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As we grow older, everyday tasks begin to take on a more difficult face. Even simply entering into a bathtub becomes more difficult when unassisted. Hiring in-home help is expensive and often unnecessary.

However, with the use of a bariatric shower chair or bench, the difficulty of bathing can become alleviated.

Best shower and bath chairs – review

Here we present to you, with the above conditions in mind, the seven best bariatric shower and bath chairs available today. Each product remains durable and trustworthy in use and allows for your loved ones to enjoy bathing again.

Making your life easier is their goal, and with each product on this list, you can find satisfaction in their services.

Drive Medical Folding Transfer Bench

image of drive medical folding transfer bench - Extra Large Living
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  • Sliding seat – This transfer bench takes the easy access to the tub mentality and pushes it even further. While most transfer benches require the user to manually scoot themselves into the tub, this device offers a sliding seat, which eliminates the need for physical maneuvering.
  • Flat folding – The device can easily be folded into a flat and compact form, which makes transporting and storing the bench easy. If moving is in your future, you’ll need a device that is easy to transport, and Drive Medical has made that very device.
  • Safety net – As safe as a bench can be, dropping something you need to the bottom of the tub ruins the entire experience and brings back the risk of falling. This transfer bench attempts to eliminate any chances of dropping items with a safety net.

This transfer bench can support up to 300 lbs while only weighing 16 lbs itself. It isn’t on the high end of weight capacity within this list, but its durability speaks for itself. The height of the bench can range from 21 to 25 inches when adjusted, and the seat is 22.5 inches by 18.5 inches.


  • Safety net
  • Seat belt
  • Easy sliding transfer


    • Issues with returns

Drive Medical Transfer Bench

With adjustable backrest

image of drive medical transfer bench - Extra Large Living
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  • Suction cup footing – With many shower benches, rubber footing has become the standard. The rubber footing keeps the bench stable and secure. With the addition of suction cup footing, this shower bench takes security one step further and removes even more chance of sliding.
  • Tool-free assembly – With tool-free assembly, this device can be put together and ready for use within minutes. Drive Medical attempts to make the showering process easy from start to finish, including the assembly steps.
  • Maximum stability back – The back of this shower bench will not be compromised and can hold anyone who uses it for years to come. The sturdy structure that supports this backrest has been tried and tested up to 500 lbs against it.

The height of the bench can be adjusted from 17.5 inches to 22.5 inches allowing for ample access to any bathroom height. The dimensions of the seat 18.5 inches by 26 inches, which places this within the average of shower benches.


  • Bench style access
  • Firm grip on tub and floor
  • Strong support for user


  • Poor return policy
  • Some people experienced difficulties when installing

AquaSense Folding Bath and Shower Chair

image of aquasense folding bath and shower chair - Extra Large Living
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  • Lightweight yet durable – Finding a great shower seat that is both lightweight and durable is rare. This chair can be easily assembled and carried around, while at the same time lasting for years of showering use.
  • Drainage holes in seat and back – When water builds up in the seat, the experience can be ruined. The water gets cold and dirty and makes the seat uncomfortable and, without proper care, can lead to mold. With the drainage holes employed here, this is no longer a factor.
  • Works with bathmats – Most shower seats may require the customer to remove the bathmat as they only adhere to the tub itself. With this shower seat, you can leave the bathmat in and still experience the safety and security that comes with the rubber footing.

This is one of the smallest products on the list, and can only support up to 250 lbs. It’s durable but only for lighter customers, unfortunately. The seat is also of a smaller size than the usual options, but this all combines to make a great lightweight and easily stored product.


  • Small and easy storage
  • Drainage system
  • Resists slipping


  • Not great for everyday use
  • Difficult collapsing process

Nova heavy duty shower and bath chair

image of nova heavy duty shower and bath chair - Extra Large Living
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  • Easy assembly – With tool-free assembly, this device can be put together and ready for use within minutes. Nova attempts to make the showering process easy from start to finish, including the assembly steps.
  • Rubber tips – A chair can be as safe and amazing as possible with brand-new features and technological marvels. But if it has no way of sticking to the base of the tub, you won’t be properly secured. This chair comes with rubber tips to prevent sliding around.
  • Dual handle safety – On either side of your chair, there will be a handle to keep you safe while you shower. This dual-handle design allows users to bend over and reach something while remaining secure to the seat.

The seat itself is 20 inches by 12 inches, making it one of the smaller options on this list. It’s perfect for smaller tubs and showers and can be adjusted from 17 inches in height to 23 inches. It is one of the lightest entries at only 5 lbs but can carry up to 500 lbs.


