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Frequently, women who have wide calves struggle to find the shoes and boots that they need in their size. However, there are more and more companies that are making shoes and boots meant to fit those with wide calves.

When looking for rain boots, especially, it is even more important to make sure you have the perfect size so you can stay warm and dry.

Here are a few reasons why it is essential to find the best wide calf rain boot for you, paired with a few reviews of the best wide calf rain boots for women on the market today.

Best wide calf rain boots reviewed

Women Jileon Half Height Rain Boots

image of women jileon half height rain boots - Extra Large Living
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This particular rain boot is both fashionable and rain resistant. It is a half boot, so it is best used during the spring and summer because it keeps the foot warm and dry, while simultaneously allowing circulation and preventing overheating. Because the Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boot is half-height, it is meant to fit below the calf, so you won’t necessarily have to measure the highest point of your calf. All you have to do is order your shoe size, and if your foot is wide, select wide width.


  • The boot is rubber and has a rubber sole.
  • It is made to be durable with a strong, weather-tested rubber that is built to last.
  • It provides sufficient space around the foot and ankle, so they are easy to take on and off.
  • The sole of the boot is chunky and cleated, so the grip is solid.
  • The entire boot is waterproof.
  • The inside of the boot has a padded insole for comfort.
  • These boots are very reasonably priced.


  • The boots come up below your calves, so if it is a nasty storm, you may still get water inside your boots.
  • Some customers have noted that the boots were tighter than they expected, so they had to get a larger size than they usually do.

Chooka women’s wide calf memory foam rain boot

Black, 8m us

image of chooka women’s wide calf memory foam rain boot - Extra Large Living
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This rainbow uses memory foam on the inside to achieve peak comfort while simultaneously protecting the feet from harsh weather conditions. They are built not only for comfort but also to be durable and last a long time. The price ranges greatly depending on color and size.


  • They are made from natural rubber and entirely waterproof.
  • They have an easy pull-on versa-fit technology features that allow those with all different foot sizes to slide into the boot no problem.
  • They have a traction rubber outsole and a self-cleaning tread pattern that prevents slipping and falling.
  • They have back straps that can enhance their fit and help just about anyone with any foot size get into the boot.


  • Some customers have complained that the back straps are not as durable as the boots and break easily.
  • Some customers have complained that the memory foam on the inside is relatively thin and not durable.
  • The pricing is a bit on the expensive side.

Women Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots

image of women jileon extra wide calf rain boots - Extra Large Living
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These boots half a shaft height that measures 14.5 inches from the arch, and also offers an extra-wide fit. The ZOOGS rain boots offer a variety of sizes and are built with a durable rubber that is meant to last a long time. However, they are a little more expensive than most options but are still affordable for most people.


  • They provide a spacious foot and ankle so that they can easily be taken on and off.
  • They have multiple colors and designs available, so if you want something more vibrant, you can choose a pattern that matches your style.
  • They are made from weather-tested rubber and are built to be durable.
  • They fit up to calve size 23, which is much more than most other wide rain boots.


  • They are more expensive than other options, although they offer more features and designs.
  • According to customers, the buckles on the inside are not as durable as the rest of the boots.

Hunter women’s tall back adjustable rain boots

image of hunter women’s tall back adjustable rain boots - Extra Large Living
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The rain boots are the most expensive option on this list, but they have a wide array of features that are built to last and for optimal comfort. The platform of the boot measures 0.25 inches in height, and the shaft is 16 inches high from the arch.


  • The boots have a rubber sole but latex shaft, so they are incredibly durable and waterproof.
  • They are very tall, which prevents water from leaking into the inside and getting your feet and ankles wet.
  • They offer seven different options for color and finish of the boot, and they are incredibly stylish looking.
  • They are built to be durable and last many seasons of bad weather.
  • They have a buckle system around the back, so the calves are adjustable.


  • They are much more expensive than other options.
  • They are a bit heavier than most other boots, and customers say that they often feel a bit clunky when wearing.

Zoogs extra wide calf rubber rain boots wide foot and ankle

up to 20 inch calf

image of zoogs extra wide calf rubber rain boots wide foot and ankle - Extra Large Living
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These rain boots have a heel that measures about 1 inch and aim to be stylish, durable, and comfortable. The boot opening around the car measures 20 inches, and they have three different style options for those who like to express themselves with fashion.


  • These boots have a fit that is meant to be breathable and flexible.
  • They are made to be strong and durable and are 100% water-resistant.
  • They have a high-quality sole that is meant to keep traction, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling in the rain.
  • They have four different styles: leopard print, floral print, red, and solid black.
  • They are reasonably priced.


  • Customers have brought up that they are not the best option if you have very wide feet.
  • Customers have noted that the sizing for these boots is on the smaller side, so to order a size higher than what you think you need.

Rahata women rubber wide calf adjustable rain boots

with two adjustable buckles

image of rahata women rubber wide calf adjustable rain boots - Extra Large Living
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These boots have a heel height of .75 inches, and the shaft is 14 inches from the arch. It has an adjustable strap, so the circumference ranges anywhere between 16.5 inches and 18 inches.


