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Winter snow boots are an absolute must for those who live in colder climates, regularly go on camping trips, or have slushy commutes. But as a bigger person, finding wide calf boots that are comfortable, and warm, and keep the snow out can be one of the biggest fashion challenges. But while finding snow boots that fit your feet isn’t an issue, finding snow boots that fit your calves can be.

In this article, we have created a guide for 5 of the best wide calf snow boots for women. You will find a variety of wide calf boot options made for larger calves and a simple buyer’s guide to help you find out what you should be looking out for when buying a pair of boots for winter.

Key features

  • The Dream Pair Wide Calf Knee High Winter Boots are our best wide calf rain boots.

  • A wide calf boots have a calf circumference of 15 inches or more.

  • An extended calf boot are boots that have been made a bit wider for a more comfortable fit but might not be a true “wide calf boot”.

Wide calf snow boots for plus size women

Dream pair wide calf knee high winter boots

image of dream pair wide calf knee high winter boots - Extra Large Living
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The measurements on this wide calf boot have a roughly 16.5″ opening based on a women’s size 7 shoe. However, some customers with calves up to 19 inches have been able to fit into these boots relatively comfortably, and this is due to how stretchy the boots are. Plus, the buckles on this knee-high boot also help to make them a little wider and more flexible.

These Dream Pair boots also come in a variety of fab color choices, but we prefer the brown version because of the buckle placement, which makes the calf more flexible. It’s important to pay attention to what color you’re choosing, as only certain colors come in a wide calf. The zipper on the side of the boot also makes it easier for wider feet and calves to fit. Plus, the faux fur lining makes for a warmer shoe and maximum comfort

Overall, these knee-high winter boots are a great purchase for a plus-sized person. They’re reasonably priced, which makes up for the fact they don’t have all the bells and whistles that more expensive boots have. Still, these are waterproof, comfortable winter boots that are sure to fit like a glove – as long as you select a wide-calf option!


  • The buckles make the boot more flexible, and easier to fit a wider calf.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Zipper also makes the boots more flexible for those with wider feet and calves.
  • Waterproof.


  • Only certain colors have wide-width boot options.

Kingshow women’s globalwin waterproof Winter boots

image of kingshow women’s globalwin waterproof winter boots - Extra Large Living
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These stylish and adorable boots come in a range of sizes, widths, colors, and styles. They have a lot of trend appeal! Just keep an eye out for the extra wide marking (XW or E). It’s important to take accurate measurements before you order a pair.

These winter boots mean business, as they are designed to withstand snowy weather and wet conditions. They have laces, but these are more for aesthetic appeal. Once they are laced up, you can take these shoes on and off with the zipper. But while the laces are more for visual appeal, you can still use them to tighten the boot.

Since they aren’t full calf size, you don’t need a massive opening to slip your feet in. However, they’re not as tall as other winter knee boots, so they do not keep your legs as warm. Still, if you’re looking for stylish winter boot that keeps your feet dry, we recommend these boots.


  • Very stylish.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Zippers make it easier to slip the boots on and off.
  • You can still use laces to tighten the boot.


  • Not as tall as other winter boots, so they don’t keep your legs warm.

Sorel joan of arctic faux fur snow boot

image of sorel joan of arctic faux fur snow boot - Extra Large Living
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If you need a boot that can allow you to do it all, then these Sorel Joan of Arctic Faux Fur Snow Boots are a must. Extra-grip traction, insulation, waterproof and comfortable – there isn’t anything you cannot do in these boots.

The removable and washable recycled inner boot insulation makes these boots unique. Your feet will remain dry no matter the weather. The vulcanized rubber shell will help you face even the harshest conditions.

At full price, these shoes may not be your cheapest option, but they do offer more in terms of protection and warmth. The ¾” heel keeps your feet comfortable while everything else looks cool and stylish from the outside. You’ll want to wear them every day!


  • Made from suede with a rubber sole, these boots are durable, high quality, and perfect for the brutal cold weather.
  • Vulcanized rubber and herringbone outsole allow for safe walking on any surface, including ice.
  • Washable, recycled felt inner boot insulation and 2.5 mm felt frost plugs keep your feet warm and dry.


  • A more expensive option but they are made with durable materials perfect for facing even the harshest of weather conditions.
  • As the boots are built to keep your foot secure, they are a bit tight when first worn. You may have to wear them a few times to loosen the material around your foot.

