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Many men who fall in the big and tall category often find belt shopping an event they’d rather avoid. As a big and tall guy, I understand your frustration.

So to help simplify the process, I’ll share a list of the 7 big and tall belts that I’ve bought over the years and that have helped improve my style and comfort.

Best big and tall belts

Buffway Men’s Belt Heavy Duty Italian Leather Belt

image of buffway men's belt heavy duty italian leather belt - Extra Large Living
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And the award of the best big and tall belt goes to Buffway Men’s Belt.

This is after trying many different belts that started well but ended up disappointing after several wears. The Buffway Men’s Belt stands the quality and durability test, which are my top considerations before recommending a belt to any big and tall man.

It’s made from durable cow leather, and it comes in different colors. The color variations and unique style allow me to pair it with work pants, golf shorts, suits, business slacks, trousers, and other outfits.

The Buffway Men’s Heavy Duty Belt is available in sizes between 30 and 56 inches. With such a wide range, getting the perfect fit wasn’t difficult. However, I recommend getting a size higher to give you some slack and length when you need it. Also, I love how the classic curved buckle hugs my gut instead of digging into it.

The belt is made 1.5 inches wide and 1/8 inches thick. These dimensions comfortably spread the pressure around the waist and ensure the belt lasts long.


  • Good quality
  • Soft and smooth leather
  • Fairly priced


  • The belt seems to expand/stretch during the day
  • The sizes run small
  • The buckle and belt are larger than shown in the pictures

BelaPala Big and Tall Belts for Men

image of belapala big and tall belts for men - Extra Large Living
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If you are a sucker for a clean look, then this belt for big and tall guys is perfect for you. Unlike traditional belts that feature holes and develop stretch marks over time, the BelaPela ratchet belt mechanism firmly locks into place. With this buckle design, I have an easy time adjusting the belt throughout the day to stay comfortable.

Even better, with its unique ratchet buckle design, you can remove the buckle, trim the belt, and reassemble it if your waistline ever reduces. But be careful not to cut it too short. I should point out that the strap measures 35mm wide and accommodates waist sizes from 26-inches to 72-inches.

BelaPala made these belts from premium microfiber and synthetic leather, which is soft and comfortable, anti-tear, and scratch-resistant.

The smooth and elegant finish makes this belt ideal for work uniforms, jeans, pants, casual clothing, and formal dress suits.


  • Locks in place and stays put throughout the day
  • Comes in a nice packaging
  • The belt feels strong


  • Some consumers complained it stretched out after a couple of wears
  • It has a high price

Timberland Men’s Casual Leather Belt

image of timberland men's casual leather belt - Extra Large Living
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When you hear of Timberland, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? High quality and durable products perfect for construction and heavy-duty use, right? Well, this Timberland casual belt remains true to the brand’s ethos.

At first glance, you can tell that it’s high quality and built to last. It’s made from 100% genuine leather. But instead of feeling thick and uncomfortable, it’s soft, flexible, and comfortable enough for daily wear.

The belt is 40mm wide perfectly pairs with jeans. However, I pulled off some formal outfits with it as well. And unlike the belts we’ve reviewed so far, this Timberland belt can be hand-washed without compromising its durability.

To ensure you pick the right size, Timberland has a chart you can follow. But as a general rule of thumb, I advise going for a size higher.


  • The buckle is sewn in for extra strength
  • Sturdy enough to withstand some torque without deforming
  • Not cheaply crafted


  • The buckle is sewn in place and cannot be changed
  • The belt is not made from the same leather the timberland shoes are made from
  • Some users complain the belt tongue broke after a couple of uses

Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt

image of dickies men's casual leather belt - Extra Large Living
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The biggest worry for plus size and tall men is that the belt will not fit despite what the company claims. Luckily for you, Dickies is a renowned brand that honestly markets its belts.

This casual belt is handcrafted from leather. It has tone-on-tone stitching and an embossed Dickie logo that gives it a matured look. In addition to this, it has a thick harness buckle designed to withstand high torque.

I especially loved the double stitching along its length, which adds to its beauty, and strength. The Dickies belt has a size fit range of 30 – 58 inches. However, with this one, I recommend going two inches higher for the best fit. So if your waist size is 42 inches, pick a size 44.

Like the Timberland leather belt we’ve just reviewed, this belt can also be hand-washed to keep it looking clean and presentable all through the day.


  • The top is smooth and beautiful
  • Functional belt
  • Great value


  • Some customers complained they didn’t get genuine leather
  • The sizing is way off for some consumers

Columbia Men’s Trinity Belt

image of columbia men's trinity belt - Extra Large Living
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If you are shopping for a belt to accessorize your casual wear, this belt is it. Its timeless design, tapered/pointed tip, Columbia logo, and belt closure make it perfect for casual Fridays. The silver-tone finish on the buckle is the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, this is not a pure leather belt. But this doesn’t mean it’s a low-quality belt. On the contrary, the polyurethane and leather blend makes it flexible and sufficiently durable.

