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If you are having trouble relaxing in your uncomfortable patio chair, it’s time to upgrade to a heavy-duty Outdoor lounge chair. These chairs are a convenient option for anyone suffering from back pain or posture issues.

Zero-gravity chairs support natural body shape and let you recline in any position, whether sitting or lying down. The zero-gravity position provides relief from stress on the spine so you can relax and unwind. With a lumbar support and head pillow, these chairs are must-haves, especially for those with back pain.

We short-listed the best heavy-duty lounge chairs in this article. To save you time we will start off with the best option in heavy-duty lounge chairs – the Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Reclining Chair.

Best outdoor lounge chairs

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

image of lafuma futura air comfort zero gravity reclining chair - Extra Large Living
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The Lafuma Air comfort has been manufacturing the best zero gravity chairs for a long time. This air comfort folding zero gravity chair is no exception. It is the perfect padded zero gravity chair for nursing or pregnant mothers or for people suffering from back pain.

Thanks to the plush padded interior and 3-layered mattress, the comfort level of this chair is unmatchable. Even in hot and humid weather, you won’t be sweating due to the breathable padding.

The fully-reclined zero gravity position allows you to rest your legs in a relaxing position which ultimately results in good blood circulation, relaxed breathing, and maximum comfort for the back. In a fully reclined position, your body feels weightless because of the ultimate comfort this chair provides.

This Lafuma chair is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for zero gravity camping chairs that can also be used as a lounge chair. The gliding mechanism works smoothly. And the lumbar support pillow is moveable and can be used as a neck support.


  • Highly comfortable and ergonomic
  • Best zero gravity chair for back issues
  • Superior construction
  • Easy to fold and store


  • The arms are not padded
  • Not suitable for people with long legs

BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair

image of balancefrom adjustable zero gravity chair - Extra Large Living
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With a weight capacity of 300lbs., this adjustable and foldable zero gravity chair from Balancefrom is an affordable option.

Made from high-quality elastic cord and steel tubes, this recliner is designed to last long. The smooth twist knobs allow you to effortlessly adjust it in any position. Good thing- it folds down pretty easily so you won’t be facing any storage issues.

The detachable tray is an added bonus as it comes with a mobile holder and cup holder. The weather-resistant Textiline material used in this chair is easy to clean and won’t get damaged due to sun exposure.

The added headrest pillow is another great feature that allows you to support your neck. Alternatively, you can use it as lumbar support if you can’t sit for long hours without support.


  • 4 attractive colors
  • Affordable and Comfortable chair
  • Folding mechanism for easy storage
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • 2 Years guarantee


  • Not suitable for people with long legs

STRONGBACK Low Gravity Heavy Duty Portable Lounge Chair

image of strongback low gravity heavy duty portable lounge chair - Extra Large Living
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With the award-winning lumbar support design, this Strongback low gravity chair is an ideal choice for people suffering from a bad back. Equipped with a supportive lumbar design, this design supports your body posture which helps relax the spine and release the pressure on your back.

As a result, you can sit in this chair for hours without experiencing back pain. The dual-reclining position also adds to the comfort and support. The padded seat is roomy and ergonomic.

Thanks to the easy folding mechanism, this is an ideal camping chair. It is easy to move around and store as it is pretty compact.

This padded zero gravity chair has a thick back and provides optimal comfort. The armrest of this chair is supportive and wide. Moreover, the chair feels pretty stable so you can set it up on any type of surface without worry.

Manufactured from high-quality gauge metal and a double-stitched padded surface, this zero gravity chair is durable and long-lasting. The weight capacity of this chair is 300 lbs.


  • Provides great lumbar support
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Ingenious lever lock design for additional comfort
  • Perfect for oversized people
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Heavy to move around
  • Getting in and out of the chair can be a problem

Amazon Basics Padded Zero Gravity Patio Chair

image of amazon basics padded zero gravity patio chair - Extra Large Living
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Looking for an affordable option? This Zero Gravity recliner by amazon Basics is a suitable option. The padded seating and multiple reclining positions help distribute the weight evenly and reduce pressure on the back.

The extra-wide seat (25 inches) of this chair allows you to sit at any angle and position comfortably. The lb. capacity is 200 but even if you are slightly above 200, you won’t face any issues since it is well made and sturdy.

Thanks to the beautiful tan color and heavy-duty steel construction, this zero-gravity chair does not disappoint. The Oxford cotton fabric is easy to clean and weather resistant.

The removable headrest pillow gives your extra support to avoid neck strain and can also be used as back support. It comes with only a cup holder and not a storage tray.


