Updated on July 6th, 2023 at 04:36 pm

The Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot is a reliable option for those who need a little extra space around the calf. They are 100% synthetic and even have a synthetic sole. The shaft of the boot measures 8 inches from the arch to the top. Looping around, the boot itself has a circumference of 12.5 inches. 

Since the crocs are “shorty,” they sit above the ankles but don’t reach the calf. This coupled with their adjustable design makes them lightweight, easy to wear, take off and take with you.

Here are a few features that make the Crocs women’s jaunt shorty boot an appealing option, compared to our other Wide calf rain boots as well as a few features that don’t. Of course, each person has their individual taste, so not all of the positive features may be what you are looking for.

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Easy to get on

The Crocs jaunt shorty boot for women boot is a pull-on rain boot that has an adjustable tap. You use the easy-on finger hold, which can help open up the boot and get your foot comfortably situated within it. 

This is great because it makes the boot easy to get into and wear, even if you have a wider foot and broader ankle. It prevents the wearer from having to struggle and pull on the boot harshly.

Flat bottom

Unlike many rain boots, this model offers a flat bottom and doesn’t have a heel or any lift at all. This is great for those who may have a high instep, or who may already be tall and don’t want to add any more height. It is also excellent for those whose feet hurt when they have a little bit of a heel and adds more traction to the shoe itself.

Very light

One of the huge perks of these boots is that they are incredibly light, so don’t add any heft to your feet when you are wearing them. This makes them easy to wear all day, and comfortable to walk long distances in or stand in for a long time. It prevents wearing out the rest of your legs and ankles and also makes them easy to pack and transport.


These boots are relatively cheaper than most wide shorty rain boots, which may compromise some features, but it is excellent if you need a basic pair of boots that won’t bust the bank, this is a great option. They don’t have a whole bunch of frills but do the job of keeping your feet dry and warm well.

Offers multiple colors and designs

A huge problem with many boots that are made for those with wide feet is that they are relatively plain or don’t offer the same breadth of colors and patterns as regular boots. These boots, however, provide a fair selection. 

They offer black and blue. Although this isn’t a huge amount of options, it is enough that you can find one to match your style if this is the model boot that you’re interested in.


The function and material of these boots are meant to be versatile and have a wide range of uses. It is great as casual wear on the way to the office. It is excellent when walking through city streets and trying to keep dry. 

They are also great for recreational uses, like hiking, gardening, boating, and more. There is really no setting that these boots will not thrive in, as the material is built to endure domestic settings and harsher settings, like hiking trails.

Brand name

If you are looking for a reliable brand in boots, Crocs is the place to go. They are a manufacturer and retailer of footwear for children, women, and men. They have perfected their craft, and utilize closed-cell resin called Croslite to build their footwear.

Aren’t great for taller people

Although these boots are adjustable, they are not recommended for tall people because the shaft is narrow.

This makes it difficult to walk and can cause pain and blisters. To make sure this is a good option for you, it is recommended that you measure the dimensions of your feet to see if they will fit correctly.

Rubber pieces on soles may fall off

Although this boot is built for durability, there have been some complaints that have noticed that the rubber pieces at the bottom of the shoes tend to fall off when provoked. Although this can not necessarily be prevented if you are using them for intense purposes, there is a warranty on all Crocs products that are worth checking out of this happens to you. 

This way, the boots can be replaced, and you can get a new pair. The bottom of the boot is what keeps tractions, so it can be dangerous and cause slippage if the base is damaged or falls off.

Runs large

The sizing on these boots tends to run a little large, which works out well if you are planning to add insoles and wear thick socks with the boot. However, this can make it difficult if you are not wearing thick socks or insoles because you may have a little bit too much wiggle room. 

If your regular foot size is a half size, like 9.5, it is recommended to round down and go for a nine instead of a 10.

Will shrink if not maintained

It is assumed that you should take care of your belongings, but it is especially important when it comes to this particular model of rain boots. If the boots get very muddy and wet, and then you leave them in the sun for too long, it is possible that they will shrink. 

This is because of the material. To prevent this, rinse them off thoroughly and dry them between uses. Make sure that they are only spending an hour or so in the sun without being worn.

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