Updated on July 7th, 2023 at 07:41 pm

You’ve finally done it. You’ve wanted to cycle for years as a way to be healthier, but you never really found the time to go, or you never really felt confident enough to go out for a cycle around the neighborhood.

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At any rate, the majority of adults cycling are decked out in the most expensive or eye-catching gear, and a specialized extra wide bike seat and that just isn’t your jam.

So, instead, you bought a peloton bike for inside your home. The perfect little purchase that helps you get in your daily exercise while watching TV.

Perfect. But when you open it, you aren’t really sure about how it works or what the weight limit is and aren’t sure if it is an exercise bike with 400lb capacity. After all, it looks very small and a little unstable.

So, what is the weight limit? Is it something we need to worry about or not? That is exactly what we are here to find out.

What is a peloton bike?

First, let’s take a look at what a peloton bike is and how it works. Basically, a peloton bike is known as a stationary exercise bike.

It is designed to mimic the feel of a regular pedal bike and offer a low impact but effective way to get in a great cardio workout from the comfort of your own home.

The reason for the peloton bike’s success compared to other stationary exercise bikes is that it offers more. In fact, it is often called the ‘luxury exercise bike’, due to the accessories that come with it.

Peloton bikes have speakers and a screen on them, allowing you to load a lesson on the screen, so you can cycle along to whatever they are saying.

The bike also supports Chromecast, so you can transfer lessons to a compatible bigger screen in the house as well. You can even talk to other peloton users with the microphone function, if you want to cycle with others.

The screen offers you metrics of your cycling patterns and progress. It will show you the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burned, seeing exactly how hard and fast you’ve pushed your body.

Finally, the peloton bike also connects to the internet, which lets you update your bike’s technological function in much the same way a computer does.

This will give you constant access to the newest upgrades and features peloton has to offer.

What is the peloton bike’s weight limit?

If you are buying an expensive and fancy new bike, you definitely want to know exactly what it can hold.

The last thing you want is to get an exercise bike and unwrap it, only to find that the only person it can hold is a supermodel who eats an apple twice a week as their meal.

So, the maximum weight for a peloton bike is between 295 and 300 pounds. The seat is just not designed for anyone over that weight, and for those that are, you should definitely look elsewhere for your biking needs, such as these recumbent exercise bikes with 500 lb capacity.

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Now, that isn’t to say that the peloton bike will break the moment you hit the 300 threshold, because it won’t. Many people who are closer to 350 or 400 pounds have used peloton bikes and experienced no issues.

The problem is that it will wear down the bikes, and they last for significantly less time. You don’t want to pay $400 for a bike only for it to break within 6 months of using it.

If peloton, the company, can prove you have been using it over the weight limit as well, you unintentionally void the warranty, which will leave you completely out of pocket.

Therefore, we would recommend looking elsewhere for your exercise biking needs if you exceed the weight limit. And if you are looking to branch out to regular bikes there are some great bikes for overweight women.

Is a peloton bike worth the price?

Here’s the thing. So, you’ve finally gotten the bike, you’ve checked everything, and it all looks good, now you’re ready to try it out. Now the question is, is a peloton bike worth the price? Realistically, this depends on you as the owner.

If you never use the bike, then no, it is not worth the money at all. If you use it, but it doesn’t provide you with the comfort or exercise that you need, then it is probably not worth it either.

However, many customers of these bikes swear by them and peloton has gone from a relatively obscure company to a powerhouse in just a few years for a reason.

The bikes themselves are very sturdy and offer a lot of low impact riding for how long you have them. The company has made sure every bike has a few additional features that people love to use.

Generally, the company and the bikes are well received and reviewed, so it is only natural that many people think they are worth buying.

Still, this all comes down to how often you use it. With that said though, if you use it even semi-regularly and enjoy it, we would say that it is then worth the money.

How often should I use it?

This answer depends on how hard and intense you want your cycling session to be.

If you cycle at a reasonable pace over a long period of time with the exercise not being too intense, then we would say you are okay to cycle every day, as long as you give yourself a rest day every week should you need it.

If you are cycling a fairly intense training regimen that really challenges the body and lasts for a while, then maybe keep it to 2 to 3 times a week.

Your body needs rest every now and again, and the harder you push it, the more rest it needs.

You will never see marathon runners running the distance of a marathon when not competing because their bodies can’t handle it. You should treat your body the same.


Peloton bikes have a weight limit of 300 pounds but can hold a heavier person. The problem is the bike won’t last as long, and the expense of the bike probably means you don’t want to lose it in such a short space of time.

However, they can hold quite a bit of weight and given that they have a lot of gadgets and fun accessories, you may want to buy one for yourself. For more information be sure to check out Extra Large Living.