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As a heavy person, using standard toilet seats can be challenging. You have to tackle comfort issues, safety and stability concerns. According to a Harvard School of Public Health survey, approximately 71.6% of adults aged 20 and above are overweight. So you are not alone looking for the most comfortable toilet seats with high weight capacities.

The best heavy-duty toilet seats are designed with comfort and support in mind. Though they look like standard toilet seats, they possess construction and design features that set them apart when nature calls.

Since choosing the best toilet seat for heavy people is overwhelming, we’ve pieced together the best market options like Bath Royale that are the embodiment of strength, durability, and comfort.

Best Toilet Seat for a Heavy Person


image of bath royale br237-00 - Extra Large Living
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You shouldn’t have to replace your new toilet seat after every few months. Bath Royale understands this and creates high-quality and durable toilet seats for heavy persons.

One of MasterSuite Elongated toilet seat features is its quiet-close technology. This makes lowering and raising the seat a smooth and silent process, so nobody is woken from their sleep. The quiet close technology also reduces the risk of breaking.

Moreover, this toilet seat for heavy persons is made with Eurocast polymer that’s stiff, heavy, and scratch-resistant and has stainless steel hardware that holds the seat securely in place.


  • Has a 400lb maximum weight capacity
  • Fits a round or an elongated toilet bowl
  • Has four-seat bumpers for even weight distribution
  • Durable toilet seat


  • The multi-piece mounting brackets take time to align, install and adjust

Hibbent Premium One Click Elongated Toilet Seat

image of hibbent premium one click elongated toilet seat - Extra Large Living
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Keeping the toilet bowl clean is a priority for many. Unfortunately, some heavy-duty toilet seats make cleaning the toilet bowl a pain. Luckily, the Hibbent Premium Toilet seat has a quick release function which comes in handy during cleaning. Press the button on the side to remove the seat and clean the nasty area between the toilet and the seat. When you are done, push it down, and it’ll click into place.

The polypropylene material used on the obese toilet seat is easy to clean. It doesn’t stain or absorb a foul smell, so you can expect it to last long and remain hygienic. Another advantage of polypropylene is that it’s strong enough to support 400 lbs.

To top it all off, this oversized toilet seat has a slow-close mechanism that prevents loud slamming and finger pinching. However, this function takes effect when correctly installed.


  • Push-button quick-release function for easy cleaning
  • Easily installs with a bidet
  • Soft close


  • The toilet seat fits over elongated toilets only
  • The seat extends too far forward, which can be uncomfortable

Big John Toilet Seat

image of big john toilet seat - Extra Large Living
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Big John Toilet Seat puts the heavy in heavy-duty. It can support up to 1200lbs courtesy of the high-impact ABS plastic material construction and durable solid stainless steel hinges.

As a heavy person, most toilet seats are uncomfortable. Big John knows this and provides a contoured and larger sitting surface for large-framed individuals. Under the toilet seat are oversize synthetic rubber bumpers that grip the toilet and keep it from shifting.

Seniors or physically impaired who cannot squat too low will fall in love with the 2 ½” raised toilet seat design, which improves comfort when they answer the call of nature. Because of this raised design, it’s perfect for hospitals and nursing homes.


  • Elevated toilet seat design perfect for individuals with mobility issues
  • Made from high-grade abs plastic material
  • Does not shift
  • ADA compliant


  • Shorter people won’t touch the floor

Toilet Seat Elongated

image of toilet seat elongated - Extra Large Living
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This is one of the best toilet seats since it’s made from urea-formaldehyde, which is more stable and durable than other plastics. The material doesn’t corrode and doesn’t yellow over time. You should expect the seat to look as good as new after several years of use.

The toilet seat is great for overweight individuals as it has a 400lbs capacity. To prevent unintentional shifts, the designers added four non-slip bumpers which grip the toilet firmly.

I loved that the seat has a soft close technology which allows it to close slower and quieter. Moreover, it improves safety, especially when children share the toilet.

Unfortunately, this seat is only available for elongated toilet bowls.


  • 360-degree adjustable installation hinges
  • Two-key release function that’s more stable
  • Durable
  • Resistant to fading and yellowing


  • The stainless steel hinge is too thin

Centoco 200-407 Closed Front with Cover

image of centoco 200-407 closed front with cover - Extra Large Living
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Other than the color, the first thing you’ll notice about this round toilet seat is the top mount hinge design. This design is perfect if your existing toilet seat doesn’t have access to the bottom pan. Even better, the plastic hinges absorb impact to provide comfortable support.

The Centoco 200-407 is made from corrosion-resistant polypropylene plastic and has a glossy finish that doesn’t peel or crack. The molded bumpers on its underside don’t fall off and help support up to 300lbs.

