Updated on July 10th, 2023 at 04:54 pm

If you thought that crop tops were only for certain body types, then think again!

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No matter if you have a flat stomach or some belly pooch, crop tops are for everyone.

If you do have belly fat, here are some tips that you’ll be glad to know about next time you want to rock a cute crop top. So, if you’re ready to try a whole new look then keep reading! And if you are looking for some tips on how to hide belly fat in jeans, we have you coverd.

10 Ways to Wear a Crop Top with Belly Fat

Fashion trends come and go, but body positivity is here to stay! We have 10 tips for all the curvy and plus-size girls out there so you can bare a bit of skin with confidence!

1. Wear A Crop Top Without Showing Skin

A lot of us are put off by wearing crop tops if we have a fat belly because it would mean highlighting parts of our bodies, we may be self-conscious about. However, wearing a crop top doesn’t mean you have to show off any flesh.

Rather than opting for a mega cropped top, choose a top with a length that’s right for you and finish off the look with high-waist trousers.

This allows you to get in on this must-have fashion trend as well as enjoying the leg lengthening benefits of high-waisted jeans. Win-win!

2. Draw Attention Up to Balance Out Your Figure

Even if you don’t have a flat belly, a crop top can still look flattering on you if you know how to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. You can do this by widening your chest with tops with shoulder pads that bulk out your upper body.

We highly recommend an off-the-shoulder top too. This in turn makes your waist look relatively smaller and creates a balanced silhouette. Off-the-shoulder tops are not only super feminine, but they highlight the shoulder line and divert attention from any excess belly fat.

3. Opt For A Co-Ord Set

The co-ord set is the easiest way to achieve a belly shirt look.  Go for a unified color and pattern for your entire look that won’t only look great, but it will make you look slimmer and taller too.

For an extra slimming silhouette, go for a black co-ord set with platform heels and some funky sunglasses for a look that’s sure to turn heads.

4. Pair With Outerwear

If you don’t wear cute crops, and this is the first time you’re sporting one, you may feel a little insecure or nervous about wearing one. This is where outerwear comes in, as it finishes off the look, gives you a layer you can add or remove as you see fit, and gives you some extra confidence.

However, throwing on a baggy jacket isn’t the way to go. We would recommend instead a slinky blazer, or anything that is straight line that has a vertical silhouette, and makes you look slimmer.

5. Avoid Leggings and Go for Jeans

image of how to wear crop top with bellyfat - Extra Large Living

We all love leggings and would be lost without them, but they’re not a great pairing with crop tops. Unless you have thick leggings that are well-structured, we would recommend steering clear of leggings.

Jeans have a sturdier construction, and can better sculpt your belly, so we would recommend going for a pair of jeans instead. But make sure you are wearing the pants properly, here is how to keep pants up with a big belly.

6. Combine with a Sweater for Winter

It’s always a shame to put your summer wardrobe away for winter, but why not layer a cropped sweater with a summer dress?

This is a super cute look, especially when you pair pastel sweaters with floral dresses. To make sure you’re toasty and chic, pair with sheer pantyhose and ankle boots.

If you want to be sassy rather than cute, wear a slinky dress with a side slit and thigh-high boots. That’s what we call a hot winter look!

7. Layer Your Top

Following on from our above tip, layer your crop top no matter what the weather! Some people have the misconception that crop tops are trashy but layering them is a surefire way to avoid a trashy look.

If you want a look that is both chic and modest, why not pair a jacquard crop top with a tunic shirt? Who said crop tops can’t look professional!

8. Peplum Tops Are Your New Best Friend

Peplum tops should be in every curvy girl’s wardrobe. They have a high waist with a pleated strip of fabric around it, that conceals your belly seamlessly and creates an hourglass figure. It may come as a surprise to know that peplum tops can also come in cropped versions.

It’s a killer look that is only emphasized by a belt, preferably embellished or a contrasting color to make it pop. It’s the ultimate flattering silhouette for plus-sized women.

9. Wear Dark Colors

One of the cleverest ways to conceal belly fat is to wear dark clothes as it makes you look slimmer, and your belly look smaller. Dark-colored crop tops are no exception.

Dark tops are also great for concealing folds and drawing attention away from your love handles. To create a slim silhouette, pair a black crop with dark bottoms.

10. Wear Loose-Fitting Crop Tops

Baggy crop tops are not only stylish, but they can accentuate your figure too. They don’t emphasize or cling to your belly fat, rather they are ideal for concealing it.

However, it’s important that your baggy crop tops compliment your pants, as they can make your torso smaller.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! 10 ways you can wear a crop top if you have belly fat and show off how gorgeous you are! Who said curvy and plus-size girls can’t pull off a revealing crop? This is a misconception that we hope will soon go out of style.

If you keep these 10 tips in mind, a crop top is sure to look flattering on you. However, the most important voice to listen to is your own, and after trying on a crop top once your body confidence in wearing this style will only grow. We hope our tips have motivated you to step out of your comfort zone and join the body love revolution! Check out Extra Large Living for more information!