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Comfort and relaxation are key to an unforgettable facial and massage experience. Esthetician chairs make or break the spa and massage experience at home or in a spa and wellness center.

Esthetician chairs are ergonomic, comfortable, and convenient to perform procedures and treatments. A professional can easily adjust the bed’s settings and maneuver you around to get to the right spots for a rewarding session.

Unfortunately, most larger adults have bad experiences with esthetician chairs. But this is because they’ve dealt with regular salon chairs. As an overweight adult, your best bet for enjoying the spa and massage experience is choosing a heavy-duty salon chair for your home spa.

I’ve tried several options and done in-depth research to compile a list of the best esthetician chair for overweight adults on the market. The SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table is the winner.

Best heavy duty esthetician chair

Skinact all electric solid opal electric massage table image

image of skinact all electric solid opal electric massage table - Extra Large Living
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If you are in search of a professional and modern facial treatment bed, consider the SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table. This electric esthetician chair has four independent motors for superior adjustability.

With the remote provided, you can lower or raise the entire bed from 25.5 inches to 36 inches, adjust the backrest, footrest, and the entire bed. The vast range height adjustment range makes this chair perfect for salon spa clients who might have trouble getting on and off the chair.

I love that the plush fabric is easy to maintain, and SKINACT offers two headrest designs (one with a cradle and the other without), a footrest cover, and a towel holder.


  • Though it has no wheels, it’s easy to push around
  • Removable headrest and footrest
  • Arrives assembled
  • Smooth operation
  • Supports 350 lbs


  • The headrest doesn’t tilt

Monet 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair

image of monet 4 motor electric facial chair - Extra Large Living
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Like the SKINACT Opal, this Monet esthetician chair is one of the best facial beds the market has to offer. It is perfect for medical and day spa needs. The portable facial bed has a sleek design with curved edges that add to its beauty. Underneath the beauty is four motors that adjust the height from 20 inches to 35 inches, the backrest, and footrest, and tilt the chair forwards and backward. The hydraulic motors are quiet and smooth.

The headrest has a breather hold and is well cushioned to ensure your comfort. The upholstery is done with PVC vinyl material that’s easy to clean. To complete its sleek look, the wheels are hidden under the base. But on the side is a foot pedal to lock the wheels during treatment.


  • Supports 400 lbs
  • Removable hand rest
  • Quiet motors
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • Saves power


  • The headrest isn’t removable

Facial Beauty Bed Medical Aesthetic Tattoo Procedure Bed With 2 Motor Adjustments

image of facial beauty bed medical aesthetic tattoo procedure bed with 2 motor electrical adjustments - Extra Large Living
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This DIR Facial Beauty Bed Medical Aesthetic Tattoo Chair is one of the most comfortable heavy-duty esthetician chairs on the list. Under the faux leather upholstery is an HD memory foam designed to offer extra comfort when getting therapeutic massage.

The framework is carved from steel with a 400 lb weight limit making it ideal for obese adults. Though it’s an adjustable facial beauty chair, it only features two electro-hydraulic motors that recline the backrest and adjust the height. The adjustments are made through pedals, so you don’t have to touch anything on the treatment table during the body treatments. The leg rests, and armrests are manually adjusted.

The chair’s single leg construction means there is a lot of space around the chair to get closer to their client for comfortable operation.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stable
  • Comes assembled
  • Quality leather upholstery and stitching
  • Removable arms


  • Manual adjustment

Spa numa swivel fully electric treatment table with 4 motors

image of spa numa swivel fully electric treatment table with 4 motors - Extra Large Living
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The SOURCE ONE BEAUTY is an excellent fully electric swivel spa and massage bed. Like most facial chairs, it has four motors that control seat inclination, backrest, leg-rest, and height. You can set the chair to 90-degrees or transform it into a flatbed.

