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I’ve been in the “big and tall” category for my entire life. After such a long time searching for my go-to brand of big and tall clothing up to the XXXL range, I finally discovered Carhartt. Big-tall shopping is forever changed when you connect with this fantastic brand. Today I’m sharing with you my all-time favorite finds in the Carhartt big and tall range.

Carhartt big and tall clothing – Review

Carhartt Men’s Midweight Sleeve Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

image of carhartt men's midweight sleeve logo hooded sweatshirt - Extra Large Living
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This kind of sweatshirt is a must-have for anyone, in my view. It’s well-priced and comes in a generous selection of sizes and colors. It’s also a great mix of comfort and durability thanks to an even 50-50 cotton and blended fabric.

The giant kangaroo pocket on the front makes keeping hands warm easy and gives quick access to your quick-grab items. It hangs on the big-tall body so well while closing around the wrists and waits without any constriction.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric with a great fit on big-tall bodies
  • Handy kangaroo pocket
  • Hood makes it great for all weathers
  • Durable and attractive


  • Wears a bit long on a shorter torso

Carhartt Men’s Size Rain-Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

image of carhartt men's size rain-defender paxton heavyweight hooded sweatshirt - Extra Large Living
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This sweatshirt is a sumptuous sweatshirt made from 75 percent cotton that is ideal for those working outdoors. The water-repellent finish makes it even more ideal for this. On top of that, it’s machine-washable and won’t suffer shrinkage.

On the flip side, I found the design a little plainer and was disappointed in the color selection. Big-tall sizes are abundant, however, so that’s a plus.


  • Rain-proof finish perfect for outdoor working
  • The high cotton content makes it breathable and comfortable
  • Durable and warm in low temperatures


  • Boring design and dark colors only

Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18

image of carhartt men's acrylic watch hat a18 - Extra Large Living
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You’ll need a hat to go with those sweatshirts, and Carhartt’s Watch Hat is as comfortable as it is varied in color choices. These hats are stretchy, warm, made in the US, and let you wear a bit of your personality on your head.

One small drawback is that they’re hand wash only, which is a little bothersome.


  • Bright, varied color choice
  • Stretchy, durable fabric
  • Made in the US


  • No machine washing

Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Duck Active Jacket

image of carhartt men's quilted flannel lined duck active jacket - Extra Large Living
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Sometimes even I don’t want a pull-on sweatshirt. The zip-up jacket adds a little formality, and this one in 100% cotton duck is just stunning. The nylon lining adds some extra warmth, but it’s otherwise soft and sumptuous to the touch.

It still features a useful kangaroo pocket, but it’s a little deeper and more secure than on most regular sweatshirts. I confess, though, that it took me two orders to get the exact right size on this one.


  • 100% soft cotton duck – couldn’t be more comfortable
  • Nice big front pocket
  • Warm nylon lining


  • Leans toward expensive, and it can be tricky to get the exact right big-tall size

Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Duck Vest Arctic Quilt Lined V01

image of carhartt men's big & tall duck vest arctic quilt lined v01 - Extra Large Living
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It doesn’t get much better than a 100-percent cotton hug, and that’s what this vest gives you. There’s an additional nylon inner lining for extra warmth. It’s machine washable and has an inside pocket for handy storage.

As I carry both the “big” and the tall, I found that the fit for the larger person wasn’t ideal. It’s well made, but not quite the whole big-and-tall package.


  • Extraordinary quality in the stitching and construction
  • Soft and warm cotton duck
  • Secure inside pocket


  • Not well-fitting for larger body types

Carhartt Men’s Quilt Lined Zip To Thigh Bib Overalls R41

image of carhartt men's quilt lined zip to thigh bib overalls r41 - Extra Large Living
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Many in the United States work outdoors, and for that, they need quality overalls. When size matters, this offering in 100-percent cotton with quilt lining is just what you need, especially on a cold day.

The heavyweight build makes them highly durable, and yet they’re also great value and affordable. Better yet, the size range allows you to buy larger, giving you plenty of room underneath for additional layers in winter.


  • Durable stitching on soft, breathable fabrics
  • Warm to wear while allowing easy movement
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Plenty of room for layers underneath


  • Getting an ideal size while factoring in layers can be tricky, especially on the waistline

Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Holter Jean

image of carhartt men's relaxed fit holter jean - Extra Large Living
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A good stock of quality jeans in big-tall sizes can be hard to get, but Carhartt has made my life much easier. These affordable, classic-look jeans have an excellent, loose-fitting style that is perfect for my outdoor job.

