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With added weight comes mobility restraints, and you find it harder to stay active. Are you an overweight individual experiencing problems while walking? Or do you need assistance while walking because your legs are aching and you are off balance? Whatever the reason, the truth is you cannot depend on those around you all the time. That’s where Bariatric walkers come in.

A Bariatric heavy duty walker helps users to get up and moving. In a nutshell, bariatric rolling walkers are equipped with 2, 3, or 4 wheels to help you stroll smoothly indoors and outdoors.

If you are constantly in search of a helping hand while getting up or going out, we suggest you invest in a Bariatric Rollators or Walker with wheels right now.

And to help you make this decision, our team has come up with a list of Best Bariatric heavy duty Walkers.

Top Bariatric Walkers

Roami Progressive Mobility Aid Walker with Wheels

image of roami progressive mobility aid walker with wheels - Extra Large Living
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Innovative, multi-functional, and compact- that’s what the Roami Progressive mobility aid walker with wheels is all about. Roami has paid great attention to details by designing a product that is making extra large individuals truly independent.

It’s the best 4 in 1 Bariatric Rollator. If you retract the wheels, it turns into a walker. Get the wheels down with a touch pedal, and you got a Rollator. The unique design of Roami mobility Aid lets you turn it into a stair asset. Go up and down the stairs easily and efficiently.

Lastly, thanks to the adjustable frame and height, you can use it as a gait or posture alignment aid.


  • Multi-functional heavy duty folding walker
  • Adjustable handle height from 34’’ to 39’’
  • Can be converted into a walker
  • Can be used as a Rollator with wheels down
  • Different color options
  • Smooth button folding mechanism for height adjustment
  • Efficient bariatric dual release mechanism


  • Difficult to get accustomed to

Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Walker

image of medline heavy duty bariatric folding walker - Extra Large Living
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If you are a large individual looking for a strong and extra wide Bariatric Walker that can give you strength and support you need while walking, your search ends right here.

Medline Heavy-duty bariatric walker is designed specifically for the individuals with large bodies. The handle to handle width is 20 inches. Equipped with front and side braces, this rolling walker will give you a sense of security while you are out and about.

This walker is best for people who want a long-lasting Rollator that is affordable, height adjustable and high-quality.


  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Stable and secure walking aid
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Seat height is perfect
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Large wheels, easily maneuverable
  • Lockable brakes
  • Great price


  • Bit wide to navigate through doorways
  • No tray available for storing item

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Folding Walker

image of oasisspace heavy duty folding walker - Extra Large Living
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This bariatric heavy-duty folding walker makes for a great travel buddy. It’s important to stay active for seniors, but not at the cost of your safety.

OasisSpace bariatric walker is a great tool for big people who want a super-strong and extra-wide walker that is comfortable to fit.

I really like that it comes with soft hand covers for a non-slip and strong grip. If you are a big man or woman, this rolling walker has up to 500 lbs capacity.

It checks all the boxes to be a top-notch bariatric walker, and the cherry on top is that it is super affordable. Oh, and did I mention the super cool blue frame that is sure to make you look hip everywhere you go.


  • Comes with hand grip
  • Easy to fold
  • includes accessories such as ski fit to prevent scratches on wood flour, carpet, etc.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight and button folding
  • Ideal for over weight people


  • The skis keep falling out
  • The button folding mechanism is not very smooth.

Bariatric Heavy-Duty Folding Walker

image of bariatric heavy-duty folding walker - Extra Large Living
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If you are sick of Bariatric walkers that aren’t meeting your walking needs as a plus-sized person, this extra-wide Bariatric rollator is all you need. It is easy to operate with dual release push-button mechanism.

Equipped with a 5-inch front wheel and back glider, you get all the stability you need for a confident walk.

I particularly appreciate solid aluminum frames of this bariatric folding walker that can support a weight capacity of 500 lb. Not to forget that it is ultra-portable and compact, so if you are a frequent traveler, this rolling walker is your holy grail.


  • An affordable option for plus size people
  • Heavy-duty and high-quality build
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Wide and deep design
  • Affordable price
  • Front double wheels for stability


  • Doesn’t come with accessories such as storage basket
  • Not suitable for narrow doorways

Vive Mobility Rollator Walker

image of vive mobility rollator walker - Extra Large Living
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  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Comes with a storage space
  • High-quality wheels Suitable for every terrain type
  • Supports weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty corrosion-free aluminum frame
  • Comfortable seat height with Backrest
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Impressive customer service


  • The accessory bag is low-quality

Featuring a traditional design accompanied by adjustable handles, an extra wide seat, and a backrest this Rollator walker is a perfect choice for senior citizens or patients with limited mobility.

