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One of the most difficult parts of having a plus-sized figure is finding a deodorant that truly works for you and helps to keep your skin safe, while also preventing body odor from building up.

There are so many different deodorant products available on the market, and each one offers a different stable of benefits. This can make it incredibly hard to choose the perfect one for you!

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You’re probably reading this now because you’ve heard about the new and exciting Lume brand of deodorant products, and now you want to know if they are right for you.

What makes them so different from commercial deodorants and traditional deodorants? Are there any other additional details that you should know about?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because today we are going to take a deep look at Lume deodorant and its product details to find out once and for all whether it is worth the price!

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What makes lume unique?

One of the things that help Lume natural deodorant to stand out among such heavy competition is that it is not just designed for use under the arms but can also easily be used elsewhere across the body.

Applying this deodorant is easy and takes only 4-5 seconds, and you only need a pea-sized amount. Wherever your body may cause an odor, Lume will help to keep it smelling fresh. It’s totally unlike any other deodorant or soap.

Customer reviews are always incredibly singing the praises of these products. They’re totally rave reviews!

Lume makes it clear from the get-go that not only does their deodorant make you smell amazing, but it also stops smells from building up in the first place.

Lume body deodorant does not simply mask odors but prevents them from even escaping in the first place, no matter where you use it, including belly buttons!

You can also count on Lume natural deodorant to keep you smelling fresh for more than 72 hours without fail!

We put the 72- HOUR ODOR CONTROL to the test ourselves and found that it really did help to keep us smelling our best, even after multiple intensive days of hard work, and even into multiple lunch times!

This helps you to save a lot of money in the long run, and make the most of the product.

Is this deodorant safe?

Yes! In fact, Lume deodorant has been proven to be even safer than some of the most popular natural deodorant brands in the world.

Previous deodorants that you may have used are often full of chemicals that can prove harmful to the human body over time.

Using these products will help you to maintain healthy skin. Customer reviews and customer questions have also shown that these products are safe for use with people with all skin types.

Every positive review will fill you with confidence. You’ll even be smelling good by lunch time, as even though they are safe to use, they are also still effective.

Lume natural deodorants are free of sulfates, talc, artificial fragrances, mandelic acid, aluminum, baking soda, and other harsh ingredients.

This means that the deodorant is perfectly safe for even the most sensitive of skin and can be used across all of your many sweat glands without causing an adverse reaction!

Though make sure to avoid contact with your eyes! The active ingredients of the products ensure they get right to work on your skin.

As well as all this, there are also no harmful ingredients used to create the actual product packaging. including the squeeze tube, so you can also rest assured that you are helping to protect the environment around you!

No harmful dyes

There are also no potentially harmful dyes to be found in the deodorants, which helps save on costs for producing the deodorants, and prevents the chances of allergens irritating any sensitive skin.

And if you have plenty of tummy folds, or you need something that is perfect for irritated skin, then Lume products are the ones for you.

Lume natural deodorant is also totally vegan and cruelty-free. No animal testing is involved in helping to bring the product to fruition!

Can you use on your private parts?

Yes, you can use Lume deodorants on your private parts, because Lume natural deodorant is made only with safe and vegan ingredients, you can be sure that even some of your more sensitive areas won’t become incredibly uncomfortable.

There are absolutely no harmful ingredients in Lume deodorants. In fact, the natural nature of the ingredients in this deodorant also ensures that toxins do not end up trapped in your skin and your pores, improving the health of your skin in the long run!

And if you needed even more reassurance that this product is totally safe for use on the entirety of the body, it was also uniquely designed by Shannon Klingman, who is a fully qualified doctor.

You’ll know that you are in safe hands using this product!

Where Can You Buy Lume Deodorant?

Luckily, purchasing Lume deodorants from their product collection is just as simple as using them yourself!  You can also order quickly from Amazon.com.

You can order them directly from the Lume website, and the website also hosts a number of unique sales and discounts, making it worthwhile to keep your eyes on the website to catch any great deals on excellent products!

When first ordering from Lume, you can also select a Starter Pack bundle which comes at a significantly reduced cost and gives you a sample of what Lume has to offer in topical products.

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Lume also makes paying for their products incredibly safe, thanks to their unparalleled payment security which goes hand in hand with their excellent web design and customer service!

Lume also offers a massive number of bundles amongst their product collection that change throughout the year, and sometimes on a daily basis, as well as the option to create your own custom bundles to help you to customize your experience, while also saving massive amounts of money on cosmetic products.

And if you ever encounter any problems with your orders, the customer service at Lume is top-notch, and you can ensure that you will get exactly the help you are looking for.

Most Popular Scent 

Amongst the most popular and beloved of Lume’s many cosmetic products are options such as the Coconut Crush scent, and the Cucumber Melon.

Both of these delightful scents easily help you to smell amazing.

And the refreshing odors are reminiscent of relaxing holidays in exotic landscapes. We totally adored Coconut Crush, because it smelt like being whisked away on vacation.

Another popular scent includes Sandalwood Citrus, which has plenty of floral notes that are fresh and earthy. This is a great option for the summer months!

How Long for Shipping

If you are ordering Lume products directly from their website, and you are based in the United States, then you will gain access to free shipping, if your order is over $25 in value.

For all areas outside of the United States, shipping may take slightly longer, at around 21 days at the longest.

Shipping times can also vary massively if you purchase Lume deodorant products from other retailers.

For instance, if you were to buy Lume products from a retailer in your area, then you will likely experience much shorter shipping and delivery times.

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To Wrap Up

As you can likely tell, we totally adore Lume’s selection of awesome products that are perfectly suited for larger figures, and for those with sensitive skin.

They’re better than some of the most popular commercial deodorants and regular deodorants! Every time you purchase a cosmetic product from Lume, you’ll get an excellent product.

Their products are made to be environmentally conscious, and only make use of the best natural ingredients, so you can be sure that you are kept smelling fresh without worrying about harming yourself or the wider environment.

As well as this, Lume products are also highly affordable despite their specialized ingredients and quality construction, such as in the squeeze tube products.

Lume makes it easy to save countless dollars on your orders thanks to their generous bundles and deals that rotate throughout the year, allowing you to experience the best of Lume without a heavy price tag weighing you down!