Updated on July 10th, 2023 at 04:44 pm

Are you sick and tired of your bra giving you that dreaded ‘back cleavage’, and providing little to no support?

Your bra should feel secure and comfortable at all times; not pulling, pinching or letting your skin spill from every angle. As a rule, you should be able to fit 2 fingers in the space between your back and the bra strap.

If you happen to have a larger bust and often experience back cleavage, then you may want to continue reading. In this article, we’ve found 5 of the best bras for back fat, looking at each of their pros and cons, as well as providing a handy buyer’s guide to help you find your perfect bra. 

What causes back fat under your bra

Before we begin discussing the best bras on the market for those with back fat, we should begin by looking at what actually causes it. 

People generally carry excess fat around the waistline, increasing their shirt and bra sizes. Some of these individuals have specific medical conditions, such as Thyroid disease, diabetes, and PCOS; all of which can cause your weight to fluctuate.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having back fat. You should love your body no matter what, practicing body acceptance whenever you can. However, we understand that it can be challenging to live with weight gain, especially when it is sudden and unexpected. We live in a world in which it can be difficult to feel happy in our own bodies, and sometimes, it is just easier to find hacks to help us feel a little more confident.

Best bras for minimizing back fat

Below, we have listed 5 different bras and bralettes that will make your life so much easier, minimizing back fat while providing you with the comfort and support that you deserve.

SPANX ‘Breast of Both Worlds’ Bralette 

image of spanx 'breast of both worlds' bralette - Extra Large Living
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SPANX is old and reliable in the world of underwear and shapewear for many women. This particular reversible bra from SPANX is comfortable, supportive, and keeps any back fat bulges contained. Its smoothing material allows the bra to hold up and create a seamless shape, even for those with larger busts. With no uncomfortable hooks, wires, or seams to irritate your skin, you receive support without sacrificing comfort. 

Oh, and did we mention that this bra is reversible? By removing the padded cups, you can opt for a more natural shape and can achieve ultimate comfort. Additionally, it has a full back rather than a thinner strap, so there is no space for your breasts or back fat to escape. No dreaded bra bulge!


  • Comfortable: This bra is made from super soft fabric that stretches and supports without the added use of hooks, wires, or seams. You are supported and secure while being comfortable throughout the day.
  • Reversible: You can simply turn this bra inside out for a completely new look!
  • Full Back: This bra offers full coverage for your breasts and back. Minimizing back fat spillage and unnecessary bulges, keeping everything smooth.


  • Design: This bra has very few color options.

Leonisa Women Underwear Bra 

image of leonisa women underwear bra - Extra Large Living
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Coming up to right under your armpit, this undergarment ensures that your entire back will be concealed for extra protection. With lightweight cups that give your breasts a perkier appearance, this bra truly goes above and beyond while concealing your back bulges. 

Secured with a back hook closure, you can feel secure and glamorous throughout your day. Using light compression to smooth your shape, flexible side boning, and adjustable straps, this bra provides enhanced comfort all around. Perfect for daily wear, you can feel confident in your ordinary T-shirt or your most figure-hugging dresses while trying out this bra from Leonisa. 


  • Full Coverage: With sides that provide full coverage to conceal and smooth any bulges and a full cup, you are completely secure in this bra.
  • Lightly padded cups: The cups are fitted with light padding, providing a fuller, perkier appearance.
  • Compression: The light compression throughout the bra smooths out your appearance.


  • Hand Wash Only: This bra cannot be put through a washer cycle and can only be washed by hand.
  • Sizing: This bra is not available for larger cup sizes.

Calvin Klein V Neck Bralette

image of calvin klein v neck bralette - Extra Large Living
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One of the biggest clothing brands in the whole world, you know you’ll get good quality when you shop at Calvin Klein. This V-neck bralette is no exception and is perfect for those who wish to hide their back fat bulges from the rest of the world.

This bralette is currently available in over 20 different colors, including shades of pinks, blues, green, and, of course, creams and nudes. It is also available from size XS to 2X, making them inclusive to almost all shapes and sizes! Most importantly, this bralette’s stretchy fabric covers your back, armpits, and breasts, creating a smoothing effect over your upper body. 


  • Design: There are over 20 colors to choose from.
  • Sizing: Suitable for small and large breasts, with sizes ranging between XS and 2X.
  • Comfort: A seamless design made from lightweight fabric.


  • Hand Wash Only: Not safe to wash in a machine.
  • Not True to Size: You may need to go a size larger for a snug yet comfortable fit.

CYDREAM Slimming Shaper Tank Top

image of cydream slimming shaper tank top - Extra Large Living
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Next up, we have a bra that is not technically a bra… it is so much more. This long-sleeved tank top not only holds the ability to minimize back fat, and provide support for your breasts and back, but it also shapes your arms and smooths any underarm bulges. With a corset clasp on the front to hold everything together, this tank top is totally ideal for anyone wanting to look slimmer on the upper half of their body.

This slimming shaper tank top is only available in two colors – black and nude – but the use of natural colors make it easier to hide the long sleeves and bra underneath your clothes, creating the illusion that you are naturally slim and toned. If you are self-conscious about your arm fat as well as your back fat, this may be the bra for you.


  • Slimming: It shapes your arms, back, and breasts, creating a slimmer and more toned appearance on your upper half. No more underarm bulges!
  • Supportive: Helps you to maintain a proper, upright posture due to its smoothing panels and posture-correcting facilities.
  • Safe For Post-Surgeries: Suitable to wear after breast reduction surgery, arm liposuction surgery, and other forms of post-surgery recovery.