  • The soles are non-skid rubber, so they are built to have superb traction.
  • They have a moisture-absorbent cloth lining, which helps reduce foot odor and warm the feet.
  • They have an adjustable strap that allows them to fit each foot perfectly.
  • They are exceptionally well priced.


  • Customers have complained that although the calf fits wells, the foot width is narrow.
  • Customers have mentioned that the bottom of the boot tends to wear out quickly.

And the best wide calf rain boots are…

image of women jileon extra wide calf rain boots - Extra Large Living

Women Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots

This boot is truly a boot meant for those with wide calves. They are versatile, and just about any size can fit into them. Unlike other boots, they accommodate those with truly large calves and are known as the best wide fit boots available in the United States. They can fit up to 23 inches in calf circumference, and have an adjustable buckle that can be used to make sure that the boots fit perfectly.

They are a bit of an investment, but not too expensive compared to other options. They clock in at around 100-dollar mark but can be found on sale for even cheaper. This is enough money where you know that you are getting a quality boot without going broke to afford it. They also offer six different options of designs, so that you can find one that best matches your wardrobe and style preference.

These boots also have a few additional features that make them superior. For instance, they have extra space around the foot and angle to ensure that they are comfortable and provide ample circulation. They are also built from weather-tested rubber so that they can endure a wide range of unwanted weather conditions. Additionally, they have a chunky cleated sole, which has a solid group and will prevent the wearer from slipping.

Compared to other products, they clearly provide the best value for their price. It is a boot option that is sure to stick around for a couple of years and keep your feet toasty warm and safe during the colder and rainier months. They are also from an incredibly reliable brand and offer various sizes, which makes it easy for individuals to find the best option for them.

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Choosing the best wide-calf rain boots for you

Wide calf rain boots can be a bit of an investment, and you want to make sure to invest in a pair that fits your needs and is sure to last a long time. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make your purchase and during the shopping process:

  • Make sure that you measure your calves so that the size you choose fits perfectly. To measure your calves, use a tape measure and go around the largest part of your calf in inches. Measure both, and then use the larger measurement to decide which size will fit best. Add 1.5 inches to the measurement to give a little bit of breathing room.
  • Consider boot shape. Not everyone needs to search for wide calf rain boots for the same reason, and being in tune with why you need them will help you order a shape that fits properly. For instance, if your calves are muscular and athletic, you may need a different shaped boot than if you just have a high instep or naturally wide foot.
  • Consider the height of the rain boot. The height, as well, is critical to figuring out if it will fit you, especially if your calves get wide are they go up. You need to take into consideration not only the foot size but all elements of the boot sizing.
  • Take note of the return policy and make sure if you are ordering online, that there is a reliable return policy, so you don’t get stuck with a product that you don’t want.

The most important thing that you can do when shopping for a wide calf rain boot is to see how it feels. If it does not feel right or is too loose or tight, either return it or don’t purchase it.

The most full-proof method to find the perfect wide calf boot for you is to try a few options or research a few options and keep an open mind. There is not necessarily a right option, but there are some choices that are superior to others based on the number of features you are getting for a certain amount of money.

Benefits of wide calf rain boots

Wide calf rain boots are not just great for those whose calves are a bit larger than average but are also beneficial to those with certain medical conditions. For instance, for those with lymphedema, a wide calf boot provides extra room so it can fit when swelling gets bad.

It is also great for those with larger insteps or those with muscular or athletic calves. Plus size women also benefit from wide calf rain boots. Most boots are made for those with what is believed to be average sized calves. This, however, is not the reality, which is why wide calf rain boots need to be on the market.

In addition to being able to benefit those with medical conditions, wider calves, and more athletic calves, wide calf rain boots also bear all of the benefits of regular rain boots.

They prevent your socks and feet from getting soaked, and you should also go through the typical rain boot buying process when wide calf rain boot shopping.

Precautions when buying wide calf rain boots

It is necessary to keep in mind that, although many vendors and stores sell wide calf rain boots, there is still a possibility that you may not be able to find your exact size. If you have a much larger than average calf, your size may not be available, and you may have to order an option that is custom made for you.

You can also bring your boots to a shoemaker, who can alter the sizing in particular places to make it fit correctly.

How does sizing work for wide-calf boots?

Sizing when it comes to wide calf rain boots is a bit more complicated than sizing for regular shoes or boots. When finding the right size for you, there are a few things you should remember:

  • If you’re between two sizes, round up and choose the larger size.
  • A wide calf is a calf that measures anywhere above 16 inches in circumference.
  • Your shoe size and calf size are two different things. The shoe size is measured by the length of your foot. Your calf size is measured as the circumference of your calf, right below your knee.
  • The shaft height of the boot is separate from both foot size and def size. It is the height of the boot from the base of your foot to the top of the boot.
  • If you are under 5’4’’ tall, you should measure your calf at the widest point instead of the topmost point of your calf. Then, choose a size that is between 1.5 and 2 inches larger than the widest point of your calf.
  • If you are above 5’4’’, measure your calf right below your knee at its topmost point. Then, add 1.5-2 inches to get your boot size and make sure you have wiggle room.