As for size, I recommend the following:

If you are between size 30 and 32, choose a small belt size, and if you are between 34 and 36, pick a medium belt size. For those with pant sizes between 38 and 40 and 42 and 44, sizes large and extra-large are perfect. The strap is 1 3/8 inches wide and is comfortable enough for all-day everyday wear.

And though Columbia makes casual belts in many different colors, only a handful are available in the plus-size options. These include black, brown, tan, and navy.


  • Durable synthetic upper
  • It doesn’t rip
  • The Colombia logo isn’t too noticeable


  • It is thinner than described
  • The color wears off after a while

Carhartt Men’s Signature Casual Belt

image of carhartt men's signature casual belt - Extra Large Living
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Carhartt has been producing high-quality men’s’ gear for over 130 years. For a company to survive that long, it must be doing several things right with its belts.

This Signature Causal belt is not any different. It has a great design, and it’s made from stretchy and comfortable 1.5-inch wide leather.

The belt has a single prong harness for the buckle, and the metal keeper has a logo, which adds to its style. Moreover, it has saddle stitching, which gives it a beautiful contrast.

When picking a belt size, always go two inches higher than your pant size.


  • The belt doesn’t dig or scratch into your stomach
  • It’s one piece and thick enough for comfort
  • True to size recommendation


  • The snaps on the buckle come off

Dockers Men’s Leather Braided Casual and Dress Belt

image of dockers men's leather braided casual and dress belt - Extra Large Living
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The belt is made from a blend of leather and polyester. The polyester makes the belt flexible, while the leather gives it its durable and hardy feature. And though it features a belt closure, it is an adjustable fit option courtesy of the holes running along its length. The holes are positioned 0.25 inches from each other, and there are 50 in total.

This Dockers Braided Belt comes in multiple colors, but only the tan glazed and the black glazed variations are available in sizes for big and tall men. Speaking of big and tall men, this belt has a size range of 30 – 58 inches. You should choose a size 2-inches larger than your normal pant/waist size for a perfect fit.

The strap is stitched close to the brass buckle for a solid and strong finish. Because of its braided design, I found that it worked for business casual pants, jeans, pants, and khakis. For added comfort, the belt has a 1 3/16 inch width that doesn’t dig into your stomach.


  • Great and beautiful braided design
  • Super adjustable belt
  • It’s a stretchy belt for a tight fit


  • The leather braiding unravels at the holes
  • No supporting stitching along its length

And The Winner Is…

Buffway Men's Heavy Duty Leather Belt

image of buffway men's belt heavy duty italian leather belt - Extra Large Living

As a big and tall buyer, I’ve learned to always do my research, especially when it comes to size, material, and quality. If you are tired of picking the wrong belt and don’t have time to experiment, go for my top choice, and buy the Buffway Men’s Heavy Duty Leather Belt.

With its thick cow leather, it will support your weight without developing stretch marks over time. And if you are like me, you’ll love that it comes in a wide size range and multiple colors for different outfits and occasions.

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What makes the best belt for big and tall guys?

Unfortunately, as a big and tall guy, purchasing a belt that fits perfectly is not a walk in the park. I think of it like choosing shoes. While I could choose a regular shoe, it’ll wear faster than if I bought a heavy-duty option. From a financial and durability point of view, it makes sense to spend a little extra to have something that will serve me for longer.

As a big guy, you should look for the belt with the highest quality, and that fits you perfectly. And no, don’t mistake this to mean paying a premium for a designer brand or any other high-end name you know.

Instead, search for a belt made of leather and that is wide enough to fit through the belt loops in your pants. The buckle should also be strong and curved for added comfort.

If you can find a belt with double stitching, even better since this will withstand more torque as you go about your daily routine.

As for belt color, the golden rule of thumb is to match your belt to the shoes you wear while you match your socks to your pants. Generally, if you have a lot of brown shoes, then a brown belt will work just fine. However, we recommend having multiple belt colors for an easier time mixing and matching your colors and style.

Belt Fashion Tips

As an overweight guy, I first learned to accept my body as it is. Only then was I able to turn the fashion tides to my benefit. These are tips I use that you can put to use:

  • Buy fitted pants and wear them up to your waist. Don’t look twice at those baggy pants that will hide under your belly since they will only make your belly look larger and your legs even shorter.
  • Purchase extra-long shirts and then tuck them in your pants. Having a shirt untucked and exposing your belly, butt, or back will make you look unkempt.
  • Buy a great belt. If you have to pull your pants up every two steps, then the above two tips will not make a difference in your fashion. Get a belt for a big and tall guy like the BelaPala Big and Tall Belts for Men to vastly improve your comfort and style.

Last but not least, ask yourself the right questions. Instead of worrying about how a fat guy should dress, focus on how a fashionable guy should dress, and you’ll start to notice the difference.

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