I personally love the fact that this bariatric Rollator is equipped with bicycle-style brakes and oversized 8” wheels, making it an ideal Rollator to use on any terrain or surface.

Vive Rollator makes for a perfect travel partner as it is a folding walker and compact. By just pulling the center strap under the seat, it folds down easily. Both the handles are ergonomically designed for easy access to the brakes and handle, reducing hand and wrist fatigue in the elderly.

This Rollator is a great choice for seniors who are suffering from back pain while walking. The comfortable seat height is also an added perk.

Days Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator

image of days heavy duty steel bariatric rollator - Extra Large Living
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If you are searching for a heavy-duty bariatric Rollator suitable for tall and heavy folks, this Rollator should be your first choice. It has 700 lb weight capacity. The seat height is ideal for tall bariatric users.

Empowered by Four Powerful wheels, adjustable and lockable Hand brakes, this Bariatric Walker is best for anyone who needs help walking freely.

Days is a trusted brand of physiotherapists around the world. With this bariatric walker by your side, you can be out and about at anytime! I especially love the fact that this Rollator is quite lightweight, is height adjustable and you can easily fit it in your car trunk.

Oh, and not to mention the super handy accessories such as storage Basket that is a lifesaver when you need to store everyday stuff.


  • Lockable hand brakes for extra protection
  • Lightweight and suitable for most spaces
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Rugged and sturdy steel frame
  • Seat height is High


  • Unfolding it can be tricky sometimes
  • Not for people weighing under 50 kg

Health Line Massage Products 3 in 1 Stand-Assist Folding Walker

image of health line massage products 3 in 1 stand-assist folding walker - Extra Large Living
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For users with weak legs, this uniquely designed Health line massage products 3 in 1 stand assist walker with wheels can be a great support.

Just Grab the handles from the bottom while standing up, and then gradually hold it from the top. It can also be used as a toilet safety frame.

Empowered with a one-click trigger release mechanism, this bariatric folding walker with wheels is perfect for people with limited hand function. The textured Handgrip is a nice touch if you have sweaty palms and require a secure grip.


  • Unique design and easy to transport
  • Free shipping available
  • The smooth mechanism allows for easy collapsing
  • 8 level height adjustment, from 31.9 to 39 inches
  • Soft handle grips for a comfortable and strong grip
  • Includes accessories items such as 2 pcs skis, hand grips
  • 2 options to choose from- walker only and walker with seat


  • The hand grips get slippery sometimes

And The Winner Is…

Roami Progressive

image of roami progressive mobility aid walker with wheels - Extra Large Living

Having the right mobility aid or a heavy duty bariatric walker can make all the difference in the world. Heavy-duty bariatric walkers are ideal to support large individuals with up to a 500 lbs weight capacity and can help them adopt an independent lifestyle.

We compiled a list of Best Bariatric walkers keeping in mind critical elements like size, lb weight capacity, compactness, seat height, frame strength and much more.

While all of the products mentioned above are great at what they do, we personally love the Roami Progressive 4 in 1 mobility assistant due to its highly innovative design. It is strongly built, has a sleek style, and is a multi-purpose walker for seniors who need mobility assistance.
Are you looking for the heavy duty Bariatric walker with wheels for your loved ones to make them independent once again? You will find a perfect heavy duty walker in Roami progressive mobility aid.

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Value editorial or FAQs

Is there any difference between rollators and walkers?

Days Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric RollatorPeople often get confused between the two terms. Although both are used to help the elderly walk with ease, there is one stark difference between both. With walkers, you need to lift them with each step while walking, and it has no wheels. On the other hand, Rollators are equipped with wheels, and you just need to push them while walking.

Who should use a Heavy-duty bariatric walkers?

A heavy-duty Rollator is extra wide compared to a standard size Rollator. For most plus size and large individuals, the standard Rollator is not a comfortable fit because of its limited lb weight capacity. Heavy-duty bariatric walkers are specially designed, keeping in mind the weight capacities of large people. These heavy duty walkers come with more than 500 lbs weight capacity. The width between both handles is also extra wide to help customers with large bodies navigate easily.