  • Design: Only two colors to choose from.
  • Sizing: You may need to go a size larger for a snug yet comfortable fit.

PRETTYWELL Seamless Wire Free Everyday Bra

image of prettywell seamless wire free everyday bra - Extra Large Living
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Lastly, we have a smoothing bra that provides full coverage of your back and breasts. It is a completely wire-free and seamless design, providing you with comfort and support. With five colors to choose from, there are plenty of options for you to choose a design that you feel most comfortable wearing, and it comes with removable padding and adjustable shoulder straps.

The sizes range from Small to XX-Large, allowing most people to find a size that fits. However, if you fit into a D cup or larger, you may not be able to fit into these bras. All in all, this is an extremely comfortable everyday bra that can be worn under most pieces of clothing without being detected, and successfully hides your back fat without feeling too tight. This smoothing bra is definitely a winner in our eyes!


  • Design: Five light-colored designs to choose from, including nude, coffee, and white.
  • Comfort: Removable pads and adjustable straps ensure a smoother appearance and an all-day comfortable fit, thanks to its soft fabric.
  • Long-Lasting: This bra will serve your needs for many years to come.


  • Sizing: These bras are not really suitable for those with breasts larger than a D cup.

Best bra for back fat Is…

image of spanx 'breast of both worlds' bralette - Extra Large Living

SPANX ‘Breast of Both Worlds’ Bralette 

The beauty of the SPANX ‘Breast of Both Worlds’ Bralette is that it provides ample support and is reversible. The comfortable shoulder straps and neutral hue makes it ideal for everyday wear. The no-underwire design truly sells customers the comfort

Overall, it won’t leave you with unsightly back bulges but leaves smooth, clean lines.

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Brassiere – Buyers guide

While it may seem like the perfect bra should only require a thick band, adjustable straps, and an underwired cup, these qualities may not be enough to smooth your dreaded back fat. This simple, easy-to-follow guide will help you decide which bra is best for you. 


When choosing a bra, you may find that the most common type of closure is a hook and eye fastener at the back. This design, however, can emphasize your lumps and bumps. A front-closure bra will make it easier to close your bra and smooth out the back, for a cleaner appearance. 

However, bear in mind that, although the panels may help hide flaws, wearing an incorrect bra size can still make some lumps and bumps visible. By selecting the appropriate size, you can get rid of any annoying lines.  See our post on Measure bra size at home here. 


The straps on your bra could be the cause of all your problems. If your straps are too tight, they will cause your skin to bunch and create unnecessary lumps. It can also become painful on your shoulders and back. However, if your straps are too loose, then they will offer no support to the cups. 

The purpose of supportive straps is to hold the cups in their rightful place. If you have a bigger bust, then wider straps or adjustable straps will be more comfortable and can stop the straps from pinching your skin. If you have a smaller bust, regular adjustable straps should have enough retention to keep the cups in place. 

If you have a larger size chest, you will find our top pics for Plus-size bras here.


There is simply nothing worse than wearing a rough, itchy bra that makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. This can have an impact on how it looks, and on how you feel. 

Instead, you should select a smoother-feeling fabric, such as Nylon or Spandex, as it will hug your curves without digging or itching. It will feel cooling on the body and will create a smoother, flatter look across the back and shoulders. 

A stronger fabric such as Modal will retain its shape while providing extra support. This will help smooth out any bumps while providing lift and security to the areas that need it. 

If you select a bra made of cheap, flimsy materials, then you will not get the result you desire. You will also have to replace your bras more often as the elasticity fails and the material begins to lose its shape and strength. 

Wide Band 

As a larger-chested woman, you want to steer clear of your typical, small, banded t-shirt bras. Look for a bra band that almost resembles that of a wider, sturdier sports bra. This will give magnificent smoothing features and support your back and bust. 

Wider bands also have more supportive, slimming fabric and hook and eye closures to further flatten and smooth. Last but not least, a lot of wide bands contain side boning that helps to flatten and shape your sides and underarms.


Now, this can be tricky as bras today either have full underwire support or nothing at all. If your main goal is to minimize and smooth your back fat, you will need a bra with something in between. 

This is especially important for those with a wider set and/or a smaller bust. Select a bra with a partial underwire or demi style. Demi cup bras contain a little tilt, which aids in directing breast tissue in the direction of your centerline. This will pull your sides toward your center, giving a smooth effect and giving a little extra padding. 

Full underwire will typically push up, pressing into the armpit region and giving the illusion of armpit fat for broader-set boobs. Instead, opt for a partial underwire bra or a non-wired bra to stop the wire from digging into your skin and causing unnecessary bulges.


When experiencing back fat, a big contributor could be that you are wearing the wrong size of bra. It is best to go to an expert to get fitted. But a general rule of thumb is that your cups should be lying flat and comfortable against your breasts. The middle panel should be flat against your chest with no pinching or gapping. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you have larger breasts or are on the smaller end of the bust spectrum, back fat can be a nuisance for anyone at any time. Ill-fitting bras will only make this matter worse. Take a look at the 5 bras that we listed above and work out which one would serve your comfort and support best.

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you find the bra that you’ve been searching for. Keep our tips and tricks in mind while shopping in the future. Good luck with your bra search!