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When cold weather is just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to have the right kind of coat. Your casual jackets won’t cut it when the temperatures plunge, and the snow starts to fall.

There are plenty of great winter coats out there, but it’s hard to ensure you’re getting a big enough size when you fall into the “big and tall” men’s category. That’s why we’ve done the legwork and found the best big and tall men’s winter coats out there. Let’s dive straight in with our top picks:

Best Big and Tall Winter Coats – Men

Carhatt Men’s Bartlett Jacket

image of carhatt men's bartlett jacket - Extra Large Living
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When you’re working outdoors and need to keep the cold out, you’ll be glad of this light-but-well-insulated jacket. The generously long sleeves have the same quality lining with well-sealed hand holes to keep the cold wind out of there.

The 100-percent cotton ring-spun washed duck fabric is soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear while working. The flaps in the shoulders give great freedom to move, which is perfect for physical, outdoor work.

One small drawback is that if your arms are quite muscular or otherwise thick or you wear a bulky watch on your wrist, you might find the sleeve holes a little constricting.


  • Comfortable, warm fabric providing lasting warmth outdoors
  • Machine washable
  • Generous sleeve length
  • Allows easy freedom of movement


  • Sleeve holes constricting on thicker arms or bulky watch wearers

Levi’s Men’s Washed Cotton Military Jacket with Removable Hood

image of levi's men's washed cotton military jacket with removable hood - Extra Large Living
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We just loved this offering from Levi’s for its versatility, comfortable fabrics, and timeless military style. It’s simple and casual but also stylish and seems carefully designed with adequate pockets, adjustable snap cuffs so you can make the perfect fit.

Best of all is the warm sherpa lining that really keeps the cold out, plus you can zip on a jersey hood for some extra protection around your head. It’s not dressy, but it’s a comfortable and warm option.

Our only complaint on this one is that the shaping seems more for people with longer legs and shorter torsos. If you have a longer body and arms, you might find it sits right on your belt line.


  • Simple, elegant, and timeless casual style
  • Sherpa lining very effective against the cold
  • Adjustable cuffs to suit different wrist sizes
  • Enough exterior and interior pockets


  • Seems suited mainly to a shorter torso, even in big tall sizes

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Wool-Blend Long Overcoat

image of kingsize men's big & tall wool-blend long overcoat - Extra Large Living
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When you have a formal occasion to attend, you can’t rock up in your casual jacket. This more formal offering from KingSize provides a look, feel, and length that fits the 6’2″-or-above frame perfectly.

We’re sure you’ll love the classic style in either charcoal or black, combined with a roomy fit and very warm wool-blend material. Be mindful of the sizes, though, because when we say “roomy fit,” we mean it. It does offer scope to wear a suit or thick sweater underneath.

One small criticism of this otherwise great pick is that it wasn’t made for long periods in the cold. It’s not as heavy as it looks, and the cold can penetrate after some time.


  • Terrific and stylish formal design
  • Soft-touch wool-blend
  • Comfortable with a business suit or thick sweater underneath
  • Great value for its size and formal style


  • Only 45% wool, less effective against cold when standing out for a longer time

Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka

image of caterpillar men's heavy insulated parka - Extra Large Living
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The moment we took this parka out of the box, we knew it was made for the harshest of winters. True to the Caterpillar brand, the exterior exhibits a thick, sturdy shell that will last through many winters. It gets even better on the inside.

I tried this parka over a thin t-shirt with a long-sleeve t-shirt on top and felt there was easily enough room for a thicker sweater or other bulkier clothes under there without making it uncomfortable.

Some next extra touches include the reflective strip, microfleece lining in the hood, adjustable cuffs, and drawcords at the waist. A flaw in the design is the front pockets, which are awkwardly placed if you want to put your hands in there. Plus, the breast pocket doesn’t close up.


  • Impressive durability of the cold-beating outer shell
  • Comfortable sizing fits with winter clothes
  • Pleasing additional design details


  • Disappointing pocket positioning

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket

image of tommy hilfiger men's classic hooded puffer jacket - Extra Large Living
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This impressive jacket offering is perfect for the coldest season thanks to its impressive windbreaker quality. The durable outer material and insulating filling create the perfect anti-windchill effect.

Fashion fans will like the designer logo on the breast and cuffs and will find these jackets come with exceptional attention to detail. For example, the collar and pockets are fleece-lined for extra warmth. You can also draw the collar in tighter with the drawcords.

The jacket’s biggest letdown is that it’s not waterproof. Big tall sizes still come in a variety of colors, though, so that’s a plus.