  • Prevents sliding and skidding
  • Dual handles
  • Perfect for smaller bathrooms


  • Better used for 300 lbs or less
  • Rubber tips can tear

2019 Upgraded 500lbs Shower Chair

image of 2019 upgraded 500lbs shower chair - Extra Large Living
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  • Suction shower handler – An added bonus found with this chair is the shower handler. This is a separate device that you can attach to your shower wall to assist in the standing-up process once the bath is concluded. This is suction powered, which will allow you to know it won’t be compromised by the condensation of the water.
  • Sleek and appealing design – Most shower chairs are simply a gray or white seat that have little appeal or remind users of sterilized hospital equipment. This device, however, has an array of colors to keep it lively and appealing when in use, and when not.
  • Sturdy and durable – For the small size that this product is, it is surprisingly durable and sturdy. The seat, which is one of the smallest on this list, can support up to 500 lbs when the weight is evenly distributed.

The seat size is 20 inches by 12.2 inches width by depth, which puts it on the smaller end of the dimensions of seating. There are 5 height settings that range from 16.9 inches by 20.9 inches as it can be adjusted by customers. The seat can support up to 500 lbs.


  • Added suction handler
  • Modern and appealing feel
  • Small and lightweight


  • Relatively small sized seat
  • Sometimes weight capacity is called into question

Tub and shower chair with removeable backrest

image of tub and shower chair with removeable backrest - Extra Large Living
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  • Arm rests – Most devices have handles built in that allow the user to gain a grip if ever by chance falling. With this product, the handles have been altered to become arm rests that provide the same amount of support, with added comfort.
  • Durable and rust resistant – With an aluminum frame around the legs and support of the bench, this product will not rust. The metal is protected and will last for years without wear and tear. The same can be said for the seat, which is a blow-molded plastic material.
  • Seat drainage – As with many on this list, this device includes drainage holes in the seat to prevent water build-up. The drainage holes are also in the backrest, which continues to allow proper ventilation of the water.

The device is a heavy lifter with a compact frame. It can hold up to 350 lbs while only weighing 13 lbs itself. The height of the device can vary between 16 inches and 20 inches, as its legs are adjustable when needed. The seat is a blow-molded plastic with a 19-inch by 13-inch frame.


  • Sturdy and supportive arm rest
  • Seat drainage
  • Rust resistant


  • Durability has been questioned
  • Returns policy can be difficult

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat and Transfer Bench

image of drive medical heavy duty bariatric plastic seat and transfer bench - Extra Large Living
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  • A-frame stability – As an extra step in security and safety, this transfer bench implements an A-frame style design. This helps to prevent collapsing and keeps the device sturdy while in use, even after years of wear.
  • Suction cup footing – Taking the connection to the tub one step further than most benches and chairs, this transfer bench uses suction cups to prevent sliding. This provides a full and secure connection to the tub that can’t be easily disrupted.
  • Reversible accessibility – As it is a larger chair, it might be difficult to fit into some bathrooms. To combat this issue, Drive Medical has added a reversible seating design to allow for smaller sized tubs.

The seat on this bench is meant for transfer and thus has a larger width than most chairs – 26.5 inches by 16.5 inches. The height of the bench can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 23.5 inches. The bench itself weighs 14 lbs but can support up to 500 lbs.


  • Secure suction cup footing
  • Works for large and small bathrooms
  • Sturdy legs and frame


  • Not durable for over 350 lbs.
  • Metal legs compromised easily

Popular bariatric reviews by Extra Large Living:

Understanding your bariatric bench or chair

The most important part of finding the perfect shower bench or chair is not finding the one with the best features for the lowest price. The part that can make or break your chair buying experience comes before you even begin searching online for articles like this one.

Know what you or your loved one needs and what your bathroom can handle.

How to choose the best shower bench

Choosing the best shower bench begins with you and your bathroom. Assess what issues you or your loved one are dealing with that requires a bath bench. If the difficulty lies in getting your legs over the lip of the tub, perhaps a transfer bench is the best option for you.

If you find standing in the shower for long periods of time is the issue, maybe a simple bath chair will suffice.

Once you know whether you’re looking for a bench or a chair, measure your bathroom. Find the width and depth of the tub you plan on placing this accommodation in. You don’t want to get the device only to find out it’s too large and won’t work for your bathroom.

Often with products like this, returns can be difficult or nonexistent.

Things to look for in your chair or bench

Some of the most important features on a bath bench or chair are often overlooked for flashy designs and big worded promises. It’s important to remember the key functions of a bath bench when shopping for one: safety and ease of access.

You want to feel secure and independent when bathing, and a bath bench or chair should do just that.

Safety features such as handles, rubber footing, and durable materials are a must-have. If the bath bench you are looking at is left with no real traction to the tub or way to keep yourself connected to it in the event of a fall, perhaps it’s not the bath bench for you.

Low prices or promises of advanced features are attractive, but when it comes down to it, you’ll want something that will make you feel safe while bathing.

Be mindful of the information

Marketing and shifty business techniques plague the internet. You’ll be approached by vendors who want to sell you a cheap and faulty product hidden behind a mask of appealing features. Always compare and contrast the chairs you’re looking at.

One might have an added feature that makes it a more trustworthy option over another. Always fact check the information provided.

Looking at reviews from articles or websites and especially from people who have bought the product, will allow you to scan the consumer base for the truth.

If a product claims to be durable and lasting, see what the people who have bought it say – they might disagree with this claim.