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Most people use curvy and fat interchangeably. As such, you are afraid when you lose weight; the curves will disappear. But is this true? Or better yet, what is the difference between curvy and fat?

The major difference between fat and curvy women is their figure. Curvy women have fat in the right spots, including the butt, hips, and breasts, which defines their attractive hourglass shape. On the other hand, fat people have fat in the wrong places, which hides their figure. Examples of this would be Axillary breast tissues versus armpit fat.

Let’s look at factors that make women curvy or fat and if there’s anything you can do to go from a fat person to a curvy girl.

What is considered curvy?

Being curvy has little to do with weight or body measurement. Instead, it’s about your body shape, as people consider the waist to hip ratio. Curvy girls have a waist to hip ratio of 0.75. Therefore, a woman with a waist size of 27 inches or lower and a hip size of 36 inches is curvy. Also, a woman with a waist size of 34.5 inches or lower and a hip size of 46 inches is considered curvy.

But even without these measurements, you can tell a curvy woman because of their big boobs, small waists, and wide hips.

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Can you transform fat to curvy?

Absolutely. However, women have different body and bone structures which are determined by genetics.

With that said, you can transform from fat to curvy through sheer dedication. If you watch what you eat, perform the right exercises, and avoid stress, you’ll get your dream body with a flat stomach in no time.

How can i achieve a curvy body?

To get a curvy body, you’ll have to lose extra body fat, slim your waist, tone your chest, shoulders, and arms, shape your butt and thighs, and increase hip-width.

Here’s how you do all this.

Lose excess body fat through cardio

For your curves to show, you need to lose the extra fat. Cardio exercises like sprinting, jogging, and walking are great for burning fat. Do these exercises three or four times a week for 10 minutes to shed excess fat and maintain your ideal weight.

Slim the waist

A slim waist and a toned stomach are the descriptions of an hourglass figure. Diet and strength training exercises are key at this stage as they’ll help strengthen the core.

Drinking lots of water and developing a healthy diet is important for great results and sustenance.

Tone the upper body

Your chest, shoulders, and arms need to be in great shape for the curves to be visible. Good upper body workouts include push-ups, pull-ups, and triceps dips.

Shape your lower body

Do exercises that target the lower body but make sure you skip a day of these workouts to give the muscles time to recover and grow. Some simple exercises to get a round butt and thick thighs include lunges, squats, step-climbing etc.

Increase hip width

Your pelvic bone determines how wide your hips are. Great hip widening exercises include squats, squat kicks, hip raises, and split leg squats.

Does your bone structure make you curvy?

Yes, but it’s not the only determinant. A person’s body type also depends on musculature and bone density which are genetically determined.

By the time you are an adult, your bone structure and body proportions have already been established. However, you can make some measurement changes by losing or gaining weight.

How does genetics affect body types and sizes?

Genetics determine how and where fat accumulates in the body, which affects the waist-to-hip ratio. Naturally, fat isn’t evenly distributed. For example, it might accumulate in the mid-section for one person and for another it accumulates in the arms, legs, and thighs first.

Do you lose curves when you lose weight?

Unfortunately, this is a possibility. You’ve little control over which body parts shed fat first. However, you can perform targeted exercises if your goal is to achieve an hourglass figure with a flat tummy, small waistline, and curvy flanks. But even then, it’s no guarantee you’ll keep your curves.

For this reason, your weight loss journey should be more focused on improving your health. If shedding the extra fat defines your curves more, great, but if not, at least you are healthy.

Can you be skinny and fat?

Yes. Such a person is called skinny-fat. The person looks like their weight is okay but actually has excess body fat. It’s difficult to believe, but some of these attractive individuals are obese.

Why does it matter if someone has too much fat if they are thin? Well, too much fat, especially around the belly, affects one’s health by causing high blood pressure or heart problems. Luckily, they transform to skinny fit through regular physical exercise and eating right.

Fat versus curvy

Whether you are curvy or fat, you are special. With that said, if you’re a fat girl and want to get some curves, it’s possible by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes doing the right exercises and eating the right food. On the flip side, you can go from curvy to fat if you don’t work out and make bad food choices.

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