Updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 07:48 pm

As we grow older, we often find difficulty in tasks we once found to be easy. For instance, getting into the bathtub can be a dangerous activity if done improperly and with the incorrect assistance tools.

More often than not, getting into the bathtub with assistance is smarter, even with the best devices available.

New products are being developed daily to help our older generations in their everyday life. One of the best and most advanced companies in the industry is Drive Medical.

They have an impressive supply line of products that keep the elderly safe and content in their normal activities, even without the help of an in-home nurse. One of their best products is the Drive Medical Folding Universal Transfer Bench.

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This device, specifically developed to assist in getting into the bathtub, has a number of added features and safety measures that its competitors do not. Customers who have purchased the transfer bench are raving about its features and benefits, as well as the comfort of knowing their loved ones are safe and have proper access to bathing facilities. Here we shall discuss the features, pros, and cons of the Drive Medical Folding Universal Transfer Bench.

Features and benefits

While many devices of similar nature exist and are present on the market, Drive Medical’s bench has a few key features that make it stand out among the crowd. Competitors boast of easy scooting options to assist in entering the bathtub, but this transfer bench utilizes a different form of entrance.

Easy sliding mechanism – Drive Medical’s device uses a sliding technique rather than a scooting process. This allows users to avoid the strain of scooting their bodies into the tub. Rather they slide their seats until in position. The sliding mechanism is easier for people who struggle with bad knees and helps any in-home assistance to better slide the seat.

Height adjustments – The legs on the transfer bench can be adjusted by 1/2-inch increments to allow for better access into the bathtub. If the bench is too low for a comfortable bathing process, raising the legs will better the experience.

Safety locks on legs – The worry of the device folding and collapsing whilst in use is not present with this transfer bench. The safety locks on the legs will prevent any accidental folding from occurring and keep your loved one safe as they use the device.

Easy storage folding – Moving the transfer bench from place to place is made easy with the easy folding of the bench. The device can be folded into a flat and compact product and allows for easy storing or simple transporting.

Item safety net – Not only is the safety of the user important but preventing items from falling off and into the tub is necessary as well. For this purpose, a mesh safety net that extends to cover any gaps in the rail system has been included. If a sponge is dropped or a bar of soap, the safety net will prevent complete falling.

Safety ensuring seat belt – The belt acts as another barrier of safety for your loved ones as it prevents them from falling off into the tub. The safety belt is attached to the bench itself, keeping them completely secure.

Each of the above features contributes to making your loved ones’ lives easier and safer and allows them to continue about their day as normal without having to worry. Keeping your loved ones safe and happy will provide you with the comfort and peace of mind necessary.

Device specifications

The relatively compact size of the bench allows for ample storage and easy transportation. The seat is 22.5″ by 18.5″ making it compatible in size with many of its competitors. The device itself is only 16 pounds, which again assists in the ease of transportation.

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, this bench can support almost anyone who needs it. Larger benches with a higher weight capacity are available on the market if necessary. This is a compact and lightweight device that can support almost anyone.

The Drive Medical bench has surpassed its competitors in its ability to remain small and easy to manage while offering some of the most comprehensive and inclusive spec available. The safety belt is made with special fibers that will prevent ripping from even the most complicated falls.

User reviews

Many users attest to the devices’ sturdy capabilities and the safety provided by collapsing roadblocks. The device is easier to use than most competitor’s products and comes with a safety guarantee that will keep the product in prime shape for usage and easy access. It is a convenient product that is easy to use and easy to store when not in use.

Some issues have arisen in the returns area of the device – some users have found that the bench is too big for their tub, but when they attempted to return it, nothing was offered. Another issue some customers mention is related again to the size of the device: smaller individuals find difficulty when maneuvering the chair as the product is designed for bigger users.

Drive medical

Drive Medical is a trusted and proven company that provides homes with top of the line products to help keep your loved one’s lives normal and accessible. Drive Medical specializes in the elderly care industry as they continue to develop and offer products designed for these purposes. One of their best products, the Universal Folding Transfer Bench, incorporates all that the company stands for and offers it in one device.

Drive Medical has been offering customers the best service and most trusted products ever since 2000. They continue to develop and evolve their business practices, meeting the needs of all. With 19 years of experience, no one is better suited to provide your home with the enhancements and devices necessary to make your loved one’s lives better and easier.

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  • Mesh safety net
  • Safety seat belt
  • Sliding seat mechanism
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Easy storage and flat transportation


  • No returns; difficult interactions
  • Doesn’t work for smaller sized individuals