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Finding the best plus size jeggings can be a daunting task, especially for plus size women who are looking for something comfortable and flattering.

Thankfully, brands carrying more plus size jeggings are rising to the occasion and offering thoughtful construction and on-trend styles in a wide range of sizes. More brands have come up with fabric technologies to improve comfort and compliment your body curves.

So, the team at extralargeliving.com decided to round up the best plus size jeggings from top brands, focused on making high quality plus size clothing in the list below.

Best plus-size jeggings

Amazon essentials women’s standard plus size pull-on knit jegging

image of amazon essentials women’s standard plus size pull-on knit jegging - Extra Large Living
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The Amazon essential women’s standard jegging is set out to give you comfort and premium fabric quality at friendly prices. These versatile stretch pants are designed to hold their shape well and ensure you get all-day comfort with a stylish look. They have a built-in tummy-smoothing panel around the waist that gives you a comfortable shape.

The materials used in making these amazing jeggings are made of cotton 52%, spandex 9%, and polyester 39%. This makes it sturdy and stretchy for the most supportive fit. The waistband is 1.7″ wide, and it can stretch 3″ firmly.

The frontal pockets are non-functional, but they have functional back pockets that you could still use in case you need them. You can clean the pants using a machine wash with non-chlorine bleach if required, but the manufacturer advises against dry cleaning on their website.


  • They are super stretchy size jeggings and provide comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Classic color
  • Soft
  • High-quality fabric
  • Durable
  • Stylish touch


  • Not suitable for cold climate
  • Front pockets and fly are faux

Wallflower women’s juniors irresistible denim jegging jeans

image of wallflower women’s juniors irresistible denim jegging jeans - Extra Large Living
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Vertically challenged women require elegant casual pants. Wallflower women’s junior jeggings is a great example.

This brand gives you a modern touch with great fabric composition for your comfort. It contains 73% cotton, 3% spandex, and 24% of the material is polyester. Due to the high cotton content, they don’t shrink when worn or washed.

The pants are a tight fit with a skinny leg opening that will make you look fashionable and classy. The Wallflower jeggings are not baggy like jeans. They support your stomach well and fit your curves to provide comfort all day long.

It is super-stretchy denim with single-button closure, deep back pockets, and strong stitching, so they don’t get torn when putting them on.

We can only recommend that you order 1 size smaller than your actual size because they can stretch after washing repeatedly and might become a bit baggy after a few cycles.


  • Tight fit with a skinny leg opening
  • High-quality fabric
  • Stylish look
  • Perfect length
  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • It is machine washable
  • Lightweight


  • Might become baggy after a few cycles of washing. Order 1 size smaller
  • The skinny leg design might be too tight at the ankles

Yelete women’s plus size stretchy jeggings with 5 pockets

image of yelete women’s plus size stretchy jeggings with 5 pockets - Extra Large Living
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Enjoy Yelete women’s jeggings for daily casual wear. The pants offer you the convenience of no zippers. They are comfortable pull-on jeggings that feature five pockets, strong belt loops, and a button at the front with a fly zipper. Yelete puts its customer first when designing these denim jeggings.

With a classic silhouette design, the pants are very smooth, can be stretched, and fit like a glove. They look almost the same as leggings, the price is low, and delivery takes just a few days.

A Rhinestone pocket design and button embellishment highlight the classy look and feel. Materials used are 68% cotton, 5% spandex, and 27% polyester. They are super comfy and look very fashionable.

Are you afraid of baggy pants? Yelete jeggings have an extra stretchy design with a slim featured look that fits your curves nicely and make you feel at ease as you carry on with your day to day activities in style.

What makes these plus-sized jeggings look good on any larger women is solid colors and soft fabric.


