Updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 07:35 pm

For a long time, bodysuits have been used to create a smoother body silhouette. While this is still true, they are now used as sleek and fun outwear worn with a pair of jeans, tailored pants, skirts, or plus-size leggings! Although this shift in status is great, as a heavier lady, you can’t help but wonder, can a plus size wear bodysuits?

Yes, plus-size women can wear black bodysuits and feel confident and gorgeous. They accentuate your curves and are great for date nights, happy hour, or weekend brunches with friends.

To help you rock a turtleneck bodysuit, we’ve shared some fashion tips and a quick guide on how to find the perfect size and design.

What should I wear a plus-size bodysuit with?

The beauty of form-fitting bodysuits is that you can wear them with practically anything! For a fresh and fun look, pair it with high-waisted skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. This look can be casual and elegant if paired with sneakers or heels.

This would make a great date night outfit with a contemporary twist that is both cute and fun! But if you want to go more romantic, pair a plus-size lace bodysuit with a faux leather skirt.

If your workplace has a relaxed dress code, you can pair it with a bold jacket or a sharp blazer and patent heels.

But if you want to wear a casual look while running errands, working out, or just relaxing at home on lazy weekends, then a t-shirt bodysuit with a pair of leggings is perfect.

Do you wear anything under a bodysuit?

No, you don’t have to wear anything under a casual bodysuit since they function as a single piece of underwear. Remember, their main goal is to reduce lumps and bumps and give you a smooth silhouette.image of laura tancredi in tankless bodysuit with no bra - Extra Large Living

Wearing another layer under your bodysuit makes it harder to achieve a smooth silhouette and may feel uncomfortable, not to mention the risk of the dreaded visible back fat!

However, some women prefer to wear their best bra for back fat under their body suits to offer more support.

Do you wear a bra under a bodysuit?

While some women may feel comfortable not wearing panties with a bodysuit, many are still unsure of not wearing a bra with a bodysuit (especially if we’re bigger busted). However, some have built-in bras for additional lift and support, while others can easily wear a bra and still achieve that smooth, seamless look.

But what about low-cut, backless, and one-shoulder bodysuits? Backless bodysuits are tricky, but you can hack it with a convertible bra since you can move and adjust the straps as needed. Strapless adhesive bras are also a great option for all bodysuit types.

How do you know what bodysuit size to get?

Choosing the right bodysuit size can be tricky because they are designed to be tight. This makes it easier to purchase a smaller size, thinking it’s perfect.

Before purchasing, consider the size of the tummy, bust, and bottom area. Ideally, your bodysuit should be form-fitting without being too tight under your chest, causing gaps. If there is spillage in your chest or underarms, go for a bigger size.

It’s a myth that picking a smaller-sized bodysuit will result in an even smoother and sexier silhouette. The truth is that it causes unsightly lumps and bumps and uncomfortable pinching.

Instead, you should pick the size you normally would for other clothing. But if you’re in between sizes, it might be better to pick a bigger size to be comfortable and reduce bulges.

Do plus-size bodysuits shape your body?

Yes, they do! Bodysuits are the darlings of the shapewear world precisely because they shape your bottom, hips, and waist while supporting your bust. In fact, some shapewear bodysuits feature underwired cups giving the same support as a well-fitting bra.

However, just like most underwired bras, the substance of the cup paneling will differ. So, if you would like one that creates an hourglass figure, shop for plus-size shapewear with supportive paneling.

How do I know if my bodysuit is too tight?

If your sexy bodysuit is uncomfortable and pinching when you sit down or turns sheer when you stretch your body, it may be too tight. It should feel like a hug and beautifully contour your body.

You should also check your rear when trying to determine if your bodysuit is too tight. If you notice that it has turned sheer and your skin or underwear is visible, then it’s too tight. On the other hand, if you notice it’s bunched up at the back, it may be too big.

Final thoughts

We hope our article has reassured you that as a plus-size, curvy woman, a beautiful bodysuit will look great on you! It’ll smooth your shape and show off your best assets, not to mention you’ll look totally on trend!

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