The headrest is extendable and has a removable cushion that provides a facial hole, while the armrests are reversible and removable. The bed height ranges between 22.83 inches and 34.64 inches, making it easier for short adults to climb. It also rotates 240-degrees which makes treatment convenient since the practitioner doesn’t have to move around it to access different spots.

The adjustment buttons are located at the back right of the bed. The reset button comes in handy to bring the chair to its default seating position without holding down all the other buttons.

This esthetician chair has 3.5 inch thick cushions, which offer great comfort and the polyurethane upholstery gives it a premium finish. Along with a sturdy frame, the chair can handle 385 lbs making it ideal for heavy adults.


  • Cleans well
  • Easy to get it into precise positions to prevent back pain
  • Nifty reset button
  • Handles 385 lbs


  • The large base uses up a lot of space
  • Doesn’t come with a remote or foot controls

Beauty Full Electrical 4 Motor Podiatry Chair 

image of beauty full electrical 4 motor podiatry chair - Extra Large Living
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This is a sleek, premium facial bed that professional therapists will fall in love in no time. It’s fitted with four electro-hydraulic motors that work quietly to make fine adjustments to position angles. You can control the various adjustments through a provided 8-button remote control.

This heavy-duty spa furniture can support 400 lbs in weight, courtesy of its sturdy frame construction. On the outside, the chair has premium faux leather upholstery covering high-density foam for durability and comfort. The swivel mechanism is manually adjusted to rotate the chair through 180-degrees.


  • Removable arms
  • Plush cushioning
  • Quiet motor
  • Comfortable construction


  • It’s expensive

Artist Hand Barber Chair Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chairs

image of artist hand barber chair hydraulic reclining barber chairs - Extra Large Living
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Now, this chair is a little different from the rest on the list but still quite deserving. This heavy-duty chair is ergonomically designed to offer its users maximum comfort. It’s padded with an HD sponge and is upholstered with PU leather, giving it a premium look. The black and white pattern on the upholstery adds to its beauty.

Unlike other esthetician chairs, this chair uses hydraulic pumps for height adjustment. Aside from this, it swivels 360-degrees, and its back reclines 135-degrees. The backrest is ergonomically shaped for better backrest support.

The steel frame plus the wide and strong chrome base are enough to support 440 lbs.


  • Manual adjustment
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Easy to clean


  • You have to assemble it after receiving it
  • Extremely heavy

And the best heavy duty esthetician chair is…

image of skinact all electric solid opal electric massage table - Extra Large Living

SKINACT All Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table

If you need the best spa equipment for your home or professional salon, you should get the SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table. It has a high weight capacity, quiet motors to adjust the height, backrest, footrest, and tilt, and comes with two headrest designs for convenience and versatility.

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Heavy-duty salon chair buying guide

Before you fork out your hard-earned money on an esthetician chair, consider the following factors.


If your treatments will be done on a chair and a bed, then choosing an adjustable esthetician bed is best. This way, you don’t have to purchase multiple pieces of furniture to get the job done. The SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table is a chair that transforms into a bed.


The space available determines the size. The esthetician chair should fit in your treatment room and leave sufficient room for a practitioner to move around to deliver excellent service. The SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table has motors that adjust the height, backrest, tilt, and footrest for the clients’ comfort and practitioners’ convenience.


The esthetician chair’s comfort level depends on the adjustability and material of the mattress. Most chairs are made with foam. Foam quality depends on the density and not so much on its thickness. The denser the foam, the more durable and comfortable it is. 2 inches of HD foam offers decent comfort. The SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table is made from thick HD foam that delivers ample comfort.

Weight limit

For heavy adults, you need a heavy-duty salon chair to support their weight. Weight limits above 350 lbs, like with the SKINACT All-Electric Solid Opal Electric Massage Table and the Monet 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair, are good enough for overweight adults.

How do you clean a massage bed?

Using heavy and harsh cleaning agents on your massage bed will harden the upholstery and cause wrinkling and cracking. Instead, wash your massage bed with mild soap and warm water, wipe it with soap-free warm water and pat it dry with dry towels.