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Tis the season! Christmas is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to dress up as Santa. For big fellas like myself, finding the perfect Santa suit isn’t a walk in the park. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Whether you’re dressing up for a holiday party or looking to surprise your children, a Santa suit can bring joy to the people around you.

Santa suits can vary in accessories, style, and quality. Sifting through all of the available Santa suits in the market can be a pain. That’s why we’ve done all of the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of our top Santa suits for you based on your preferences.

By the end, you’ll know our best big and tall Santa suit in the market. But before we start, we should point out that the ABALANGU Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit captured our attention and offers a quality and durable suit.

Best Big and Tall Santa Suit Costumes in 2021

ABALAGU Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit

ABALAGU Men's Deluxe Santa Suit
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The ABALAGU Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit is the best and high-quality Santa suit we’ve come across for overweight people. This Santa costume is made from a combination of velvet and polyester, which gives it a premium look. Moreover, it’s flexible, easy to wear, and durable.

We love that it’s breathable, warm, and comes in 12 pieces. The costume includes pants with elastic waistband, jacket, a cape complete with Velcro, pants with some pockets, boot tops, gold-tone metal buckle belt, hat, wig, glasses, bells, gloves, and a gold gift bag.

It’s available in various sizes up to a 3XL for individuals weighing between 285 and 335 lbs.


  • Comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Flexible
  • Beautiful gold highlights
  • Great quality
  • Comes with a bell
  • Arrives in a reusable bag


  • It’s a pullover with no zipper
  • Dry clean only

WHOBUY Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit 11pc. Christmas Adult Santa Claus

WHOBUY Men's Deluxe Santa Suit 11pc. Christmas Adult Santa Claus
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The details make a significant difference when it comes to the authenticity of a Santa suit. WhoBuy’s Santa suit is made with velvet adding both comfort and luxury.

One thing we love about this suit is how it comes with 11 pieces to complete the outfit. This product includes a signature Santa hat, pants with spacious pockets, a plush Santa coat with zipper, belt, wig, glasses, beard, white gloves, gold gift bag, bell, plush cuffs, and boot tops.

This Santa suit is available in many sizes and goes up to 3x large to fit people of all sizes. Furthermore, it’s both water and wear-resistant, so you can be assured that this suit will last for many holiday seasons.


  • Comes in many sizes from small to XXX large
  • Includes a reusable storage bag
  • Has a zipper closure
  • Comes in a full 11 piece suit to give you a realistic look
  • Very comfortable and durable to wear


  • May come in a slightly different shade of color that the product images

Ahititi Santa Costume for Men 12pcs Set Red Deluxe Velvet Christmas Party Cosplay

Ahititi Santa Costume for Men 12pcs Set Red Deluxe Velvet Christmas Party Cosplay
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If you have a child that’s on the verge of losing faith in Santa Claus, then this is the perfect Santa costume to make a believer out of them yet. Like the ABALAGU Santa Suit, this too is a 12 piece velvet costume.

It’s made from a combination of spandex, velvet, polyester, and faux fur. Together, these materials make it warm and a great fit even for heavier people. We especially love that it came inclusive of glasses, the faux fur feels real, and it goes up to a 3XL.


  • Quality white faux fur trim
  • Enough room to stuff the middle with a pillow
  • Fur goes down to the boots
  • Plus size Santa costume
  • Comes in a reusable bag


  • It slips on like a ladies dress
  • Sleeves are a little long

Halfjuly Men’s Santa Costume Set Christmas 12pcs Deluxe Velvet Adult Santa Claus Suit

Halfjuly Men's Santa Costume Set Christmas 12pcs Deluxe Velvet Adult Santa Claus Suit
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The Halfjuly Santa suit is the most novel suit that we’ve seen on the market. It looks very much like a medieval Santa. It’s designed much differently than other Santa suits in the market. The coat is a pullover jacket, with sleeves and a hemline edge. It also includes intricate gold swirl patterns that you’ll normally find on Christmas ornaments.

One aspect that stands out about this suit is the elastic waistbands. Most users complain that the pants are too loose when buying Santa suits. These come with an elastic waist to adjust and fit your specific waist size.



  • More expensive than other Santa suits
  • Size may run a little small

Potalay Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit 10pc. Christmas Adult Santa Claus Costume

Potalay Men's Deluxe Santa Suit 10pc. Christmas Adult Santa Claus Costume
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This is yet another excellent and professional Santa suit that’s made for big and heavy adults in mind. Unlike most Santa Claus costumes on our list, it’s a ten-piece costume. However, this doesn’t take away from its value.

It’s made with deluxe ultra-velvet, which gives it a premium feel. Inside it’s lined with white fur, which feels quite real. We also loved that the coat has a zipper which makes it easier to put on. Aside from the pants, glasses, gloves, and hat, it comes with a gold gift bag to complete the Santa look. Even better, the boots are waterproof and perform well in both the rain and snow.


  • Adjustable belt
  • Soft faux fur cuffs
  • Gold gift bag
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Matching pants


  • Flimsy zipper

Obosoyo Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit 10pc. Christmas Ultra Velvet Adult Santa Claus Costume

Obosoyo Men's Deluxe Santa Suit 10pc. Christmas Ultra Velvet Adult Santa Claus Costume
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Finding the perfect Santa suit doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The Obsoyo Santa suit is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and durable due to its 100% polyester material. It also comes with a faux fur material to keep users warm for cold weather climates.