Women’s wolverine frost insulated boot

image of women’s wolverine frost insulated boot - Extra Large Living
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A shorter style boot erases the need for a wider calf fit. These Wolverine Frost Insulated boots are ankle length, durable and stylish. Created with waterproof leather and reinforced TPU toe, your feet are protected from the outside.

The Thinsulate Ultra insulation technology paired with a breathable waterproof membrane keeps you warm while still keeping the boots breathable. The moisture-wicking mesh lining will banish any bad odors and allow you to focus on your day.

The rubber lug outside grips the ground to keep you steady on the most unsound of terrains and the Nylon shank adds extra strength to the structure of the boot. Forget about needing boots to fit your wider calves and enjoy your winter days with the Wolverine Frost Insulated boots.


  • Leather as the outer material is what makes the shoe waterproof and provides extra protection.
  • A Rubber Lug sole allows the boots to grip any terrain, keeping you steady.
  • This technology is hyper-thin and wonderful at keeping your feet warm throughout the day, even if you forget your socks!


  • The wide fit of these boots’ ranges from a size 5 to a size 10 meaning only some women may not find their size.

Columbia Women’s Shoes Columbia Ice Maiden Ii Boots

image of columbia women's shoes columbia ice maiden ii boots - Extra Large Living
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Need a snow boot that is durable, insulated, and lightweight? The Columbia Ice Maiden II is fitted with the seam-sealed membrane bootie construction and the TECHLITE lightweight midsole.

This provides the boot and the wearer with long-lasting comfort, high-quality cushioning, and a high-energy return for those long walks in the snow. The Omni-grip non-marking traction rubber outside makes walking on ice, mud, snow or even the dry sidewalk easy.

You can go from outdoor to indoor terrain without worrying about marking your friends’ floors. With their quilted ankle support, these boots provide the ideal fusion of utility and fashion. The boot has a lot of elasticity and looks fantastic everywhere you go.


  • Budget-friendly while remaining high quality.
  • Seam-sealed membrane bootie construct and TECH LITE midsole makes these boots
  • Durable and lightweight for everyday wear.
  • Walk on any terrain with the Omni-grip non-marking traction rubber outsole.


  • When purchasing your Columbia Ice Maiden II boots, you want to ensure you have your correct foot and calf measurements and size half a size up for extra room.

And the best wide calf snow boots for plus size women are…

image of dream pair wide calf knee high winter boots - Extra Large Living

Dream pair wide calf knee high winter boots

The Dream Pair Wide Calf Knee High Winter Boots are stylish and available in many beautiful colors. The calf-high design and the faux fur lining make them perfect for cold weather. The zipper on the side makes it easier to slip on and off, while the buckles add to their beauty and ensure a snug fit. 

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Wide calf winter boots buying guide

When selecting snow boots to fit your wider calves, there are certain elements that must be considered. From the size of the boot to the materials used, each factor could be the downfall of you finding the right snow boot for you. This simple buyer’s guide makes sure you stay on the right path to finding your perfect fitting pair of boots.


When battling the cold, harsh weather conditions of winter, insulation is an integral part of your boots that should be considered. But just how much insulation do you need? There are varying insulation types which can make it difficult to know just what strength of insulation you require to keep warm.

  • 400g. Perfect for fall, 400g of insulation will not be enough to keep you warm in the snow. This is ideal if you’re going on a crisp morning walk in the fall but any colder and you will begin to feel the cold.
  • 600g. Consider using at least 600G of insulation if it’s getting close to freezing outside and beginning to look like snow. This level of insulation will keep you warm if you prefer to spend your time outdoors.
  • 800g. In the circumstance that you live somewhere with sub-freezing temperatures, you may require 800g of insulation. This insulation thickness will decrease your mobility and is more suited to those who are completing minimum activities.
  • 1000+g. This degree of insulation is designed to withstand the coldest conditions, along with snow and ice. If you are exposed to these conditions for an extended period of time, 1000G or more will be required because frostbite is a serious risk in these circumstances.

