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Biking is an activity that can help keep your mind fresh and your body fit! But is there a bike for females who are overweight?

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to get a bike that fits their body. In most cases, this happens to overweight people. Bike manufacturers are striving to help everyone after noting this issue. We’ve reviewed some of the best bikes on the market for overweight women. Let’s dig in!

Best bikes for overweight women

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26″ Speed Step-Through Hybrid Bicycle

image of sixthreezero evryjourney women's 26
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There’s no doubt that the SIXTHREEZERO EVRYJOURNEY bike would fit our top choice, thanks to its extreme comfort and ability to accommodate heavy-weight. This bike remains our undisputed choice for all obese women who do not have time to search a store for different bikes they can use in their daily exercise.

The Sixthreezero bike keeps you comfortable for many hours, as it has comfortable and large handlebars. This means that you can spend many hours on the saddle, which is also soft, large, and comfortable.

Sixthreezero has a sturdy aluminum frame to hold your heavy-weight. This assures you that you are safe the moment you climb and start riding it. With its hard and large tires, it can withstand different terrains on the road.

The best part is that you can use it as a cruiser, mountain bike, and traditional commuter bike.


  • It’s versatile
  • The riding saddle is comfortable, friendly, and large enough
  • It can tackle different types of terrain thanks to its seven gear system
  • Users can use it on long-distance without feeling tired


  • Quite hard to assemble

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

image of mongoose dolomite mens fat tire mountain bike - Extra Large Living
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The Mongoose Dolomite bike is ideal for a heavy person due to its sturdy and durable steel frame. With such a frame, you have no worries about breaking it down while using it. Another reason why this bike fits a heavy person is its comfort since it comes with a cushioned saddle.

It’s also versatile as it is fitted with all-terrain tires that offer you a stable ride. This bike is ideal for any terrain because it has twist shifters that easily move through the seven speeds. Finally, it’s easy to assemble this bike, and even a beginner can use it.


  • Sturdy enough to handle heavy-weight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Efficient front and rear disc
  • Ideal for any terrain


  • The bike has no rear carriage.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

image of schwinn meridian adult tricycle - Extra Large Living
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The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is excellent for heavy people as it can accommodate up to 400 lbs. The super-low stand in this bike over the aluminum frame makes it easy to access it as you step through. The adjustable springer cruiser seat also makes it comfortable to ride. This bike also has stylish full fenders, ensuring that you remain dry and clean throughout the ride.

The presence of alloy rims makes it possible for the bike to remain light and smooth. You will love the big rear folding basket, which you can use to carry some groceries home when coming from your biking trip.


  • A beginner can use it.
  • The rear basket gives you the freedom to shop around as you have fun
  • Mounting and unmounting are made easy with the step-through design.
  • Single-speed makes a perfect exercise companion.


  • The bike is heavier than the conventional one and also occupies ample storage space due to the many components it has

Huffy 26″ Panama Jack Men’s Beach Cruiser Bike

image of huffy 26
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The Huffy Panama Jack is excellent for you if you are looking for a good summer bike. It’s stylish due to the cupholder and rear rack. With the single speed, you will efficiently operate it and master everything with no hustle. The print on the chain guard gives some aesthetic beauty.

The adjustable seat also ensures that you stay comfortable as you enjoy your ride. It’s also comfortable to use, thanks to its soft cork-style grips. The strong aluminum frame makes it one of the sturdiest and long-lasting bikes. This is a single-speed bike that comes when it’s semi-assembled together with the necessary tools.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful design for summer
  • It has a height-adjustable seat
  • Stylish accessories: Cup Holder, rear rack, wicker handlebar basket.


  • They are limited to flat terrain due to single speed.
  • Not comfortable for more than 5″ or taller women

Kingttu g6 mountain bike

image of kingttu g6 mountain bike - Extra Large Living
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We highly recommend the Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike because it is lightweight, making it easy to use. This bike has a weight limit of 300 lb, making it a leading choice for overweight females.

Since it comes already 85% assembled, all you need is to assemble the pedals, handlebar, seat, front-wheel, and air the tires up. This is a stylish folding mountain bike with comfortable and durable components.

It has 21 speeds and a suspension fork which ensures that all your biking needs are fulfilled. The beautiful design and the durable steel frame make it one of the best bikes for women who are overweight. The frame and great steel suspension fork of this bike make it easy to control riding even on mountainous terrain.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a dual suspension
  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Affordable


  • The pedals are normal

Mago 26” folding mountain bike

image of mago 26” folding mountain bike - Extra Large Living
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The MAGO 26″ Folding Mountain Bike is a great product for overweight women with a height of 5.4-5-9 feet because it has a 17-inch frame. This bike offers you great control thanks to its great braking system. The rear and front disc brakes together. The quick releases ensure that you stay safe on any terrain you are riding.

You will love this bike because it’s possible to use it comfortably on hilly terrain due to the 21 speeds. It also offers great and smooth gear shifting, which is essential when riding on different terrains. This is a foldable bike that saves space since you can simply store it at the corner of your house after folding it.


  • Has an amazing braking system
  • Safe to use on any terrain
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Foldable


  • Quite hard to assemble

Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

image of mongoose switchback adult mountain bike - Extra Large Living
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The Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain bike is great for overweight women under 250 lbs. It’s a great-looking bike and also affordable. The best thing is that it arrives when most parts are already assembled. You just need to assemble the front wheel, forks, handlebars, post, and seat.

This is something that anyone can easily do. The bike is also light, unlike most mountain bikes with a front suspension. This bike has double-wall alloy rims that make it durable. It also comes in multiple colors, which give women several options of colors to choose from.


  • It’s stylish
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Durable
  • Quick and precise gear changes


  • Brakes are quite weak

And the best bike for overweight females is…

image of sixthreezero evryjourney women's 26" speed step-through hybrid bicycle - Extra Large Living

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26″ Speed Step-Through Hybrid Bicycle

Our winner is the SIXTHREEZERO EVRYJOURNEY bike. It’s a versatile bike that you can use for many purposes like a mountain bike, a traditional commuter bike, and a cruiser. It has every feature that an overweight female would love in terms of comfort and safety.

This bike is strong enough to withstand the heaviest weight and also has complex and oversized tires. Just from the outward appearance, you can see it is a great choice. This doesn’t disqualify the other bikes we recommended. You can choose any as long as you love their features. Otherwise, the Sixthreezero remains our top choice.

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Buying guide

We just recommended some best bikes for overweight females. Here’s a guide to help you narrow down and spend less time looking for a bike. It’s essential to consider the following factors before buying a bike.

The frame

As a heavy woman, you need to choose a bike with several characteristics. Ensure that the frame allows you to get on and off your bike quickly. To make this work, try to get a bike that has a lowered top tube. The frame should also be strong so that it can support your heavy weight. However, this doesn’t mean that you should opt for a heavy bike. Bikes made from aluminum frames tend to be sturdy.

The tires and wheels

It’s essential to check the tires because they also carry your weight as a rider. As a overweight person, you should choose a bike with thicker tires. Thick tires offer you a better grip on the road since they distribute the pressure appropriately. Such tires ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride despite the riding conditions.

You should also ensure that the wheels of that bike have high gauge spokes. This makes the wheel to be steady despite your weight. The bike’s wheels should also have good seals to prevent it from bursting or deflating when exposed to too much pressure from your weight.


Choosing the best bike for overweight females shouldn’t be a headache anymore. There are different types of bikes designed for different people. When choosing bikes for overweight women, consider checking the maximum weight capacity and the materials used to make the frame. It’s important to choose a bike that you can comfortably ride. We hope this post helps you make the best choice.

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