Updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 08:08 pm

If you are looking into buying a wide calf rain boot, ZOOGS may have the option that you’re looking for. They are a perfect balance between well priced and comfortable and durable, and a great for those looking for a boot that won’t bust the bank but will still last a long time.

The boot itself measures 20 inches around on the calf, and the heel height is one inch. The rain boots come in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. ZOOGS also offers three four styles and designs.

The boots were designed with a few things in mind. ZOOGS wanted to make sure that they were trendy, so they created a few different patterns that can add a little extra color to your outfit. They are also 100% water-resistant and are built with the intention of being durable for multiple years.

They are made from premium material and can help protect your feet from a drizzle to a torrential downpour. While we tested Zoogs, we also checked out other Wide calf rain boots. Here are some good and bad things that were noted after our testing about these boots.

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Four different designs of zoogs rain boots

As previously mentioned, these boots come in four different designs so you can find an option that works with your style or fits your mood. The two basic colors it comes in are black and read. It also comes in floral print, which features red, white, and blue flowers on a black boot, and leopard print, which features traditional leopard print on a black boot.

Zoogs are built for comfort

These boots are exceptionally comfortable and are built to fit wide calved women in a way that provides comfort for an extended period of time. They are great to walk in, and because of their comfortable features, you’ll be able to wear them all day without pain or blisters.

At the same time, they provide the right amount of room for plus-sized women or women with athletic calves to have a little space to breathe when wearing the boot. They are built, however, to have still a secure fit, which is helped by the strap around the back that can stabilize and support your calves. They have a soft lining on the inside, which helps keep you cozy and insulated.

Adjustable back

One of the most prominent features on this boot is the adjustable buckle on the back. These are great because they leave room for whoever is wearing the boot to be able to fit and fasten them snugly around their calves.

This makes them an excellent fit for those who have anywhere between slightly larger to very large calves and ensures that no matter the size of the calf, the boots will fit to the wearers’ feet. This feature is also great for those who have medical conditions that cause their feet to swell.

It will let you loosen the boot when swelling is bad to give you more breathing room and tighten it up again when the swelling goes down.

Reliable brand

ZOOGS is one of the leading manufactures of women’s footwear. They make a wide variety of premium quality products that are mainly designed for difficult weather like sleet, snow, mud, and rain. Because of this, they have spent a lot of time perfecting the design of the rain boots so that they are able to keep out the most water while simultaneously keeping in the warmth.

They also intentionally use environmentally-friendly materials when creating their products, so they truly have a brand that you can feel good about spending money on.

No-slip features

The boot has a no-slip traction grip, which helps the boot keep a steady hold on the ground and prevents slipping. This is especially important because you are more likely to slip in bad weather or weather where this is a lot of water.

Sturdy and durable

Many customers have found this product to be extremely sturdy and durable. As previously mentioned, ZOOGS has a fair amount of experience when it comes to making products that can withstand the elements, very similar to Jileon rain boots.

Their rain boots are no different, and they provide a large number of features that contribute to keeping rain and moisture out of the boot, and warmth inside the boot. They are made from premium materials created by ZOOGS, which has been perfected and are meant to last and resist the elements.

Reasonably priced

These boots are neither on the very high end or the very low end of the price range for wide calf boots but are exceptionally well priced for their durable make and the number of features that they have.

They also tend to frequently be on sale, and ZOOGS runs a decent amount of sales and promotions that are worth looking into if you’re interested in this boot. They also distribute coupons and have a mailing list where you can get emails with deals and coupons as soon as they pop up.

True to size

Many people who purchased these boots were pleased that they were true to size, and therefore didn’t have to worry about getting something smaller or larger than what they wanted.

However, if you tend to prefer thicker socks, it may make sense to round up by a size so that you have both breathing room and room to wear your warmest socks. Due to the fact that they are true to size, they may not be the best option for those who have wider feet and also plan to wear thick socks.

Not wide enough

Some customers who have purchased this boot complain that the foot of the boot is not wide enough. Although it is excellent for those who have wider calves, it may not be great for those whose feet are also disproportionally wide.

If you are wearing thicker socks, as well, you may feel some tightness in the foot. The best way to combat this is to either make sure you are wearing thinner and denser socks or to order a size up, so you have room to really add on the layers.

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