Updated on July 6th, 2023 at 09:20 pm

For many out there, winter always feels like it’s just around the corner. Colder weather means it’s time to start wearing thermals, but buying them when you need big tall sizes can be a headache.

Like anything else for big and tall people, the right size and available styles feel limited. If this is you, we’ve prepared the following suggestions for great-value, high-quality thermals perfect for big and tall buyers. Let’s get to it!

Big and Tall Thermal Reviews

Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set

image of thermajohn men's ultra soft thermal underwear long johns set - Extra Large Living
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This great-value underwear set is made from premium-quality stretchable fabric that works snugly and comfortably with your body type. The hand-feel is great, and you barely feel them when you have them on, even all day long.

There isn’t a great variety in color choice, but for those focusing on pure quality and warming/anti-moisture function, then these are perfect. It’s the perfect base layer and long underwear for your work or rest days.


  • Soft, comfortable premium-quality fabric
  • Doesn’t hinder movement or feel too much with bulkier winter clothing
  • Odor control a great additional feature when you have to wear them all day
  • Decent-value price tag


  • Limited color choices
  • Not always as warm as the “waffle style” design

Pro Club Men’s Heavyweight Cotton Long Sleeve Thermal Top

image of pro club men's heavyweight cotton long sleeve thermal top - Extra Large Living
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These big tall thermals come in a great selection of colors and designs. That gives you some room to personalize them to your taste. More importantly, the waffle-stitch design is extremely warm and feels well-sealed with well-fitted (but not tight) sleeve openings.

Ribbed neck and cuffs give it a durable feel, too, as well as a decently snug fit that makes it perfect for layering. I suggest you buy bigger because there was definitely a little post-wash shrinkage.


  • Very warm even in coldest, harshest winter weather
  • Sturdy construction with waffle stitch — has a durable feel
  • Snug fit on neck and sleeves without being too tight
  • Good hand-feel and many size options for big tall buyers


  • Does shrink a little in the wash; it’s recommended to buy a little larger than your standard size

Carhartt Men’s Force Classic Thermal Base Layer Union Suit

image of carhartt men's force classic thermal base layer union suit - Extra Large Living
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You do pay a bit more for this one, but it’s a real must-have for fans of the classic “all-in-one” style. It’s 100-percent cotton, making it breathable, soft, and supremely comfortable. We noticed, too, that it’s very resistant to shrinkage.

The suit is perfect for use at home, but we felt it wasn’t ideal for all-day or outdoor use. The buttons come undone a little too easily, and the all-in-one is a little less convenient for bathroom time, but you don’t notice that at home so much.


  • Great results after washing – no shrinkage
  • Comfortable and ideal for use at home
  • All-cotton material is breathable and soft to touch


  • Buttons a little loose
  • Less convenient for bathroom time

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Heavyweight Thermal Underwear

image of kingsize men's big & tall heavyweight thermal underwear - Extra Large Living
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This one is a nicely thought-out big tall thermal top, with an incredibly comfortable neckline and well-fitting sleeves. It’s simple but effective, durable, but comfortable.

However, it is definitely susceptible to shrinkage, so I recommend buyers look for at least one size larger than normal to correct for that.


  • The neckline and sleeves are extremely comfortable
  • Durable waffle stitch
  • Comfortable against the skin and nice hand-feel


  • Can show significant shrinkage

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Heavyweight Thermal Pants with Moisture Wicking

image of kingsize men's big & tall heavyweight thermal pants with moisture wicking - Extra Large Living
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As thermal underwear goes, you’ll struggle to find something with better moisture-wicking than these thermal pants. They come in a great range of sizes for big tall buyers and fit seamlessly with your jeans or other pants.

Where some brands sacrifice their warm-giving properties for more comfort, these from KingSize offer a strong balance. They’re ideal for people working outdoors who need insulation without restricting their leg movements.


  • Effective warming layer that fits well under jeans
  • Little to no shrinkage
  • No movement restriction
  • Highly effective moisture wicking
  • Large range of big and tall sizes available


  • Must refer to size chart because it’s easy to get the wrong size from the large selection.

And Our Favorite Big and Tall Thermals are…

Thermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set

image of thermajohn men's ultra soft thermal underwear long johns set - Extra Large Living

Though not the absolute warmest, they’re effective in their thermal capacity, but also (and more importantly in my view) the most comfortable to wear for long periods.

Combined with the quality fabric, moisture-wicking ability, and odor control, they make the perfect choice for use at home, work, or during any outdoor play activity.

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What are the best thermals?

Granted, staying warm and heat retention are top factors for finding the best thermals, you also need to consider comfort, overall fit, and potential shrinkage.

Comfort will come mostly from the hand-feel when you pick up the products, but more important is how it feels when you wear it. The best thermals won’t be scratchy or have uncomfortable labels poking at your neck. Soft materials like cotton are the most comfortable.

When you’re a big and tall buyer, the fit is also paramount. The main areas to look out for are the arms, legs, and chest. It’s easy to find some thermals that fit around the torso no problem but come up short in one of these the other areas. Measure yourself well and inspect user reviews to ensure you get the right size.

Finally, shrinkage is an important consideration because many orders end up returned with a low customer rating because, after a single wash, the thermals diminished up to two full sizes. As with regular sizes, favor larger sizes when buying tall thermal Long underwear. Chances are you’ll end up with a good fit after accounting for shrinkage.

What is the best material for thermals?

In terms of durability, synthetic materials like polyester or blended wool are best for ensuring that your thermal underwear will last. These can feel rougher to the touch, however, and therefore aren’t always the most appealing.

Synthetic materials are much more resistant to shrinkage, which gives them a big advantage in the thermals sector.

The best material really depends on what you want most from your thermals. If you’re laser-focused on comfort, then cotton is ideal. If you favor durability, then blended wool is a better choice for your Undergarment. All the natural materials will be susceptible to shrinkage, so you have to take that into account when choosing.

At what temperature should you wear thermals?

However harsh the winter in your country, thermals are a good idea in a wider range of temperatures than you think. They’re not only for residents of deep, cutting winters like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. First, think about the temperature in your house, especially when you wake up. Is it usually below 62 degrees when you awaken? If so, wearing thermals as a matter of course indoors is a good idea.

Outdoor thermals become a good idea whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees, especially if you spend protracted periods working outside. They’ll work in conjunction with proper winter clothes to maximize heat retention and boost your comfort in the cold.

What should I look for when buying thermals?

People tend to feel strongly about their thermals, so a good place to start when looking for big tall thermal underwear is the customer rating page. Favor the high-stars ratings when creating a shortlist. Filter through your options by considering the fabric, quality, and price of your Undergarment.

Fabrics we discussed above, so that’s covered. Next, come quality and price. It’s true that you get what you pay for, but if you spend enough time on a detailed search, you’ll likely come across a price point that works.

Thermals are not exactly luxury items. One key thing to look out for is the stitching quality, especially at the knee and under the arm.

Arm yourself with the right information, explore your options, and treat every sign of interior quality with severity, and you’ll never go wrong when buying big tall men’s thermals. Please be sure to also check out our very recent reviews for this Holiday season including the always popular Men’s big and tall Christmas PJ’sComfortable 5xlt hoodies, and a real Ugly sweater, Christmas edition for big and tall guys.