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You’ve watched videos of people on hoverboards, and you envy the fun they are having. Beyond that, you love that they reduce effort and time traveling over short distances. But as a fat person, you need to know one thing before you commit ‘what’s the weight limit for a hoverboard?’ image of hoverboard weight limit - Extra Large Living

Hoverboards have varying weight limits depending on several factors. But generally, you can expect a 4.5”, 6.5”, 8”, and 10” hoverboard to have a weight limit of about 120 lbs, 220 lbs, 265 lbs, and 330 lbs, respectively.

Let’s look at factors that affect hoverboard weight limits and why they have weight limits in the first place.

The weight limit for hoverboards

Like with a treadmill weight limit you can find the true weight limit for hoverboards in the health and safety manual, as the weight limit can differ depending on the make and model of your hoverboard. There are numerous factors to be considered when determining the maximum weight limit of a hoverboard.

Intended use

As hoverboards have grown in popularity, there are now hoverboards created for different reasons. Generally, the commercial hoverboard that is created for child entertainment has a weight capacity of 150 to 180 pounds. Hoverboards that are made for adults are made of much higher quality and typically have a weight limit of 260 pounds, some may even allow for more weight.

As the average hoverboard rider is 220 pounds, this weight limit gives plenty of room for more riders to take on the challenge. There are also a few hoverboards that allow for riders of up to 300 pounds in weight.

Wheel size

The size of the wheel on a hoverboard has a greater impact on the weight capacity than you would think. Similar to how the wire tensile strength plays a part in zipline weight limits.

Hoverboards with a wheel size of 4.5 inches can typically support a maximum of 120 pounds. This makes them ideal for younger riders who hold less weight. As the wheel size increases so does the weight limit.

A hoverboard with a wheel size of 6.5 inches can generally carry up to 220 pounds of weight making them perfect for teenagers and adults of average

Weight and size

Just like there’s a weight limit for horseback riding, and larger horses can handle more weight, a hoverboard needs to have larger wheels to evenly distribute weight and carry more than 220 pounds.

This means hoverboards with a wheel size of 8.5 inches can carry up to 300 pounds. The result is a diverse hoverboard in terms of weight carrying. They can carry riders from 120 pounds to heavier riders at a maximum of 300 pounds.

Now there are models with a wheel size of 10 inches allowing them to carry more than 300 pounds. However, these are created for more professional uses.


It may seem that there is a standard price for a hoverboard but much like everything else, you get what you pay for. A budget-friendly hoverboard is unlikely to hold more than the average 220 pounds.

Because they sometimes use less expensive parts, cheaper hoverboards typically sustain lower maximum weights than heavy-duty hoverboards.

Purpose of a weight limit

Why can’t anyone, no matter their weight, step on a hoverboard? Well, think of it like a Peleton weight limit. When someone weighs more than the maximum weight limit then the hoverboard may not be able to support the weight for long periods of time.

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It may not immediately break down or break all together but it can have drastic effects. You will notice it may need to be repaired more often and may run slower than stated in the manual. This can happen if you go just 15 pounds heavier than the stated weight limit.

Over time your hoverboard will begin to malfunction. This includes the motor, wheels, brackets, and even the screws that can become damaged and break over time. The recklessness will also impact your warranty policy. As the weight limit is stated within the health and safety manual, manufacturers may not honor the warranty policy.

Additionally, keep in mind that your hoverboard is not intended for carrying large objects. Regular luggage shouldn’t be an issue, but carrying too much will eventually push you over the limit and result in the above-mentioned negative effects.

Therefore, weight restrictions apply to whatever you are bringing. When riding a hoverboard it is important to follow the instructions in order to avoid causing harm to yourself and others. This includes following the maximum weight limit or you will be committing a safety hazard.

Hoverboards come with a built-in self-balancing mechanism that can lose control when the weight limit is exceeded. The hoverboard can also break down while the rider is on the scooter, which can result in a serious injury.

Minimum weight limit

When it comes to hoverboards, the minimum weight limit is just as important as the maximum weight limit. This is to prevent toddlers and young children from using the hoverboard and having an accident.

The standard minimum weight limit for a hoverboard is 44 pounds. This helps to make sure that children under 5 are unable to ride the hoverboard as they will be much too light to activate the self-balance mechanism. Children over 44 pounds and over the age of 5 are encouraged to enjoy the adventures they can have with hoverboards.


When looking to purchase a hoverboard, determining the weight limit can be difficult. However, it is typically stated in the health and safety manual. Factors such as the wheel size, the intended use, and the price of the hoverboard all impact the maximum weight limit.

If you are a heavier rider you may want to invest in a higher-quality hoverboard that has 10-inch wheels that will be able to distribute the weight more evenly. A hoverboard has a standard weight limit of 220 pounds. Exceeding the stated weight limit can have drastic effects on the hoverboard and your overall health.

So, check if you fit the weight limit, grab your hoverboard and enjoy the adventure! Hoverboard to work or join the kids on an afternoon ride! There really is no limit to what you can do on a hoverboard. For more informative articles be sure to look at the rest of Extra Large Living.

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