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More and more companies have begun to specialize in the development of in-home assistance devices for the elderly. Hiring in-home nurses to take care of your loved ones is expensive and oftentimes unnecessary. Some people might need assistance getting into a bathtub but are otherwise able to function on their own.

For situations such as this, devices like the Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat Transfer bench are crucial and quite useful. As we get older, everyday tasks such as getting into a bathtub become more and more difficult.

The strain on your back or your legs can often be too much, and bathing falls by the wayside. With something like a seat transfer bench, we can help our loved ones or even ourselves who need assistance keep bathing easy and safe.

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A device such as Drive Medical’s transfer bench is perfect for keeping our loved ones safe when they’re on their own. While keeping our minds at ease, knowing they are happy. Companies like Drive Medical, who have been in the elderly care industry for almost two decades, have developed a focus and understanding in safety and ease of access.

Features and benefits

With a vast array of accessories and features that make the transfer bench safe and secure, there is a reason why this device is one of the best available. Every detail has been designed to keep your loved one’s bathing experience as easy as it can be.

From assembly to usage, the transfer bench is specifically crafted to make their lives easier and safer.

  • Tool-free assembly – From start to finish, this device is designed for convenience and easy usage. This includes the assembly process as no expertise in construction or use of tools is necessary. Simply follow the instructions, have each part accessible, and the entire project can be done by hand and by one person. No experts or tools are necessary.
  • A-frame stability – The design of the legs has been conducted to provide a sturdy frame that is not susceptible to collapsing. As some competitor devices employ a single structured leg approach, this transfer bench connects each leg with a beam to provide added stability and structure.
  • Dual column extension – The height of the transfer bench can be adjusted as necessary to provide access to the tub itself. As the bench uses a connected leg approach with the A-frame design, it needs a duel column extension. This means that both legs on each side need to be attended to, at once, to raise or lower the seat.
  • Reversible accommodation – Every transfer bench offered is reversible to provide access to all bathrooms. With this transfer bench, you won’t have to worry about the size of the tub and can rest assured knowing it will fit.
  • Locking suction cups – One thing that most competitors do not feature is a safe and secure way to keep the device locked down when in use. Most transfer benches use rubber soles to prevent the device from sliding out from under someone, but this bench goes a step further. Their suction cup soles provide the ultimate step in keeping the bench locked down and secure.
  • High weight capacity – This transfer bench can support up to 500 lbs placing it at the high end of transfer bench weight capacities. As with most transfer benches, the durability of supporting 500 lbs has been called into question, but the manufacturer’s claims suggest that 500 lbs is, in fact, what can be supported.

As can be seen by each specially designed and incorporated feature listed, the Heavy-duty Bariatric Plastic Seat Transfer Bench is the epitome of safety and ease of access for the elderly. Keeping the bathing process accessible is a necessity, and this transfer bench is leading the way.

Device specifications

The seat dimensions of this transfer bench are 26.5 inches by 16.5 inches, showcasing its size and capacity. One thing to note is that this bench is meant for access both in and out of the tub which is why it has such a wide seat set up.

This allows for a scooting action into the tub from the outer bench. The height of the device ranges from 18.5 inches to 23.5 inches as it is adjustable.

While the device has the capability to support up to 500 lbs, it only weighs 14 lbs itself making it easy to handle and transport if needed. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty if anything were to happen to it that cannot be declared user error. The transfer bench is perfect for anyone who needs to shower but needs minimal assistance.

The product comes in parts but is an easy assembly process, unlike many of its competitors. The fact that tools of any sort are unnecessary for the assembly process continues to show the products focus on ease of use. Drive Medical puts its customers first and keeps the bathing process simple and safe.

Drive medical

Drive Medical is a trusted and proven company that provides homes with top-of-the-line products to help keep your loved one’s lives normal and accessible. Drive Medical specializes in the elderly care industry as they continue to develop and offer products designed for these purposes.

One of their best products, the Universal Folding Transfer Bench, incorporates all that the company stands for and offers in one device.

Drive Medical Products has been offering customers the best service and most trusted products ever since 2000. They continue to develop and evolve their business practices meeting the needs of all.

With 19 years of experience, no one is better equipped to provide your home with the enhancements and devices necessary to make your loved one’s lives better and easier.


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      • Stable a-frame design
      • Suction cup locking process
      • Easy assembly process
      • Height extension
      • Reversible accessibility
      • Trusted and experienced design company


      • Compromised legs
      • Doesn’t work well past 350 lbs

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