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You need oversized patio chairs that are sturdy enough to support your weight, but you also want them to be comfortable… And of course, looks matter too! Because outdoor seating plays a huge role in transforming your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting space.

If you are hunting for the best oversize patio chairs, we researched and handpicked some of the best options for you. We kept all the crucial factors in mind while selecting the best chairs on the market. Here we go!

Best oversized patio chair

Rockaway Heavy Duty All-Weather Outdoor Rocking Chair Semco Plastics

image of rockaway heavy duty all-weather outdoor rocking chair semco plastics - Extra Large Living
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This item has a 600 lbs weight capacity. It is a sturdy, extra-large patio rocker that is the perfect product for big folks. The Semco plastic rocker is truly spacious. With the 19 x, 19-inch wide bottom and 32.5 inches backrest- this rocker is an ideal match for tall and large people.

The armrests are wide and comfy on these items. Thanks to the scratch-resistant surface from the Semco brand, this plastic rocker is ideal for the outdoors because even if you leave it out, you can wipe away the dust easily.

The heavy-duty plastic construction ensures years of longevity. And even weather exposure cannot damage these items. Not only that, but it is pretty easy to assemble. However, we would recommend getting an extra pair of hands to make the installation process smooth.


  • Great value for money
  • Heavy-duty and extra-wide
  • Comfortable and easy to move
  • Ideal for outdoor use


  • The seat is a bit low
  • It needs 2 people to put together

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Highwood Rocking Chair

image of highwood rocking chair - Extra Large Living
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The Lehigh Rocking chair takes the cake in looks as well as functionality. With 500 lbs. capacity, this rocking chair is sturdy and can support big guys. If you want an outdoor patio chair that can take the weather’s harshness all year round, and resists mildew, then say hello to another choice in the rocking chair category!

Thanks to the fade-resistant material and 304 stainless steel hardware, it can take a beating. Although we highly recommend cleaning it thoroughly with hot soapy water at the start of a season.

With a size of 16” high, 23.5” wide, and 25” deep, this rocker is the best one out there for the extra-large user. You might need extra pair of hands for assembly.

These chairs have different color options. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and is made from recycled plastic in the USA.


  • Attractive design
  • 12-year residential, 2-year commercial warranty
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy chair
  • Perfect budget chair


  • Heavy to move around

Mfstudio oversized zero gravity chair

image of mfstudio oversized zero gravity chair - Extra Large Living
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If a gravity chair is your thing, this MF STUDIO Patio chair is a great option. With weight support of 350 lbs., a seat width of 24.4”and chair height of 32”-45”, this recliner chair is perfect for extra wide people and those with long legs.

The slubbed fabric padding makes it cozy and soft to sit and adds to the style and comfort. You can use it literally anywhere you want- for camping, on the beach, in your garden, or in your lounge while watching TV.

The smooth locking mechanism lets you recline in any direction from 0-170 degrees according to your comfort. Not only this, but the equal weight distribution helps with the back pain by releasing the pressure on the back and offering optimal support.

And the best thing? Well, it comes all assembled, unlike other chairs that require free manual labor. All you have to do is just unfold it! The fully Padded seating and the soft pillow, along with the wide armrest, sturdiness, and colors, make it a loveable chair.


  • Comfortable to lounge
  • Comes fully constructed
  • Durable
  • Perfect as a lawn chair
  • Cup holder
  • 1 year warranty


  • Heavy

OT QOMOTOP Oversized Poly Lumber Adirondack Patio Chair

image of ot qomotop oversized poly lumber adirondack patio chair - Extra Large Living
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Made from PolyLumber, this Adirondack chair by QOMTOP is an ideal choice if you are looking for a highly affordable Adirondack chair. The poly lumber material has a wood-like finish, but it is reliable and does not decay or break like wood. It can support up to 350 lbs weight.

It is weatherproof and can be exposed to sun and rain without any sign of decay. This means no retouching or repainting is required!

This Adirondack chair is our favorite because it is aesthetically pleasing with striking white color that stands out. It is built like a tank with a wide bottom part- it provides ample space for large folks with tall legs.

Getting in and out of this chair is a breeze for older folks and those who have larger bodies.

The Cupholder that holds your drinks and swings out of the way when not in use adds to the functionality of this chair. The material is also pretty easy to clean.

With a 150-degree tilted backrest that supports the lumbar disc, this is the most comfortable chair. Not to forget the wide armrest that serves as a cushion for your elbows and puts minimal pressure on the back.

It comes 75% assembled, and you only have to follow some basic instructions to set it up. This classic and versatile chair provides great value for money as it is quite sturdy and resilient.


