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Christmas is a season of joy and goodwill between all people. It’s also a time for magnificently gaudy, tacky sweaters and fun parties. There’s nothing quite like an ugly Christmas sweater to set the mood for the holiday season.

Finding the right size and quality when you’re a big and tall buyer is challenging, so we’ve put together this list of the best big and tall ugly Christmas sweaters. We won’t make you read through the entire piece to find the best! Here our my top choices:

Men’s big and tall ugly christmas sweaters

Ugly Christmas Party Unisex Men’s Sweater

image of ugly christmas party unisex men's sweater - Extra Large Living
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This offering comes in 3 different designs that beautifully typify the idea of an “ugly Christmas sweater.” The party-themed designs are a great ice breaker, and better yet, are a great fit even on big and tall wearers. I’ll be trying this one at the family Christmas event this year. It’s bound to get a few laughs!

Sizes range up to 4X Large, and the materials are comfortable to wear even over long periods. Do check the sizing chart. I assumed my size and the first one I got wasn’t quite right, but the chart put me right.


  • Not just a warm sweater, but a real conversation starter
  • Original and comical designs — they’ll get you some feedback for sure!
  • High-quality, comfortable materials
  • Accurate sizing chart


  • If you fail to consult the sizing chart, you could end up with a size that runs small on you — don’t skip the chart!

 National Lampoon Vacation Shitter’s Full Ugly Christmas Sweater

image of national lampoon vacation shitter's full ugly christmas sweater - Extra Large Living
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One thing I like, and that probably explains its popularity, is its universal unisex appeal. It’s great-looking and feels soft thanks to it being 60% cotton. Gimmicky as it is, you might find you just love this sweater. I sure did.

My only gripe with this one was that it was hard choosing size with no reference point. I accidentally ordered the X Large thinking I’d gone larger, but it worked out perfectly for me (6’1″ and 215lbs).


  • Awesome and humorous design – you’ll be the talk of the party
  • Attractive colors and soft materials; it has universal appeal
  • Durable and well-made, but also easy and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Size reference can be confusing – have to be prepared to get it wrong. Sleeves are especially long.

Daisysboutique Men’s Holiday Reindeer Snowman Sweater

image of daisys boutique men's holiday reindeer snowman sweater - Extra Large Living
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When you’re organizing a rather “cheeky” Christmas party, then one or two designs available on this big tall ugly Christmas sweater will certainly set the tone.

Besides the range of sizes, this sweater also comes in an eclectic selection of designs, from the “traditional” to the funny and the downright naughty.

Practically speaking, this great-value sweater is also machine washable, which is useful. It’s sturdy enough to last many Christmases, and with the selection available, you could set yourself up for many parties and Christmas events to come.


  • Huge selection of designs to suit all tastes
  • Best-value price point
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Machine washable


  • Arms and waist can be a tight fit, built for the “Superman” V-shape, mostly.

Men’s ‘ask your mom if i’m real’ ugly christmas sweater

image of men’s ‘ask your mom if i’m real’ ugly christmas sweater - Extra Large Living
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There’s cheeky, and then there’s this sweater. It’s positively outrageous, and I love it. The Tipsy Elves brand won’t let you down for a party-friendly ugly holiday sweater. If you’re fussy about fabrics, you might not appreciate 100 percent acrylic, but the range of big and tall sizes is impressive, and it’s well-designed.

It’s the softest item, but it’s durable and built to last. You can machine wash it, and the stitching looks positively mighty. It’s also a great-value price point, especially when it’s mostly just for novelty.


  • Good-value price
  • Sizes up to 4X Large – great for big tall buyers
  • Fun design
  • Durable and well-made


  • 100% acrylic, not as appealing as more natural fabrics

Tipsy elves men’s Santa present christmas sweater

image of tipsy elves men’s santa present christmas sweater - Extra Large Living
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Another risque offering from Tipsy Elves, this time featuring Santa’s uniquely large package. The double-panel construction actually makes it a very well-made sweater with seemingly iron-clad stitching. If it weren’t so cheeky, you could wear it anywhere.

It’s an ideal party wear item or a gift for friends and family with a very solid price point. The sizes on this one only go up to 3X large, however, so consult the size chart to ensure you can get one in your size if you’re 6′ 2″ or over.


