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These boots are a bit on the more expensive end but have a wide array of features that still allow them to provide a lot for your money. They have a boot shaft that measures 14.5 inches from the arch to the top of the boot. They also have an extra-wide foot, so the calf and foot are proportional.

They are built for both comfort and versatility and can be used for a wide array of different occasions. 

The boots, as well, are meant to be durable and have been made with the highest quality materials. Jileon has created a range of waterproof and water-resistant boots and has been tuning their craft for years. You can see our review of the best Wide calf rain boots here.  

However, here are some of the best and worst features of this of the Jileons after our testing..

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Has an excellent fit

Those who have purchased these boots report that the fit is excellent and extremely comfortable. The boots utilize a double gusset design, which helps the wearer adjust the top to fit a person’s calve perfectly, and prevent water leakage.

They are actually able to fit a much larger calf than most other wide boots on the market. They can fit up to the calf circumference of 23 inches, without a struggle. The adjustable fit, as well, makes it easy for those who’s calves are smaller to also fit within the boots comfortably and securely.

They are known to fit women with calf sizes anywhere between 17 inches and 23 inches in circumference. If you are wondering what the difference is between Womens calves vs mens calves, be sure to check out the post we recently completed on Extra Large Living.

Highly durable

Our research indicates these boots are made to both last through the years and be able to brave the most extreme of rainstorms. They are made from highly durable material, hence the price, and can last a long time when they are properly taken care of.

They are also made from weather-tested rubber, which has been created to withstand the process of being wet and dirtied and then drying out again. Due to the fact that they also have an adjustable buckle, they can be adapted to fit a person over time. They also make a good hand me down because of their durability and the buckle feature.

Good grip

These boots are also known to have a solid grip, which help prevent slipping. They have a chunky cleated sole that is made of rubber, which held the person stand strong on any surface. Having a good rib is critical to a solid boot, and the bottom grip is also meant to last a long time. This means it is less likely to wear down with age.

Easy to put on and take off

We have found these boots are created to be exceptionally easy to take on and put off. They have extra width around the top and utilize a buckle around the ankle. This allows them to be cut larger all around, and then to be adjusted to the particular size of the wearer.

This also makes them much easier to put on and adjust because you won’t have to worry about tugging them up to your leg continuously. All you have to do is slide them on when the buckle is open, and then tighten it when they’re all slid on.

Can be adjusted over time

Due to the adjustable buckle, they are more likely to last through the years as they can still fit if your calves get bigger or smaller. They are also great for those who have medical conditions that may induce swelling, because the buckle can be looser, allowing the boot to be wider, on days when swelling is more severe.

Multiple colors

This boot comes in five different colors and designs, so it should be easy to find a pattern that aligns with your wardrobe. It has both more simple options and more decorative options.

The basic boot is a plain black option that has a single white stripe where the base of the boot meets the rubber sole. It also offers a plain dark purple boot that is designed similarly.

The boot itself offers three patterned options. One is called raindrops and is light blue with a black buckle, black inside, and white raindrops. Another is called polka dots and is black with a black buckle, purple sole, purple interior, and yellow, red, white, purple, and blue polka dots.

The next is navy and has small white polka dots and a black buckle. Many customers are pleased with the options for the design of this boot, as they are not too zany but still allow room for fashion and expression.

You can also find other styles from our Zoogs rain boot review. 

Can be too roomy

One of the biggest customer complaints we determined through our test is that some spaces actually provide too much room. This can be difficult if your feet or legs are wide somewhere, yet not as wide somewhere else.

Too much extra space can also make it difficult for the boots to stay insulated and waterproof. Customers found that particularly in the ankle area, the fit was too large and didn’t taper as much as they wanted.

Runs large

Something to keep in mind if you’re interested in this boot is that it generally tends to run a bit large in size. If you are a half size, it is recommended to round down to the nearest number instead of to round up.

If you like to wear larger socks or prefer roomier feet, then the size you usually use is probably good for you. If you prefer a tighter fit or wear generally thin socks, then round down instead of up.

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Pricier than other options

This particular boot goes for anywhere around one hundred dollars. The price varies depending on the size. This is a bit pricier than most other options that have similar features, which can go for as little as half as much as this.

However, this option is much more durable than most cheaper alternatives, so it will likely end up saving you money in the long run. Also, if you are really worried about price, watch for Jileon sales, so you may be able to get this type of boot for less money.

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