  • Wood-like finish
  • Wide and comfortable
  • Assembly is easy
  • Built to last
  • It comes with a handy cup holder


  • The huge logo on the front can be a put-off.

PHI VILLA Adjustable Black Metal Outdoor Recliner Cushions

image of phi villa adjustable black metal outdoor recliner cushions - Extra Large Living
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This fancy patio chair will surely stand out in your backyard, deck, garden, or poolside. With a user-friendly and easy-to-operate recliner seat, you can pull up your feet and unwind with a cup of coffee after a long tiring day.

The metal frame is constructed from e-coating steel tubes, making this chair resistant to erosion, rust, and different weather elements.

The ergonomic design is easy to handle as you don’t have to fuss over the levers and handles. All you need to do is push back, and the seat will slide into a zero-gravity position according to your weight.

And it’s perfect for large folks, too, as the weight capacity of this recliner is 300 lbs. The soft and durable beige padded cushions are made from Olefin fabric that is easy to maintain and clean.

With a stable footrest and attractive yet ergonomic design, this chair is an asset for your backyard.


  • Adjustable recliner
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy to put together


  • The headrest is a bit low

SCYL Color Your Life Set of 1 Indoor & Outdoor PE Wicker Rocking Chair Porch Garden Lawn Deck Auto Adjustable Rattan Reclining Chair Patio Furniture

image of scyl color your life set of 1 indoor & outdoor pe wicker rocking chair porch garden lawn deck auto adjustable rattan reclining chair patio furniture - Extra Large Living
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This cool wicker model chair from SCYL is surely the best recliner out there. The combination of elegance and modern charm makes it a centerpiece on your patio or anywhere you put it.

This is a highly comfortable chair with an ergonomic design and a coffee table that comes along with it. The adjustment function of this recliner is just the cherry on the top. We love the fact that you can simultaneously adjust the position of the backrest and footrest according to your needs—most chairs in the market lack this function.

You can also get a set of two chairs or a single chair- whatever you prefer.

With a smooth rocking function and pedal support, this chair elevates your lounging experience. Made from top-quality PE wicker and a resilient frame, this lounger is all ready to battle the weather elements like dust, rain, wind, and rust.

Even the cushions are waterproof and are made from soft sponge material that is easily washable. This chair is a blessing for heavy individuals because of the double-reinforced frame that supports up to 400 lbs. this means it is long-lasting and reliable.

If you have any trouble putting together the pieces, the awesome customer service is extremely responsive and ready to help.


  • Super comfortable recliner
  • Outstanding customer service
  • It comes with a coffee table and cushions
  • Beautiful color and elegant style


  • Assembly is not straightforward

And the Best oversized patio chair is …

image of rockaway heavy duty all-weather outdoor rocking chair semco plastics - Extra Large Living

Rockaway Heavy Duty All-Weather Outdoor Rocking Chair Semco Plastics

Spacious, durable, and affordable, this Semco plastic patio chair is a clear winner! The top-quality construction of this chair is ideal for outdoor seating, and it won’t succumb to the harsh natural elements. Also, you can wipe it clean and move it easily anywhere you want because it is pretty lightweight.

The rocking feature is another added bonus that will help you relax and unwind after a tiresome day. And for heavy people who can’t find a decent and sturdy chair, this patio chair is a gift as it supports up to 600 lbs. weight. All in all, it provides great value for money!

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Can I leave patio chairs outside?

Patio chairs are built to withstand outdoor exposure, so yes, you can leave them outside. However, to make them last longer, you need to take care of them (just a little bit). If you want to store the furniture away for winters, don’t forget to clean it and apply a protective sealant. That way, when you take it out after winter is over, your patio furniture will be all ready. Taking good care of your patio chairs is a wise move because you don’t want to replace them often.

How to clean outdoor furniture?

Leaving the furniture outside means exposing it to dirt, grime, and rust. But with these easy tips, you can keep your Patio Furniture Set shining and clean. For grime, make a DIY solution by mixing 2tbsp of white vinegar, 1/4 cup ammonia, and 1 quarter cup warm water. Now clean your patio chair with this solution only if it is too dirty.

For wicker and painted wood, you need to dilute the commercially available solutions. Keep cleaning your furniture regularly to make the cleaning easier. Plastic and wicker recliners can also be washed with a hose to prevent stubborn dirt build-up.

We hope you have now found the best oversize patio chairs from the chairs we reviewed above. Remember, investing in good-quality outdoor furniture is always a wise move as you will be spending lots of time here with your loved ones. Our recommended products are highly praised by users and have great reviews too.

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