  • Tips Elves items are made with quality build and stitching
  • Great idea for gifts
  • Unique character and humorous designs


  • Size range more limited than some other ugly holiday sweaters offer

ShirtInvaders Let’s Get Baked – Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt

image of shirtinvaders let's get baked - funny ugly christmas sweater sweatshirt - Extra Large Living
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This might be one not to explain to grandma on Christmas day. It’s a great quality, fun, ugly sweater! It comes in a range of seven colors. These sweatshirts are made from blended cotton, so they’re super soft to the touch, breathable, and very comfortable to wear.

The one I tested did shrink a little in the wash, so I recommend sizing up to avoid disappointment. Another nice detail was the use of eco-friendly plastisol or water-based ink to help those with a green conscience feel a bit better about their choices this holiday season.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Soft-touch cotton makes it comfortable to wear
  • Fun and original designs
  • Great color choices


  • Some shrinkage likely; buy a size up

Tipsy elves men’s functional bottle opener christmas sweater

image of tipsy elves men’s functional bottle opener christmas sweater - Extra Large Living
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Those drunk elves are at it again. This time, they’ve attached a nifty bottle opener to the star ornament. It’ll certainly make you a popular customer at the Christmas party. Break the ice or just be everyone’s best bottle-opening friend. This sweater works on many levels.

Though the sweater looks great, the materials aren’t quite as comfortable as some of the others on our list today. The sizes only go up to XX-Large, which is not bad, but you might struggle with this one if you’re at the higher end of the big and tall spectrum. The neck circumference is decent, though.


  • The bottle opener is a great novelty and ice breaker
  • Colorful pattern and design looks good for a Christmas party
  • Comfortable neck circumference


  • Material a little itchy and size choice more limited

And the best big and tall ugly sweater is…

image of ugly christmas party unisex men's sweater - Extra Large Living

Ugly Christmas Party Unisex Men’s Sweater

When it comes to a perfect big and tall ugly Christmas sweater, you need to have the right combination of tacky design, good size choices, comfortable materials, and overall quality. I award it the highest customer rating.

This ugly Christmas sweater joins those features together very neatly in what is surely the holiday sweater that will get everyone talking at your home or other holiday parties this year.

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What is considered an ugly christmas sweater?

It’s odd to see the word ugly used so gleefully by marketers, but customer expectations change when it comes to these holiday sweaters. There are three essential elements to a sweater that push it into the “Ugly Christmas” category.

The first is a large Christmas-themed print, especially a reindeer, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, cookies, or maybe even Baby Jesus, himself.

The second is “3D” elements to the sweater. The longstanding trend of applying baubles, mini-knitted scarves, red noses, tree ornaments, and more as real attachments to the sweater’s outer fabric has never waned. The more outlandish, the more the sweater will fit into the “Ugly Christmas” categories.

The final element is bright colors, especially red, green, and white; the “official” Christmas color spectrum. You’ll find plenty of other colors too, of course, but what you’ll notice is that no ugly Christmas sweater can have any fewer than 3 competing colors within the design.

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Why are ugly christmas sweaters called ugly?

If the sweaters are so popular, why do people insist on calling them “ugly”? There seems to be a host of more suitable words that one could employ, such as novelty, fun, party, etc., but no, we go with ugly.

The reason is that they are rooted in a genuine ugliness that people felt when they were forced to wear them by their doting mothers, grandmothers, and crazy aunts during childhood.

Most of us experienced at least one Christmas where an indulgent relative of ours purchased a sweater, thinking we’d really like it, only to find us fighting back the cringe on Christmas morning. In this context, the sweaters were genuinely ugly.

As many of us grew up, however, the story changed. Now they’ve become a bit of a joke, and we wear them to stand out and show our Christmas spirit.

In short, they’re called ugly because they rather lack aesthetically. You’d certainly never see them showcased at Paris fashion week! It reminds us that we all have to do our part in the season of fun to generate a party atmosphere.

Can you wear an ugly christmas sweater after christmas?

Okay, there are no laws against wearing an ugly Christmas sweater whenever you want, but I’m not sure why you would. If you’re the sort of person, who likes to wear men’s Christmas sweaters at home, as sleepwear, or just for fun, then knock yourself out.

Outside of the context of the holiday season, however, the sweaters lose their ironic appeal.

The general consensus is that it’s okay to start wearing the ugly Christmas sweaters and Pajamas after Thanksgiving. That’s because everyone will know you are getting ready for Christmas. We suggest you opt-out of ugly Christmas sweater-wearing once the holidays are done.

Don’t forget to order your sweater in advance so that it will ship on time! You wouldn’t want to go looking as lame as “ordinary” at your family Christmas now, would you?

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