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What is the Difference Between Big and Tall Sizes?

Overweight and obese people have issues shopping for well-fitting clothing. Though manufacturers and clothing stores try to make it easier with size categories, the sizes are too many. To have an easier time shopping for clothes, you need to know, ‘what is the difference between big and tall sizes?’

Big sizes consider how wide you are in the hips, waist, and chest, while tall sizes are based on these as well as leg, torso and arm lengths. Generally, big and tall clothing combines these measurements to offer the right size for the width and height of your body.

So if you are big and not tall, you don’t need big and tall clothes. Instead, sizes between XL and 8XL will do. And if you are tall but not big, clothes with an XLT tag are perfect.

Let’s take a deeper look into what these terms mean and how you can use the descriptions to find the right clothes for a tall man.

What Size is Considered Big?

Big size clothing is made with a larger chest, shoulder, and neck measurements compared to regular clothes. These clothes fit big guys that:

  • Are under 6’2” tall
  • Have chest size between 46 and 48 inches
  • Have waist size between 42 and 44 inches
  • Neck size of 17 inches

Big sizes are labelled with ‘XL’. A few extra inches increase as sizes increase from XL to 9X.

What Size is Considered Tall?

image of big sizes vs tall sizes - Extra Large Living

Tall size clothes are measured by height and also consider waist, chest, and neck measurements. Tall clothing has LT, XLT, 2XLT, 3XT to 6XT. Tall size men’s clothing are reserved for tall guys over 6’3” tall and with neck sizes between 16 and 24 inches, waist measurements between 36 and 62-inches, and chest measurements between 42 and 68-inches.

Tall sizes usually have 1-inch longer sleeves and body length compared to regular sizes.

Generally, tall clothes will fit obese guys, but big-sized clothes will not fit tall guys because of their torso and leg length.

See 2XL vs xxl here.

What are Big and Tall Sizes?

Big and tall sizes are a combination of big clothes and tall clothes sizes. Big and tall clothing merge height and width measurements. Obese guys over 6’3” with neck measurements over 17-inches, a waist size over 42 inches, and chest width over 46 wear these cloth sizes.

Big and tall clothes have size tags starting from XLT to 6XLT.

What size is Medium Tall, Large Tall, and XL Tall?

Extra-Large Tall, Large Tall, and Medium Tall vary mainly in chest measurements and slightly in torso and sleeve length.

Below are the measurement variations according to Americantall’s regular-fit t-shirts for a tall guy.

image of regular to fit tess shirt sheet - Extra Large Living

Usually, chest circumference increases by 3 inches, 4 inches as you progress along with sizes, while the torso length increases by an inch.

Below is a breakdown of sleeve length for different slim-fit long sleeve shirts for big and tall men.

image of slim to fit long sleeve shirt sheet - Extra Large Living

What size is L in Big and Tall?

Generally, Large in big and tall sizes include chest measurement between 42” and 44”, neck size between 6” and 16.5”, sleeve length 36.5”, and waist size 36” to 38”. Exact measurements vary between brands, but these numbers are a great yardstick.

Are you Extra Tall or Tall?

Tall sizes are made for tall men between 6’3” and 6’7”, while extra-tall size clothes are made for tall men between 6’8” and 7’1”.

What Next?

Knowing the clothes size, you need is easily determined as it’s based on your height and size. Follow the measurement charts we’ve shared and remember them when you go shopping.

In case you may not be aware, see What’s the difference between being Chubby vs overweight.

Luckily, most stores have store clerks who’ll help you make sense of big clothing measurements. If you buy from an online store, it’s best to review their size recommendations. Use a measuring tape to confirm your body size. Bear in mind size measurements varies from brand to brand.

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