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I will just be straight forward with this one – regular bathing towels just suck for plus size people. They are usually not big enough to wrap around your body, and they are not very useful when you want to dry off yourself with them.

Luckily, there are towel companies that cater to those of us that are a little bigger than others, and the ones we have reviewed, really make showering and bathing a more pleasant experience. When you find a quick-drying, plush bath towel, whether it is made from organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, or another highly absorbent or super soft material, you quickly learn to love it. We have reviewed several of the best-oversized bath towels and chose our top 6. Let’s dive in and see which of these bath towels are best for your next wash!

Best Extra Large Bath Towels

FAFANCY Microfiber Beach Towel

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FAFANCY Microfiber Beach Towel is an oversized bath towel that quickly dries, and it’s suitable to use at home or when you are going to the beach, pool, or even camping! The dimensions of the towel are 63×35 inches making it suitable for heavier people.

What I liked the most about this product is that it dries very quickly. It’s made from microfiber, and I found it perfect for the beach. I also like that sand doesn’t stick to it! The towel is although large, very compact, and easy to pack. It folds up much smaller than a regular towel. It has a beautiful pattern and comes in two beautiful colors – ocean blue and sunset red.


  • 63×35 inches size
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Quickly dries
  • Sand-proof
  • Lightweight and soft to the touch
  • 30-day refund or replacement


  • They are very thin and may be uncomfortable to lay on if placed on bare ground

AmazonBasics Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

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AmazonBasics Cabana Stripe Beach Towels come in a pack of 2, are made from 100% cotton. The towels are soft, durable, and very comfortable to the touch. The dimensions of the towels are 30×60 inches making it perfect if you are looking for a bath towel to wrap around yourself after a shower. They come in multiple cabana stripe patterns and are overall lightweight and very absorbent.

I would recommend this product to buyers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on towels, and to people who value comfort and quality materials.


  • 30×60 inches size
  • Woven from 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Soft and comfortable to the touch
  • Popular cabana stripe print


  • Needs to be washed separately the first time to reduce lint
  • Not very durable if not handled carefully

COTTON CRAFT Ultra Soft 4 Pack Oversized Extra Large Bath Towels

image of cotton craft ultra soft 4 pack oversized extra large bath towels - Extra Large Living
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COTTON CRAFT oversized bath towels that come in a pack of 4; they are made from 100% cotton and come in attractive colors. The size of the towels is 30×54 inches making them suitable for plus size people.

If you are looking for a stylish towel to wrap around yourself, these are a great option to use at the beach or home. One thing I noticed is that towels become softer with each wash. However, they do produce a lot of lint, even with multiple washes. Although this is a significant flaw, I believe you can’t go wrong with a set or two around the house. The colors are very nice and remind me of some of the best summer vacations I had. Also, they are from India but are soft like Turkish towels.

I would recommend this product to people looking for bath towels for daily use and buyers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on oversized towels.


  • 30×54 inches size
  • Affordable
  • 100% cotton
  • Multiple colors available
  • Soft and comfortable to the touch


  • Sheds a lot of lint when washed
  • Leaves lint on the body
  • The color may fade after some time

Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel

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Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel is soft to the touch and even softer after the first wash. These towels are durable, highly absorbent, and made from cotton. The size of the towel is 40×80 inches making the product suitable for larger individuals.

What I like the most about this towel is that it’s HUGE! As a plus-size woman, I can’t wrap a regular towel around my body without showing any embarrassing gaps. When I saw this towel, I was sure I could wrap around it myself – and I did! Also, I could finally step out of the shower, wrap a towel around myself, and walk through my home while being decently covered. If you are looking for a large towel, this is the one you should go for! The only thing I didn’t like is that it wasn’t as soft as I expected. Still, it’s an excellent product for its price. And did I mention that it’s massive?


  • Massive size – 40×80 inches
  • Made from cotton
  • Soft and durable
  • Highly absorbent


  • Due to size, can wash only up to 2 pieces in a regular washing machine

And The Winner Is…

Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel

image of chakir turkish linen turkish cotton towel - Extra Large Living

Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel is just the kind of towel every plus-size person needs. It’s big, but not too heavy to carry around. It’s thin and dries quickly, making it suitable for everyday use. It’s made 100% from cotton, meaning that it’s highly absorbent.

It’s lightweight and compact, making it perfect for the beach or traveling. Last but not least, this towel is so big that you wrap it around yourself twice! Never worry again about showing embarrassing gaps or not being covered decently after a shower! It’s just a huge relief!

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Things to Consider When Buying a Plus Size Towel

What’s the Best Plus-Size Towel?

Overall, this depends on personal preference. The best plus-sized towel should be big enough for you to comfortably wrap it around yourself, without showing any unwanted gaps. It should also be highly absorbent and soft to the touch.

Your bath towel should be compact and easy to pack in case you want to use it for camping or to carry it to the beach. Lastly, it should be durable and made from quality materials such as cotton or microfiber.

How Oversized Does My Towel Need to Be?

While this also depends on your personal preference, most people prefer their towels to be big enough to wrap around your entire body. To pick your size, you can measure your waistline and time it by 1.5. For example, if you have a waistline of 50 inches, you would look for a bath towel that is at least 70 inches long. Picking size this way is my personal preference because I like to wrap myself while still having enough left to tuck the towel in nicely and feel comfortable.

What is the Size of Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel?

The size of a Chakir Turkish Linen Turkish Cotton Towel is 40×80 inches – large enough to dry yourself comfortably or use it as a beach blanket.