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Most women reach for a pair of sweatpants when they need something comfortable to lounge in. While they get the job done, they are often overused and need a break. A sweatshirt dress is the perfect clothing to break the monotony.

Like sweatpants, sweatshirts are comfy but with a little more polish. They add a flash of leg through a shortened hem or slit, helping you achieve a sexy feminine look with leisurewear. Unfortunately, overweight ladies have difficulty finding stylish and comfortable sweatshirts in their size.

As a plus-size lady, I’ve gone ahead to test and review different plus-size sweatshirts and compiled a list of the best. The MISSKY Women’s Sweatshirt Casual Hooded Dress stood out like a sore thumb.

Best plus-size sweatshirt dress

Missky women’s sweatshirt casual hooded dress

image of missky women’s sweatshirt casual hooded dress - Extra Large Living
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MiSSKY is a dynamic women’s designer brand that prides itself in producing high-quality products. This casual sweatshirt isn’t any different. They made it from a combination of cotton and spandex, making it soft and comfortable to wear. It’s a cute outfit that will accentuate your curves beautifully, and it can go well with lowcut shoes, tall boots, or leggings.

Though the fabric is thick, its sufficient for a colder summer evening but not winter. Since it’s stretchy and on the thinner side, it’s easy to layer over it. The short-sleeved version is slightly longer than the long-sleeved version. It’s available in multiple solid colors and has a large kangaroo pocket that’s perfect for stashing your keys, cell phone, and hands-on a cold day.

Note: don’t wear it on a hot day to avoid getting drenched in sweat.


  • Available in 3XL
  • Warm and cozy
  • Comes in a range of solid colors
  • Fits curves


  • It might be loose on the hips

Kimmery Long Sleeve Dress for Women Lightweight Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie Dress

image of kimmery long sleeve dress for women lightweight kangaroo pocket hoodie dress - Extra Large Living
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If you are looking for a modest sweatshirt, this plus-size Kimmery Sweatshirt Hoodie Dress is perfect. It’s knee-length, hugs the body but is not too tight that it’s uncomfortable or too loose that it looks frumpy.

It has a V-neck design that shows some skin on the upper chest without showing cleavage when you bend over. I especially love the three-button décor on the neck, which breaks color monotony and adds life to the sweatshirt. The hoodie and the kangaroo pockets are a great addition, especially for those who are always cold. While the kangaroo pocket can hold your phone or keys, it also hides your tummy.


  • Available in 2XL
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Covers the knees
  • Beautiful V-neck button detail
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • Don’t wear if you get hot easily
  • It gets baggy after a while and shrinks back to size after washing

Quenteen women christmas hooded dress

image of quenteen women christmas hooded dress - Extra Large Living
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Unlike the MISSKY and Kimmery sweatshirt dresses, this Quenteen sweatshirt dress is oversized. So if you want something that’ll hug your curves, I suggest getting a smaller size. But if you want to hide some unsightly bumps, then it’s perfect.

With that said, it has a comfortable, soft, and stretchy fabric. However, the stretch is parallel to the stitching on the back loop, which means that the left-to-right stretch is decent and minimal vertically. The pull-on closure hoodie sweatshirt dress has large kangaroo pockets situated a little lower than most.

The oversize design makes layering easier to keep you warmer on cold winters. You can pair it with chunky sneakers for a girl’s night out.


  • Flattering cut
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Knee-length and long-sleeved
  • Loose-fitting
  • 2XL


  • Added a stiff plastic strip on the shoulder seams that digs into the skin
  • Mostly made from polyester instead of cotton

Womens Wenven Dress Hoodie Sweatshirt

image of womens wenven dress hoodie sweatshirt - Extra Large Living
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If you are searching for a long sweatshirt dress, this is the best one yet. It has an ankle-length design which is perfect for cold weather and for those who’d rather not show off their legs. The fabric is warm, courtesy of the fleece on the inside.

Because it has a loose fit, it doesn’t flatter the body and is perfect for lounging. I love that the sleeves are long, and the kangaroo pocket is deep enough. However, the fabric is a little heavy. So if you don’t like clothing weighing on you, you might not like it.