There are also certain types of insulation:

  • Thinsulate Insulation. This is the most popular type of insulation. It is considered the most advanced insulation technology as it utilizes fibers smaller than other insulation types. This makes it more effective, and you gain more insulation.
  • Shearling Insulation. Because shearling is so soft and fluffy, it provides excellent comfort, making the boots comfortable to wear for extended durations. However, this does not provide high-grade insulation making boots made with shearling insulation more appropriate for slightly warmer climates.
  • Litefire Insulation. Litefire Insulation is comparable to Thinsulate. It is highly breathable and water and wind-resistant while remaining lightweight. Litefire insulation reflects the heat your body produces throughout the shoe, making it more effective and long-lasting.

Waterproof and water resistant

Often the terms waterproof and water resistant are used interchangeably when they are not the same thing. It can be confusing to distinguish between them so below we have laid out the difference between waterproof and water resistant.

  • Waterproof insulation – This means that the boot can be in the water for long periods of time and none of the water will leak through. This is commonly completed with materials such as rubber as it will not allow any of the water to soak through. However, as waterproof materials such as rubber are generally quite stiff, waterproof boots lack flexibility meaning they are not ideal for everyday wear. You need to add in your own insoles for extra padding to help make the waterproof boots more comfortable.
  • Water Resistant insulation– Water-resistant refers to a material’s ability to withstand water for a specific amount of time. Like the waterproof example, a pair of water-resistant boots would first repel water if submerged until succumbing to it. Water-resistant materials are more breathable and generally more comfortable meaning they allow air to circulate throughout the shoe. This means water can also seep through. This should be considered when walking through puddles and light-flowing streams as water will make its way to the inside of the boot. You would be better suited with wide calf rain boots when trekking through the water.


As winter boots are sturdy, strong boots, they often lack room for wide feet. It is common practice to size up for buying winter boots. This allows those with wider feet to have more comfort and wear thicker socks in colder climates. For wider calves, there are boots that are made specifically for that reason.

Boots with a 16” circumference are generally a more comfortable fit for a typical larger calf. However, if you require more wiggle room, lace-up boots are the way forward.

With lace-up boots, you can control the tightness, specifically around the calf. This means you may be able to wear a regular fitting boot and have it fit comfortably around your calf.


When living in areas that are often battling snow, ice, storms, and colder weather conditions, it will be worth your while to invest in high-quality snow boots. This may be further out of your budget, but high-quality snow boots will last you more than a few winter seasons. What makes a snow boot high quality?

  • Materials. You want your snow boots to be made of high-quality, durable, waterproof materials. Especially if you enjoy being outdoors during the winter months and during foul weather. Materials such as faux leather and/or Nylon are excellent for keeping the heat in and the cold out. They also ensure you get a blend of comfort and durability. These materials are often waterproof or at the very least, water resistant and make all the difference when walking through the snow so you can face snowy weather with confidence.
  • Sole. The sole of winter boots must be durable against the elements and offer protection to your foot. Rubber is a popular material for designing soles as they offer great protection and can be made to provide high traction. This allows you to walk safely on a range of terrains including ice.
  • Insulation. As described above, insulation is critical when purchasing snow boots. You must select the correct degree of insulation to keep your foot warm and comfortable as you wear your snow boots.

With all of the elements of a snow boot covered and 5 of the best snow boots for wide calves, it can seem overwhelming to select the right ones for you. Below are the most common questions asked about snow boots forplus-size women with big calves, and all the answers you need to make the right decision.

How do I measure my calves for boots?

  • Sit down on a chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees.
  • Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your calves.
  • Measure both calves.
  • Order your selected snow boots in your foot and calf size.

What is considered a wide calf boot?

Wide calf boots are made with a calf circumference of 15 inches or more. This can vary from person to person and can be different depending on the style or brand of boot. It is important to remember that each brand or style may be manufactured differently.

What is an extended calf boot?

Extended calf boots are boots that have been made wider to allow for a more comfortable fit. This is often done by adding elastic side panels that allow for more flexibility and movement within the shoe for those with wider calves.

What does wwc mean in boots?

In the world of boots, heels, and shoes overall, there is a certain terminology and WWC translates to Women’s Wide Calf. When shopping for boots of any kind and you see WWC this means they are made for women with wide calves and will generally fit more comfortably.

Final thoughts

Buying boots for any season, terrain, or occasion can be a struggle if you have larger calves. But when buying snow boots that have little to no wiggle room, it can be 10 times harder.

We hope our review of the 5 best snow boots for wide calves makes that process a little easier and gives you more winter boot options! They will keep you dry, warm, and protected against the harsh elements of winter.

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