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Snow days and ski season are fun times of the year, but if you’re big and tall, it can be hard to find snow pants that fit. Hopefully, this list will help you along the way.

I’ve put together some great options for big-tall buyers who need snow pants, ski pants, and similar clothing this winter. Let’s get right to it with the best overall pick.

Best big and tall snow pants

Caterpillar Men’s H20 Defender Pant

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Not only do these come in real big-tall size choices for men, but the list of positive qualities is also seemingly endless. They’re water-resistant, windproof, have excellent breathability, and they are machine-washable!

One feature I particularly love is the kneepad pockets. When you’re padding up for winter sports like snowboarding, these pockets make life much easier.

Catepillar provides good leg insulation for use as quality workwear as well, thanks to the robust and high-quality stitching in the outer shell and additional pockets for tools and other gear. Some might not like the lack of color variety, but for me, that’s a non-issue.


  • Well-fitting with a fantastic range of big-tall sizes
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Great knee protection
  • Durable fabric


  • Lack of color choice

Men’s SoftShell Waterproof Winter Snow Ski Snowboarding Pants

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When money is tight, but you still need big and tall snow pants for men that are still thick, water-resistant, comfortable, and look the part, then here’s a go-to pair.

Though not the warmest out there, you can quickly cure that with some nice thermals. The form, fit and apparent durability on these pants are just perfect.

I have to say, however, if you have muscular, thick thighs, they might be a little tight on you.


  • Affordable and great value
  • Thick, durable material
  • Good water resistance


  • Not the warmest snow pant
  • Not built for thicker thighs

Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants

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The 85g synthetic insulation on these gives impressive warmth. I felt I could be on the slopes all day in these without the cold getting in. Beyond that, the construction in the extremities like the reinforced ankle cuff and hem guards make these durable and dependable.

The adjustable waistline is excellent for big-tall ski pants seekers. Whatever your waist measurement, you can quickly tailor the fit. I did have to order two pairs before I got the right fit. That was an issue for me.


  • Fantastic insulation
  • Reinforced construction makes them durable
  • Adjustable waist


  • Leg sizing is challenging to place.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Insulated Snow Pant

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The sizing on these snow pants is very generous and even has adjustability on the hips. If you’re not in the big-tall category, they’d be easy to oversize, but for big-tall buyers, the sizes and selection are perfect.

The blue camo is my favorite color design. They also fit with my bigger boots well because you can let the leg out a bit looser with the lower zippers. That’s great design detail.

There’s just one missing feature, and that’s the gusseted or zippered side vents that help you to regulate temperature on the slopes better. A small oversight on what are otherwise great snow pants.


  • Striking design
  • Comfortable and roomy big-tall size
  • Fit well with larger boots


  • Too basic; no side vents for temperature regulation

Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

image of arctix men's essential insulated bib overalls - Extra Large Living
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Another offering from Arctix, these bib overalls are surprisingly affordable for the amount of “snow pants” you get. The lower price won’t disappoint you in performance, either, keeping out both wet and cold, even without any removable liner.

When you put them on, one of the best results is eliminating what we call “drafty waist.” By covering your abdomen entirely, you eliminate the gap around your waist that traditional snow pants leave.

For these, I only wish the material was a bit more breathable. The leg area gets rather sweaty after a whole day in these.


  • Affordable price
  • No drafty waist
  • Good stretch; the fabric feels durable


  • Fabric is durable but not so breathable

CAMEL CROWN Men’s Softshell Pants Fleece Lined Insulated

image of camel crown men's softshell pants fleece lined insulated - Extra Large Living
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I’m going to start with a small negative, but only because it was the first thing I noticed. The waist on these ski pants is a bit loose at first. You can use a belt to tighten it up but beware of the waist size on these items.

They don’t have so many distinguishing features on the surface, but they do have an insulated pocket, IPX4 water resistance, and an attractive, wrinkle-free leg design.

The build and quality are undeniable, hence their presence in my list, but overall I feel they need a few more features to make them handier for skiing. There are not enough pockets, for one thing.


  • Very effective insulation
  • Strong water resistance
  • The wrinkle-free look is nice


  • Loose waistline needs a belt for most big-tall buyers

Best big and tall snow pants …

Caterpillar Men's H20 Defender Pant

image of best big and tall snow pant - Extra Large Living

When looking at snow pants, look for strong inseams, water-resistance, warmth, and comfort. The Caterpillar H2O Defender Pants provide it all. These are snow pants made for work or play.

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What to wear Under snow pants

Big-tall buyers are always worried about the size of the clothes they buy, and that for snow/ski pants, too. You see a pair online advertised as size 4XL, so you think that they’re right for you, only to find the legs are too tight when you wear them with a base layer.

Choose the right size before shipping, possibly even sizing up, to leave yourself enough room underneath the ski pants. Once you have them, we have to decide what we can wear underneath. Read the size chart carefully.

The first thing you can wear under them is nothing. If the ski pants are no good, then wearing nothing will mean you get colder faster.

After that, you could try a nice set of Big and tall Thermal underwear. These add a layer of comfort to ski pants for men. Thermals can help reduce wetness and keep out the cold in any weather.

Some try to wear jeans and similar denim items under their ski pants, but this is not recommended. The fabric isn’t flexible enough for the clothing layers, leaving you feeling stiff and unable to maneuver properly.

The best pants to wear underneath are track pants or Leggings. These items are useful for moisture-wicking and often add a lovely fleece lining that your ski pants may be missing.

Be careful when putting anything under your ski pants. At least, plan ahead and prepare for the possibility that you’ll have to size up one level to make the layers fit comfortably.

Which ski pants are best for big & tall skiing?

All ski pants could be used as regular big-tall winter snow pants, but not the other way around. Men and women should think carefully before choosing a pair of snow pants specifically for the ski slope.

For the big-tall buyer, especially men, ski pants with a waterproof outer shell and an inner insulating shell that keeps you warm as well as dry is an excellent place to start. Brands are abundant, but they are not the primary consideration.

Another thing that big-tall skiers should look for is built-in gaiters. The gaiter is the part around the ankle that covers the boots. Proper adjustable (usually via zipper) gaiters are the best ones on ski pants, keeping snow off your boots.

One bit of ski-pant information that the non-initiated miss out on is ventilation. You may be buying these snow pants for use in freezing temperatures, but as you’re skiing, snowboarding, or otherwise active, the pants will make your legs hot.

Good snow pants for skiing will include side zippers that you can open up and allow air to circulate and cool your legs back down again. A ski day gets sweaty, so you should ventilate and feel more comfortable.

The style of pants is also crucial. The more common pant style is easier to get on and off, but the bib style (like overalls) will ensure more generous coverage, no draft on your waistline, and better coverage and protection on your back. The bigger size of the bib design makes layering much more manageable.

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