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Torrid is an apparel distributor from the United States known for its plus-sized clothing. But how accurate are their sizes?

Sizes in the Torrid measurement chart range from 00 to 6, and they vary from 10-30. If you are aware of your own individual dimensions, you can utilize Torrid’s sizing chart to discover which size will fit you most comfortably.

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For example, a size 00 will correspond to a US 10, a UK / AU size 12, or a simple M/L,

Continue reading this article to find out more about the company’s sizes, and how you can find your own perfect fit from current styles and contemporary fashion trends, using a Torrid size chart.

Are torrid size charts different?

Torrid is renowned for selling a wide range of clothing goods, undergarments, beauty products, swimwear, and even one-piece wedding dresses. Each of these items are sold in a vast variety of sizes.

Each of them features separate size guides that you may use to get your measurements for the specific sort of apparel you’re looking to buy. So, whatever you are looking for, there is a Torrid size chart made for it.image of the ultimate guide to torrid's size chart 2 - Extra Large Living

Does torrid only have plus-size?

The main novelty of Torrid is its emphasis on plus-size clothing. While plus-size clothing typically caters to sizes 14 and up, Torrid’s sizes start at size 10, and work their way up to size 30.

Therefore, the majority of their sizes are plus-sized, although people who wear size 10 or 12 can also browse Torrid’s apparel.

The brand describes its look as ‘unapologetically youthful and sexy’, and states that all its outfits were made specifically for plus-sized people.

Do torrid sizes run big or small?

My experience has shown that Torrid’s clothing sizes are typically accurate, compared to a typical standard size chart, especially for Torrid pants. When it comes to upper wear, though, you might be better off going up a size, since shirts can be worn a little bigger.

If you’re looking for jeans, however, Torrid pants assortment is a good bet because they are typically unquestionably true to size.

In general, I can attest that Torrid’s sizes are accurate, if not, only slightly larger when it comes to shirts.

How do you take measurements for torrid bra size?

The process of measuring your bra size for Torrid is very similar to what it would be for any other apparel store and all you need to know is How to measure bra size at home. It is so important that you follow every step closely so that your end result will be as accurate as possible.

After all, nothing feels better than a properly fitted bra, so this is well worth the effort put into it. Follow this guide so you can shop for some intimate apparel at Torrid’s.

Step 1: Band size

Put on a non-push-up, loosely lined, thin fabric bra, as this will accurately expose your natural waistline and bust. Loop a measuring tape across your back, and under your chest. The measurement that you end up with will be your band size.

Step 2: Bust size

Next, wrap the measuring tape around the broadest area of your bust, so that it is perpendicular to the ground, directly across your back. Your bust size will be determined by this number.

Step 3: Cup size

The following step involves some simple mental arithmetic (or, if you hate numbers, grab a pen and paper to help yourself out). All you have to do to get your cup size is subtract your bust size from your band size.

The cup size is the letter size; e.g., the letter D equals to a 4-inch cup size. Every inch is equal to a different cup size or letter size. For example, 1 inch equals an A cup, 2 inches equals a B cup, etc.

Step 4: Bra size

Now that you have all your measurements, you can work out your bra size.

For example, if your band size is 36 inches, and your bust size is 40 inches, your cup size will be 4 inches (40 minus 36). 4 inches would equal a D cup. Therefore, your overall bra size would be 36 D!

Are torrid shoes wide or extra wide?

To make their shoes comfy for people with broader feet, Torrid’s footwear specialists have devoted many years to developing their extra wide-width fit. Thus, rather than simply increasing the width of their shoes, they merely add additional space all the way around the foot.

Final thoughts

Most of the time, finding clothes online that truly fit is a pure guessing game. Since this is something that is so challenging for most people to accomplish successfully, you should consider yourself lucky if you consistently purchase apparel in the same size from every store you’ve ever visited.

Ordering clothes that don’t fit often result in online returns, and waiting another couple weeks before we get to wear the clothes we desire.

Unfortunately, this is particularly true for those of us who are plus-size. The rule seems to be that the bigger you are, the harder it is to find clothes that actually fit. It can be hard to find a specific size women can easily fit into, without researching hard beforehand.

Thankfully, Torrid’s clothing sizes are pretty great, which is something that plus-size wearers don’t get to experience a lot. Aside from their shirts, which can be a little on the larger side, their size guides are, overall, fairly accurate. Torrid pants are particularly good.

If you are sized between a US 10 and 30, and you are looking for some awesome plus-sized clothes and shoes with a consistent size guide, we recommend taking a look at Torrid’s selections.

Check out their website for some exclusive offers, and exclusive perks, and check out their style inspiration to fit your personal style. For more information and clothing tips check out the rest of Extra Large Living.