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If you’re a plus-size woman, wearing the right dress can be challenging. A common problem is how to hide belly fat while still looking stylish in form-fitting clothing. It’s easy to feel self-conscious and discouraged when shopping for apparel. However, there are tricks you can use to help pull off a tight outfit in a flattering way.

From choosing the right fabrics and cuts to accessorizing correctly, this guide will provide all the information you need to rock any tight dress or skirt confidently.

How do you hide belly fat while wearing a tight dress?

One of the easiest tricks is wrapping a sash high or a waist belt on the thinnest portion of your waist. Most women have a belly pooch; so, while this doesn’t hide it, it helps draw attention elsewhere and create a beautiful hourglass body shape.

Note: if you have a wide frame, opt for a wide belt, and if you are petite, a thinner belt is better.

Other tips that can help you hide your belly pooch and accentuate your curves regardless of your body shape include:

Wearing well-fitting undergarments

Undergarments, panties, and bras play a huge role in how you look in a tight dress. If you wear a loose garment, it might not hold your belly fat firmly in place. On the flip side, wearing too-tight panties might cause more tummy bulges, while a bra in the correct size will help hide your belly fat by holding your boobs in place.
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Wear high-waisted underwear

High-waist underwear sitting above your belly button can function as tummy control by holding the extra belly fat in place and keeping it from spilling out and forming huge bulges. They also prevent unsightly panty lines.

Wear a waist trainer or corset

A waist trainer or corset can easily help you get an hourglass shape. They function by compressing belly fat and smoothening any bulges in your back and stomach. Although they are meant to be tight, you should get one that fits right to accommodate your body shape better.

A corset that’s too tight will be uncomfortable even to breathe in. Moreover, you should ensure the material used on the corset is comfortable and doesn’t fold.

Wear blazers and coats

Blazers and coats come in handy when you want to wear a tight dress but still hide belly fat. Yes, they don’t compress belly fat, but they can make it less noticeable, especially those with buttons.

What style of dress hides a big stomach?

Another way that you can hide your belly bump while wearing a dress is to choose the right type of dress. One of the best types of dresses to hide belly fat is an empire-style dress. Empire-style dresses are designed to hug your body tightly under your bust and then flare out to create a wide and elegant look.

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This helps to hide your belly pooch easily and ensures that all attention goes to the upper half of the body.

How to wear accessories to hide belly fat while wearing a tight fitting dress?

Accessories can take on numerous forms, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, and countless other things.

Generally, the more eye-catching, the better, as it will help to keep the attention of others away from belly fat.

We recommend wearing a statement necklace, as it draws attention towards the upper half of your body, and away from your belly bulge. It’s a plus if the necklace or scarf has sentimental value since it can act as a conversation starter.

Earrings can also be great for drawing attention away from your midsection, up toward your face, and can complement your make-up.

Bracelets are another option, but you should keep in mind the fact that, if your arms are held by your side, then other people’s eyes may be drawn toward your midriff.

Why should I avoid bright colors?

Although it’s tempting to wear light-colored bodycon, beware that bright colors reflect light and highlight bumps and lumps. On the flip side, darker colors absorb light and do a good job of reducing the appearance of your belly fat and love handles.

While we are on color, if you must wear striped dresses, go for those with narrow and vertical stripes. Vertical stripes and general vertical design elements draw the eye downwards, making you look taller and leaner. Thin, narrowly spaced stripes have the best slimming effect, while wide and horizontal stripes cause you to appear wider.

Walking with confidence

Think of the world as one big runway and assume a model’s body posture as you walk around. This is also true when sitting and standing. Slouching or hunching your back will push belly fat together and make it look like you have more fat than you do. To avoid this, pull your shoulders back and straighten your back.

Wrapping up

As you can see, although there are few quick fixes for directly hiding belly fat in a tight dress. Aside from wearing an empire waist dress, there are plenty of ways to draw attention away from your belly bulge and create the illusion of having a slimmer gut.

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