I loved that these toilet seats for heavy persons come in various colors, including bone, black, white, biscuit, and crane white.


  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • A comfortable flat bottom design
  • Corrosion-free hardware
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth


  • Doesn’t fit a bidet
  • Makes squeaky noises

Centoco 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat

image of centoco 900-001 elongated wooden toilet seat - Extra Large Living
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The Centoco 900-001 is made with wood but with a twist. This Centocore technology includes a thick polypropylene shell over the wooden core and doesn’t dent, flatten, chip, crack, fade, peel, or flake. Because of the thick plastic covering, it is non-porous and sanitary. The seat can fit an elongated or round bowl.

The glossy finish is available in different colors to match your bathroom décor. Also, the top mount hinges are easy to install and have keyed bumpers to secure the seat.

If you fancy a slow close, you’ll find it in the Centoco 900-SC.


  • Easy to clean and sanitary
  • Strong design
  • Beautiful high gloss
  • Available in different colors


  • The lid is lightweight and leans on lean against the tank completely

Heavy-Duty Comfort Seahorse Seashells Oval Elongated Toilet Seats

image of heavy-duty comfort seahorse seashells oval elongated toilet seats - Extra Large Living
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If you want to add sea life to your bathroom décor, this Heavy Duty Seahorse Seashells Toilet Seat is perfect. The toilet seat cover is beautifully embedded with large and small shells plus a seahorse in the middle.

Aside from stunning beauty, this toilet seat is ergonomically designed for comfort and strength. It’s easy to install, and you only need pliers or a wrench. It fits both oval elongated and round toilet bowls measuring 19 and 17-inches, respectively.


  • Stunning
  • Bumpers for added durability
  • UV protection prevents color fading


  • Not all shells are real
  • Some users complained of missing washers

BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty OVERSIZED Closed Front Toilet Seat

image of bemis 1000cpt paramount heavy duty oversized closed front toilet seat - Extra Large Living
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Bemis toilet seats are popular for their style, quality, and innovation in residential and commercial facilities. Bemis was founded in 1901, so they have experience in the space and understand consumer needs.

Bemis designed the 1000CPT for heavy individuals. The integrated features contribute to its strength to support up to 1000lbs. In addition, it comes with sturdy chrome hinges and an STA-TITE fastening system which ensures that the seat is safely secured and will not loosen or wiggle under your weight.

The stainless steel hinges have two positions to accommodate elongated and round toilets. In addition, the stainless steel is non-corrosive and rust-resistant, making this BEMIS toilet seat a reliable piece for the bathroom.

Adding to its durability is a strong commercial grade plastic construction which makes this oversized toilet seat resistant to wears, chips, and stains. It’s, therefore, easier to clean and maintain.


  • 1000 lbs capacity
  • Fits elongated and round toilets
  • Doesn’t slide or pinch
  • Wider seating


  • Lacking in comfort

And The Winner Is…

Bath Royale BR237-00

image of bath royale br237-00 - Extra Large Living

When buying the best toilet seat for heavy people for your main or guest bathroom, consider the recommendations above. We’ve carefully considered and tested them. Though Bath Royale BR237-00 doesn’t have the highest weight capacity on the list, it is strong, durable, and quiet enough to offer a great experience.

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How much weight can a toilet seat hold?

A standard toilet seat holds about 300 pounds. But as a heavier person, you should consider a toilet seat with a higher weight capacity, like 400lbs and above.

The Bath Royale BR237-00 supports 400lbs, while the Bemis 1000 CPT and the Big John Toilet Seat support 1000lbs and 1200lbs, respectively.

What type of toilet seat is strongest?

A heavy-duty toilet seat is stronger than a standard toilet seat since it has a high weight capacity. To achieve such strength, toilet seats for heavy individuals are made from strong and durable material, and have stainless steel hinges that keep you from having to deal with cracked toilets.

Which is stronger, a plastic or wooden toilet seat?

Wooden seats stomp plastic toilet seats on durability. This is because wood toilet seats are often thicker and a little heavier than plastic options. As such, they are less likely to break. That said, toilet brands use hard and thick plastic that’s not only corrosive resistant but also hardy and strong.

You’d have to be really rough to break a plastic toilet seat. Moreover, some oversized toilet seats like the Centoco 900-001 have an outer polypropylene casing surrounding a wooden core. This technology affords users the best of both words – strength, and ease of cleaning.

For more information and more reviews be sure to check out Extra Large.

What is the best toilet seat for an obese person?

The Bath Royale BR237 is a great toilet seat for heavy individuals. It can support 400 lbs, has a slow-close mechanism, and is built with a hardy Eurocast that’s cool to touch and is scratch resistant. It also has slip-resistant bumpers that add to its stability.