  • Stable and long-lasting chair
  • Beautiful tan color
  • Wide seating
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Easily foldable


  • Lock handles are stiff and unreliable
  • The folding mechanism is not reliable

Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 400 lbs

image of coastrail outdoor oversized zero gravity chair 400 lbs - Extra Large Living
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With a 33.5’’ inches wide seat and a weight capacity of 400 lbs., this chair is a blessing for oversized people suffering from body aches and pains. Thanks to the super spacious and comfortable seating, you won’t be suffering from any aches even after sitting for long hours.

The zero gravity position lets you recline it from 0º up to 170º. Recline all the way back or just lock it in the position you find it more comfortable. Perfect for taking a short nap!

The rust-resistant steel frame along with an easy folding mechanism system makes it the best oversized zero-gravity chair.

The support pillow and wooden armrest further offer you extra comfort while lounging. The portable side table is a great addition where you can put your drinks and phone.


  • Safety latch to prevent from folding while sitting
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty frame
  • Extra-wide comfortable seat


  • A bit heavy to carry

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

image of caravan sports infinity zero gravity chair - Extra Large Living
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This OG Lounger by Caravan Sports infinity is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel which gives it unmatchable durability and reliability. The Mesh and Polyester fabric make it ultra-comfortable to lounge in all thanks to the breathability of the padding.

Equipped with a smooth locking system, this chair is easy to recline. You can set it in any position you like but if you suffer from knee and backaches, the fully reclined one is most comfortable. The seat is firm and wide.

The head support pillow is a nice feature that prevents neck pain while sitting for long hours. You can also use it as lumbar support.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Shoulder straps for easy transportation
  • Takes the pressure off the back
  • Attractive 3-tone color


  • Not weather resistant

PHI VILLA Oversize Padded Zero Gravity Chair

image of phi villa oversize padded zero gravity chair - Extra Large Living
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This Aqua-colored zero gravity chair by PHI VILLA is highly recommended for people who have gone through surgeries. The oversized padded back and seat with a double bungee system make it a joy to sit in.

The easy lock catch allows you to adjust it in any reclining position. Just slide the clip back and recline into any position. After you have found the ideal position, simply slide the clip forward!

The Extra large wooden armrest also adds to the coziness of this chair and makes it easy to get in and out of it. The reinforced tube frame is heavy-duty and sturdy enough. This chair is perfect for tall people as the back height is adjustable from 32.48″ to 44.09″.

It also comes with a storage tray and a detachable head pillow.


  • Attractive exterior
  • hassle-free folding mechanism
  • Folds up easily
  • UV-resistant, stain-resistant, breathable padding
  • Slip-proof sturdy frame


  • Heavy to lug around

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs Recliners

image of best choice products set of 2 zero gravity chairs recliners - Extra Large Living
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Looking for a pair of economical and comfortable zero gravity chairs? This Best choice Set of 2 zero gravity chairs are all you need. The smooth reclining system lets you kick back and relax at any angle you find comfortable.

You can seamlessly glide from sitting to a reclining position and the lock knobs on both sides make it easy to adjust to any position. These chairs also come with a detachable holding tray perfect for holding accessories.

The high-quality steel frame makes them sturdy and long-lasting but you need to be careful while handling them. The UV-resistant textiline material is easy to clean and suitable outdoors.

These chairs are lightweight and easy to fold and are the best zero gravity chairs for camping.


  • Chairs come in a variety of beautiful colors
  • No assembly needed
  • Comes with a storage tray
  • Breathable, cool mesh fabric
  • Easy to get in and out


  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet tall

Best outdoor lounge chair for big guys

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Reclining chair

image of lafuma futura air comfort zero gravity reclining chair - Extra Large Living

We love Lafuma futura air comfort zero gravity chair because of so many reasons. Lafuma has been producing exceptional quality chairs for so long. This chair meets our criteria in every sense. The 3-layered surface gives you ultimate comfort while still being breathable. And the fully reclined position helps you relax while boosting blood circulation. Even sitting upright, it supports the proper body posture and the lumbar cum neck pillow adds to the comfort as well. This is a highly ergonomic chair that is worth it’s salt in every sense.

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What to consider when buying zero gravity chairs?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Make sure that the chair has multiple reclining positions
  • The durability of the frame and padding
  • Locking mechanism
  • Headrest or lumbar support
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Cup holder or storage tray
  • Folding mechanism
  • Compact and easy to carry

Are Zero-Gravity chairs any good?

Zero-gravity chairs are highly beneficial for people suffering from muscle pain, backaches, alignment issues, or other problems. Thanks to the zero-gravity position, these chairs help maintain the proper posture while sitting. They help distribute the body weight evenly and elevates the stress on the back.

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