One aspect we love is how the jacket is naturally thickened to provide a fake belly look. This means you have to add any extra layers to make it look realistic. Furthermore, it comes in a ten-piece suit, so you’ll have all of the accessories to pull off an authentic Santa appeal.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Made with breathable polyester material
  • Comes with a fake belly
  • Suit is unisex
  • Comes with accessories such as glasses, beard, wig, white gloves, and gold gift bag


  • Pants do not have drawstring

Svansea Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit 11pc.

Svansea Men's Deluxe Santa Suit 11pc
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This is one of the best Santa Suits for heavy people for its price. It’s made from velvet and polyester, has a zipper closure, and is durable. The costume features 11 pieces, including a black belt, white nylon gloves and a gold gift bag to complete the Santa look.

We love that the wig and beard are full. However, the hair felt more like an afro and didn’t cover the neck or the beard’s elastic band. Unfortunately, the beard and the cuffs on the coat have a slightly different color which cameras pick up.

The boots are high quality and are durable.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Thick beard
  • Comes with a Santa sack, bell, and glasses
  • Warm sleeve cuffs


  • The wig and beard photograph yellow
  • The boots are short

Men’s Santa Costume

Men’s Santa Costume 11pcs
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Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or a gathering for small kids, this Santa costume will serve you well. It’s an 11 piece costume that includes a coat, pants, boot tops, glasses, wig, gloves, Santa bell, and a gold gift bag.

It is made from faux fur, plush, velvet, polyester, and acrylic. The coat has a zipper closure and is lined in satin and faux fur. Even better, the boots are durable and waterproof enough to withstand rain and snow.

The beard has slender and soft whiskers that are comfortable and beautiful, and the belt is adjustable enough to accommodate obese adults.


  • Long beard
  • Quality and durable boots
  • Available in 3XL
  • Zipper coat


  • Might have to use a pillow to fatten the Santa

ACH Santa Suit

ACH Santa Suit
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This ACH Santa Claus Costume is a 12 piece made from faux fur, spandex, acrylic, velvet, and polyester. It’s a beautiful costume that is bound to boost the Christmas cheer. The faux fur keeps the costume warm, and the boots are waterproof.

The detailing on the coat and cape is unique and matches the adjustable belt. Once you slip into this costume, you’ll definitely make kids’ dreams come true.


  • 12 piece costume
  • 3XL size
  • Pants fit well on the waist
  • Warm faux fur edging
  • Quality and fitting glasses


  • It’s a pullover coat
  • The boots could be better

And The Winner Is…

ABALAGU Men's Deluxe Santa Suit

ABALAGU Men's Deluxe Santa Suit

The suit ticks all the boxes we were looking for in the best Santa suit. It fits up to a 3XL, is comfortable and skin-friendly.

Authenticity is important for any Santa costume. It comes with intricate accessories to complete the outfit, such as a Christmas bell, fake beard, wig, glasses, gold gift bag, and gloves. As far as comfortability, the coat is made with plush and velvet, making you feel cozy on the inside. At the same time, it’s breathable enough to wear without sweating all night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Santa Suit?

Bring good tiding and joy to the people around you with a Santa suit. Having Santa Claus around satisfies the need to continue the holiday tradition. Santa is known for making an appearance and handing out gifts to ones who’ve made the “nice” list.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Big and Tall Santa Suit?

Sizing and Fit

When it comes to sizing, every big person understands the importance of fit. Every Santa suit must contain varying levels of X-large sizes to fit every body shape. Although these suits will never be tailored to a specific size, it should have some sort of adjustability so that the suit isn’t too big or small. For example, many suits have a belt to help secure the suit pants. In addition, Santa suits usually come with boot covers that are designed to fit over your shoes.

Accessories and Authentic Look

Just having a Santa coat, red pants, and a Santa hat isn’t enough. A Santa suit needs to look realistic and authentic, especially to convince your kids that Santa is real. Some high-quality Santa suits include circled glasses, a beard, wig, white gloves, boot covers, a belt, and gold gift bags.

Every detail matters when it comes to making a Santa suit. If you want to wear an Christmas sweater uglier than most, or some holiday pajamas, details are not that important. Some of these Santa suits include satin lining, white trims, gold swirl designs, etc.

You can check out all of our recent Christmas reviews below to find a great outfit just in time for the season:


Comfort can vary from person to person. Material often affects how comfortable a piece of clothing is. A Santa suit typically is made of polyester material, which is soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, it shrinks and wear resistant and dries quickly from moist conditions making it ideal for rain and snow. The high-quality suits include a blend of faux fur to keep you warm and cozy for the winter season.


Clearly, looking for the best Santa Claus suit isn’t a walk in the park. However, we’ve taken the guesswork out and put the hard work in! The ABALAGU Men’s Deluxe Santa Suit stands out like a sore thumb and has the quality and features to back it up. Though it’s not the cheapest on our list, it’s definitely worth the money.