On the bright side, the loose-fitting leaves ample room to layer clothing if need be.


  • Loose fit to hide unsightly bumps
  • Soft fabric
  • Warm
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • 2XL
  • Stylish dress
  • Covers the whole body


  • Heavy fabric
  • Not 100% cotton
  • The neck opening should have been a little larger

Auxo women Long-sleeve hoodies dress

image of auxo women Long-sleeve hoodies dress - Extra Large Living
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If you need something that’ll help you make a statement and garner a lot of compliments, this is the sweatshirt dress for you. It’s made of polyester and spandex, so it hugs the curves perfectly.

It’s an above-the-knee hoodie dress, so you’ll be showing off the thighs. Unlike most sweatshirt dresses, it has a ribbed cuff at the hem to secure the dress without being too tight. As a result, the dress doesn’t ride up. The ribbed cuff design is on the arms, which helps to keep the sleeves in place.

Instead of kangaroo pockets, it has side pockets that add to the hips. Also, the tie-dye designs are beautiful. However, for a hoodie sweatshirt, the fabric is a little too light for cold weather. On the bright side, this leaves room for layering with a stylish jacket.


  • Comfortable
  • Shows of the curves
  • Side pockets add to the hips
  • Doesn’t ride up
  • 3XL


  • Not lined
  • Thin fabric
  • The colors are a little off

GIBLY Women’s Sweatshirt Dress Casual Striped Long Sleeve Dress with Pockets

image of gibly women's sweatshirt dress casual striped long sleeve dress with pockets - Extra Large Living
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The first thing that caught my eye with the GIBLY Women’s Sweatshirt Dress was the double strips on both sleeves, and it adds a beautiful contrast to the solid color design. It’s made quite cozy despite being made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The polyester gives it some stretchiness which hugs the body subtly.

I love that the fabric isn’t too thick or light, hence ideal for daily wear. The pockets on the thighs aren’t too deep but will hold keys and your cellphone with no problems. I should point out that when you raise your arms, it slides too high up. Best to pair it with shorts if you’ll be raising your arms for any reason.

You can style it with slacks, Leggings, shorts, jeans, high heels, Over the knee boots, and flats for a sexier look when running errands.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • 2XL


  • Runs large
  • Hand wash only

And the best sweatshirt dress plus-size is…

image of missky women’s sweatshirt casual hooded dress - Extra Large Living

Missky women’s sweatshirt casual hooded dress

Before getting a plus size sweater dress, consider all aspects of the item, including color, size, and fabric. I’ve created a list of stylish and, most importantly, size-appropriate sweatshirt dresses for overweight women. The MISSKY Women’s Sweatshirt Casual Hooded Dress is long and tapers in the right places. It’s made from cotton and has just the right amount of stretch.

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Factors to consider before buying a plus size sweatshirt dress

  • Size – very few sweatshirt dresses are available in overweight sizes. Be on the lookout for sweatshirt dresses in 2XL and above. For instance, the MISSKY Women’s Sweatshirt Casual Hooded Dress comes in a 3XL.
  • Design – we all have different tastes when it comes to designs. Luckily, some come in hoodie designs, and others in round necks. Choose whichever design is appealing to you and flatters your body type.
  • Material – the material used to make the dress affects its comfort and stretch. Most quality sweatshirt dresses are made from cotton and polyester. The MISSKY Women’s Sweatshirt Casual Hooded Dress is 100% cotton and has just enough stretch.
  • Comfort – the last thing you want is to have an uncomfortable sweatshirt dress. Comfort is both physical and mental. If the fabric doesn’t feel nice on the skin, it’s a no-no. Also, if it’s too short and you’ll feel uncomfortable in it in public, avoid it.

Are sweatshirt dresses professional?

Depending on the design, it can be. There are many flattering and professional sweatshirt dresses that double as casual and leisurewear.

Can you wear a sweatshirt dress with leggings?

Provided it hangs straight or skims the body and isn’t too tight, you can. Generally, chunky plus size sweater dresses look great with leggings. Looking for more than a Plus size sweat shirt? Extra Large Living recently completed several reviews that you may enjoy. Be sure to check them out.