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While back fat can’t be easily seen, if it’s something you’re self-conscious about then you know it’s there.

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Back fat can be a problem anybody struggles with, regardless of age or size.

But what causes back fat?

Can it be easily concealed or even easily gotten rid of?

Yes, it can!

And we’re going to tell you how!


Why does back fat develop?

If you have back fat, you’re self-conscious about it, it’s natural to wonder how back fat cells accumulate in your back. It’s natural to be concerned about fat around our thighs or bellies, but we may not even think that back fat is an issue.

There are a few reasons why back fat develops such as our age, a sugary diet, hormonal issues, lack of exercise, Stress anxiety gain weight, and even poor sleep. Sometimes back fat can be down to a health issue, but for most of us it is just something that develops due to other factors. You may find that once it appears it’s hard to get rid of!

Back fat appears in three distinct areas. There is upper back fat that causes fat to spill over your bra strap, middle back fat that occurs between your bra and the waistband of your pants (i.e. around your rib cage), and lower back fat that rolls over the waistband of your pants or underwear.  Unfortunately this fat extends around the back and you likely Gaining belly fat as well. 

It’s not easy to totally eliminate back fat, but improvements to your lifestyle, investing in good shapewear, and being more strategic about your wardrobe can help to Get rid of love handles or get rid of back fat.

How can you eliminate back fat?

Making healthy changes to diet and regular exercise is a guaranteed way to enhance your shape, tone your body and get rid of body fat. The three forms of exercise that will help you eliminate back fat are yoga, high intensity cardio, and targeted workouts.


image of how to hide backfat - Extra Large Living

Yoga is excellent for improving your core and your posture, as a lot of the moves involve standing up straight and correcting your spine’s alignment. Therefore, it can be a great way to get rid of back fat.

High Intensity Cardio

High intensity workouts are great, not just for burning calories, but improving your general fitness and getting rid of back fat.

Targeted Workouts

During your next trip to the gym, focus on the following areas and implement these back exercises into your routine:

  • Upper back: Try some resistance training using dumbbells, such as posterior deltoid raises and lateral raises. Lying lateral pullovers are also great for getting rid of back fat.
  • Mid-back: Seated cable row exercises and wide grip lateral pull down exercises are great for mid-torso fat as well as upper back fat.
  • Lower-back: For targeting this area, try oblique crunches, side bends, and underhand cable pulldown exercises.

How to conceal It?

One thing that can really highlight back fat is an ill-fitting bra. It’s crucial to ensure you’re wearing the correct size bra by getting measured by a professional.

A too-tight band will cause back fat to spill out and wearing a bigger bra might solve this problem. Other features to be aware of when it comes to concealing back fat is to wear bras with a scoop back or a wider band. It’s also important that your shoulder straps are tight enough to be supportive, but not so tight that they dig into your skin.

Plus-size bras not only give you incredible support if your breasts are on the larger side, but plus-sized bras also have thicker straps to enhance contouring and conceal any bulges. Bras with smoothing panels also help to contour your figure.

If back fat is a particular issue in your mid or lower back, then we recommend investing in some good plus-size shapewear that smooths out your figure. For example, a plus-size bodysuit with elastic panels that will smooth out your whole torso from your shoulders to your hips.

A plus-size corset also has elastic panels and is great for back support and concealing mid-torso back fat. They’re fantastic for cinching in your waist and correcting your posture. This not only ensures your clothes fit better but provides a massive confidence boost.

Buy flattering clothes

If you like how a shirt looks in the front but not the back, then simply layer a cardigan, jacket, or shrug on top. This will conceal your back while keeping you warm and letting you enjoy a shirt you love.

Buying clothes with lining, such as dresses lined with spandex, is also a great idea. They provide an excellent foundation for dresses and shirts, as well as help to conceal back fat. This is because the lining conforms to your shape which in turn makes your clothes fit more smoothly to your figure. However, you may find clothes with lining to be too hot. If this is the case, swap out the lined clothes for some more breathable shapewear.

Tops with V-shaped backs are also great for concealing back fat. This is because the V-shape will make your silhouette longer, and V-shaped clothing has less fabric that stretches across your skin that can highlight lumps and bumps.

Textured fabrics such as lace, pleats, ruching, and ruffles can also conceal back fat, and clothing with brocade and damask also have a similar effect. For example, brocade jackets have plenty of texture and structure to give you a streamlined, professional look. Swimsuits made with textured fabrics are also great for concealing back fat, like this ruffled two piece.

While stripes are generally not considered flattering, narrow, vertical stripes are the exception to this rule.

Final thoughts

Back fat can make us feel self-conscious and frustrated, particularly because it’s an area that is out of view for us most of the time but is visible to anybody else. Even though a lot of the time nobody is paying any attention to this area, if it’s something you’re self-conscious about, it can feel like all eyes are on your back.

But we hope our tips on Extra Large Living have been helpful in your mission to conceal your back fat, and to feel more confident in your skin!

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