal for big people with large legs
  • Comfortable and flexible neoprene material
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, gray and back
  • Sliding strips to prevent knee brace from sliding
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes double-sided metal stabilizer to provide ample knee support


  • May make your leg sweat when working out

FormFit Tracker Ossur

image of formfit tracker ossur - Extra Large Living
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We’ve found Ossur Formfit Tracker Knee Brace to be one of the most high-tech bariatric braces in the market. Most post-surgery or rehab procedures require a knee brace that provides support along with alignment. Ossur Formfit offers a patented ReflexWing buttress to help realign the patella and offer a dynamic lateral range of motion.

When wearing it, users have expressed comfort while wearing it daily. It has PowerLock straps to fit the exact size of your thighs. Ossur Formfit includes a FlyWeight fabric for an incredibly breathable and soft feel.


  • Feels secure for daily use
  • Extremely sturdy and comfortable
  • Provides excellent stability while allowing full range of motion
  • Prevents knee pain
  • Available up to 3x Large
  • Perfect to wear for physical activities such as hiking, running, sports, working out
  • Breathable and soft fabric


  • Could fasten a little tighter so that it doesn’t slip

Nvorliy Plus Size Hinged Knee Brace Dual Strap Patellar Stabilization Design & High-Level Support For Arthritis

image of nvorliy plus size hinged knee brace dual strap patellar stabilization design & high-level support for arthritis - Extra Large Living
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The Nvorliy Plus Size Hinged Knee Brace is ideal for individuals with knee pain, post-surgery recovery and prevents re-injury. It has a dual patellar stabilization design to improve the balance between the lower and upper patellar simultaneously. Wearing normal knee braces may cause stress on your knee caps. The open patella design has an EVA pad to reduce stress and relieve pressure on your knee joints.

Knee braces can also be annoying if they’re constantly slipping down your leg. It includes quadruple anti-skid strips to prevent sliding. We enjoy high-quality comfort neoprene material. It is both odor-proof and breathable so that you won’t worry about sweat seeping into the fabric of the brace.


  • Provides a lot of pain relief and reduces strain
  • Adjustable to fit large thighs
  • Available up to 3x Large
  • Great support for lateral and medial ligaments
  • Suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, injury, pain, and knee joint weakness
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Odor proof and breathable brace for large legs
  • Includes four anti-skid strips to prevent slippage


  • Not ideal for wearing over pants, best to wear on the skin

The best bariatric knee brace for overweight individuals is…

image of adjustable knee brace support plus size knee brace for acl - Extra Large Living

Adjustable Knee Brace Support Plus Size Knee Brace for ACL

After rigorous testing and customer feedback, we believe that the Adjustable Knee Brace Support is the best bariatric knee brace. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable or need additional support for pain relief, this one is an excellent option. The outer layer includes a double-sided stabilizer for maximum support for all types of knee injuries or pain. The open-patella design helps to protect the kneecap and relieve the joints. While on the inner layer, it has a neoprene breathable and soft knee sleeve for comfort. This makes it comfortable to wear all day, even while doing intense physical activities. The sleeve makes it hardly noticeable that you’re wearing a brace! Lastly, the sizes range up to a 6XL, and it comes with three adjustable hook-and-loop to ensure it fits the thigh of any person!

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FAQs for bariatric knee braces

How to choose the best bariatric knee brace?

Type of Bariatric Knee Braces:

There are many types of bariatric knee braces, such as knee sleeves, wraparounds, hinged knee braces, knee straps, and closed and open patella braces. Knee sleeves are more comfortable and flexible. They control pain and swelling with its compression.

Hinged knee braces are ideal for post-surgery who need high levels of support and protection. This brace ensures proper knee alignment to prevent further pain or injury.


One of the biggest complaints of knee braces is that they tend to slip over time. Therefore, it should have a feature to hold your knee joint in place and not slip down your leg. However, if it’s too tight, you’ll lose blood circulation.

What are the benefits of a bariatric knee brace?

Contrary to popular belief, many studies have found that wearing a knee brace consistently will not cause any detrimental results to leg strength or knee stability. Frequently use of a bariatric knee brace can safeguard your knees from unnecessary injury and reduce inflammation.

For individuals who experience chronic knee pain, a brace will provide peace of mind and comfort. Most knee braces are made of molded foam along with steel structs to restrict side movement. It also adds pressure on three points on the thigh bone to prevent the knee from bending in the painful area.

In addition, knee braces are often required during the recovery phases after a knee injury. It provides the necessary support and much-needed protection to the knee. The brace will restrict up and down as well as side to side movement to prevent further damage.

We realize it can be difficult to choose the perfect knee brace based upon your current condition.  That is why we also wrote reviews on the best knee brace for meniscus tear, and our top selections for stiffness and Arthritis.

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