  • An excellent windbreaker, very effective
  • Great selection of colors, even in big tall sizes
  • Warm, comfortable fleece-lined pockets and collar
  • Terrific price point considering the big designer label


  • Not waterproof
  • All polyester/nylon – no natural materials

Boulder Creek by Kingsize Men’s Big & Tall Fleece-Lined Parka

image of boulder creek by kingsize men's big & tall fleece-lined parka - Extra Large Living
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This attractive coat comes in a color range with well-proportioned sleeves and shoulders for big tall customers. It also seals up very well to ensure a warm experience every time you venture into the wintry outdoors.

Strong features include all the pockets you’ll ever need, including hand-warmer pockets. There’s also a detachable hood and a plush fleece lining for warmth. This lining and the quilted polyfill in the sleeves provide superb comfort when wearing.

We noticed a couple of small quality issues like a cheap plastic zipper, and the stitching looked a little off here and there, but otherwise, it’s hard to fault this one.


  • Pleasing color range
  • Good sizes for big tall body shapes
  • Comfortable fleece lining and quilted sleeves
  • Plenty of convenient pocket space
  • Great value price


  • Sloppy on some details — plastic zipper, parts of stitching, etc.

Nautica Men’s Big & Tall Wool-Blend Peacoat

image of nautica men's big & tall wool-blend peacoat - Extra Large Living
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For those who don’t like the long overcoat-style or car coat, this attractive 52% wool peacoat from Nautica will suit you perfectly. It features a double-breasted design with a notched collar and large, comfortable side pockets.

The quilted lining is comfortable and warm, while the large proportion of natural wool material gives it a nice feel as well. Available colors include black, navy, and charcoal.

It’s snugger than you’d imagine for this coat type, so pay attention to the size recommendation. It’s definitely the priciest on our list, but you could search a dozen websites and hundreds of products and would struggle to do better for this level of quality.


  • Beautiful double-breasted design suits formal and casual occasions
  • More than 50% natural wool gives a good feel to the fabric
  • Wool and quilted lining make a warm winter coat
  • Perfect length for comfort, not billowy but won’t shift up when you move your arms either


  • Use caution when choosing a size – it tends to be snug

And The Winner Is…

Carhatt Men's Bartlett Jacket

There really is something for everyone in this selection, but I favored this jacket for its versatility for both work and everyday living. It’s not a dress coat, but then again many of us don’t need that for the cold winter months.

Men of all shapes and sizes can comfortably wear this jacket thanks to the excellent sleeve length and generous size options. Finally, it’s hard to argue with the price point, given the quality and durability of this item. This is outerwear you can really trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should a Winter Coat be Tight or Loose?

There seems to be some division on this subject, but the fact is that the answer is not so simple. The key to the best results with any winter coat is to find a comfortable balance between tightness and looseness. When you purchase a coat online, you’re often taking a gamble on the fit.

You need something slightly tighter and snugger around the neck and sleeves to ensure protection against wind chill. On the other hand, you need an interior that’s loose enough to leave room for layered winter clothing. Items that are too tight provide no scope for layers, and items that are too loose will negate the cold-beating effect.

Therefore, when you’re looking for big tall winter coats, pay attention to whether your item has adjustable features around the neck and cuffs. This will give you room to alter the fit should it be too loose or tight as a default. You can tailor the balance of tightness and looseness.

What is the Best Jacket for Extreme Cold?

Between an anorak, a raincoat, or a car coat; between denim jackets and parkas, there’s a world of difference. A customer would be forgiven for feeling a little lost when choosing a jacket for extreme cold. On the surface, parkas can seem like the obvious choice thanks to their durable outer shell, thick and well-insulated build, and abundance of pockets and personal storage space. They appear to be the dream ticket where winter coats are concerned.

There’s another factor to consider, however. A parka would suit most people well, whatever their location, but the main drawback is that it won’t always allow easy movement. If you’re someone who works outdoors in the winter, then you need jackets that will afford you comfortable arm and shoulder movement, as well as insulating properties.

Ring-spun washed duck is a great fabric for this, especially with extra interior lining for added comfort. It will help free up your upper body for work without being intrusive. You can find this on many jackets, especially military jackets and bomber jackets.

Should You Buy a Winter Coat a Size Bigger?

When you’re a big tall buyer, size is often a gamble when purchasing a coat online. The variety of brands on the menu makes it tough, but if you look on the site you’re browsing, you’ll likely find a handy guide.

Our advice at XL Living is not to gamble on orders where there is no size reference to use before you checkout. Read customer reviews, and you’ll typically find detailed feedback on sizes, especially with big tall buyers.

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