They hug the waist perfectly without being constricting, and the high cotton content feels good on the skin. One of the best items in the Carhartt Company Gear line.


  • Affordable prices and practical
  • Great fit around the waist
  • Durable with comfort


  • A little dull in design, not much good for style purposes

Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Signature-Sleeve Logo Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

image of carhartt men's big & tall signature-sleeve logo long-sleeve t-shirt - Extra Large Living
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Even big tall clothing sometimes fails to get the arms right, but this long-sleeve t-shirt won’t let you down. The quality of the cotton fabric is noticeable from the first touch. The crew neck is comfortable, and the wrists are comfortably sealed off. It’s surprisingly warm!

The only thing to watch is size consistency. The two items I ordered in the same size turned out to be quite a different fit, but the quality was the same high standard for both items.


  • Superb arm length
  • Thick cotton is suitable for any weather
  • Consistent quality


  • Tall sizes somewhat inconsistent

Carhartt Men’s Cold Weather Boot Sock

image of carhartt men's cold weather boot sock - Extra Large Living
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I am turning our attention to your feet now. This sturdy and warm boot sock is a tremendous odor-fighting ally in the winter months. The cushioned design makes them great as outdoor work socks or as indoor slipper substitutes.

The moisture-wicking effect works very well, but you do have to pay attention to your boots. Accessories like these only do their jobs when there’s air in the boot to circulate. If they fit too tightly, they won’t keep your feet warm.


  • Thick, well-constructed, and warm
  • Versatile as both indoor or outdoor socks
  • Effective moisture-wicking


  • Hard to get the sock-boot balance right

Carhartt Men’s Original Long Sleeve Shirt

image of carhartt men's original long sleeve shirt - Extra Large Living
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I love the Carhartt brand because there are items like this long-sleeve shirt that make decent daytime workwear and double up as attractive casual clothing. The material is weighty but soft, and the design classic and timeless.

The secure pockets and breathable cotton say it’s for work, while the button-down collar and clean lines say it’s for the party. You can’t go wrong. It even comes pre-washed, meaning no shrinkage!


  • Versatile multi-use garment
  • Classic and attractive design
  • No shrinkage
  • Soft and breathable


  • Reasonable for casual clothing, quite dear for workwear

Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Rutland Thermal Lined Zip Front Sweatshirt Hoodie

image of carhartt men's big & tall rutland thermal lined zip front sweatshirt hoodie - Extra Large Living
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It’s precisely this kind of zip-up sweatshirt that made me first love the Carhartt label so much. From the deep pockets to the warm lining, the breathable materials, to the simple but pleasing design, everything is to love. We found this to be the best hoodie we reviewed this year.

With this particular item, you just need to watch the zipper. It feels very solid, but it’s quite sharp and can nick your clothing. Zip it up before washing, and you’re fine.


  • Unbeatable size choices
  • Classic designs
  • Comfortable and warm winter wear


  • The sharp zipper can nick clothing

Carhartt Men’s Workcamo Fleece 2 in 1 Headwear

image of carhartt men's workcamo fleece 2 in 1 headwear - Extra Large Living
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As the name suggests, the thing to love about this one is the 2-in-1 design, giving you both a warm fleece hat and a pull-down face mask built into it. You can tuck the mask away when you’re not using it. It saves you from keeping a separate mask, which you can then lose.

For me, it’s a shame that they included the face mask but didn’t add anything for the back of the neck. It can feel a little exposed on cold days.


  • Snug, warm fit
  • Built-in face mask is very convenient
  • Very reasonable prices


  • No added protection for the back of the neck

Carhartt Men’s Rugged Flex Rigby Cargo Short

image of carhartt men's rugged flex rigby cargo short - Extra Large Living
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As summer workwear goes, there’s almost nowhere I’d first turn to other than Carhartt Inc. Among the many big-tall clothing items, these cargo shorts stand out, mostly for the secure pockets and durable but stretchy material.

The price is a little high if you’re buying just for work, but they’re lovely shorts in themselves and make fair casual wear, too. You do need to size up, though. I buy them for the quality, but the sizing is a little off.


  • Supreme fabric quality and construction
  • Durable and stretchy
  • Great secure pocket for smartphone
  • Sit nicely at the waist


  • A little pricey and tricky to size correctly

Carhartt Items Never Fail

People in the US looking for quality workwear and casual wear are lucky to have this brand available to them. Carhartt consistently gives the team at Extra Large Living affordable prices, items of quality and durable construction, and, most importantly, the sizing to fit my big and tall clothing needs. Larger buyers need a go-to brand, and I say look no further than Carhartt.