  • Extra stretchy
  • Comfortable
  • It has a button and a fly zipper at the front
  • High-quality fabric
  • Form-fitted


  • They are super comfortable, but the wear life is a bit short

Prolific Health Women’s Jean Look Jeggings Tights Yoga Many Colors Spandex Leggings Pants

image of prolific health women's jean look jeggings tights yoga many colors spandex leggings pants - Extra Large Living
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Prolific health women’s jeggings are ultra-soft high-quality fabric pants that are available in plus and regular sizes. These pants have a spandex blend that helps keep you comfortable always.

If you wash the jeggings many times, it does not lose the soft texture like jeans. It has more than 30 colors to choose from and multiple sizes for every body size, so you can easily match them with everything you have in your closet.

These prolific health jeggings can be worn for any occasion. You can wear them at work or home. They are available in plus and regular sizes. The manufacturer offers excellent customer service on the items you purchase from them, and they will replace if you aren’t satisfied.

The pants have front pockets, back pockets, and a few belt loops at the waist. The fabric used is breathable, lightweight, and very soft. It does not feel restricting or scratchy, unlike traditional jeans.

Unfortunately, we don’t have tummy control and front zipper in this jeggings model, but it has an elastic waistband that fits just right when you choose your perfect size.


  • They are super comfortable
  • Lightweight, breathable and soft fabric
  • Over 30 colors to choose from
  • Fashionable
  • Machine washable
  • Good stroke width


  • No tummy control
  • The front zipper is just a faux

Ylluo Jean look jeggings for women

image of ylluo Jean look jeggings for women - Extra Large Living
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The quality of the Ylluo jean-look jeggings is amazing! The fabric is an excellent blend of 68% cotton, 5% spandex, and 27% polyester.

They are very easy to wear, soft to the touch, comfy, and lightweight. These jeggings are stylish, and you can buy them in your favorite color. The jeggings look more natural and have that cotton feel than other jeggings because it has more cotton than spandex and polyester.

It is a pull-up design with 5 pockets in total. Two pockets in the back and two in the front, which is enough to hold everything you might want. They are designed to keep you feeling comfortable all day long at a lower price.

Ylluo jean look jeggings are perfect for a variety of occasions, including home, work, club, sports, beach, and any other everyday activities. Once you place your order, the shipping only takes a few days, which is very convenient.

These trendy jeggings have great solid colors that are clear and true. They are just the perfect props for poolside glam shots or even night party pics. This item is available at an affordable price, and shipping orders do not take long.


  • Solid, true colors
  • 5 pockets
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Form-fitted


  • Some users find that they are somewhat large, so order 1 size smaller

And the best plus-size jeggings are…

image of amazon essentials women’s standard plus size pull-on knit jegging - Extra Large Living

Amazon essentials women’s standard plus size pull-on knit jegging

Amazon Essentials Plus Size Pull-on Knit Jeggings offer the most flattering shape for plus-size women because they stretch to fit your curves, and they have a tummy-smoothing panel around the waist. They score highly for comfort, and they have functional back pockets that can fit a smartphone. You won’t need to use a filter when taking photos because the colors are vibrant and classy.

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A guide to help you choose the best jeggings for plus-size women

Jeggings can be defined as stretchable leggings made of flexible fabric. They look like skinny jeans. They are often made of expandable spandex material or polyester.

When choosing jeggings, go for a pair that is heavier. This is because a thinner fabric will show through or make your panty line visible.

Jeggings are designed to fit tight on your body. For them to look flattering on you, the pants should be tight such that you will not require a belt for them to stay on. But they should not be so tight on your knees. This can make bending down painful.

What to wear with jeggings

Jeggings are an excellent choice if you have a hard time finding a pair of jeans that will fit you in the thighs and waist yet sculpts your lower body to make it appear slimmer. They pair well with tunics and other flowy tops. You can also wear them with heels, long tops, sweaters, and still be in style.

Choosing the right size of jeggings

Making the right choice when it comes to choosing jeggings matters a lot; you have to check all the product details. Bulges do not look good on anyone, no matter your body size or curve.

Tights and jeggings can cut your waist and create a tummy bulge. Remember that a tighter pant will not make you look slimmer. Lose jeggings will not make you look larger than you already are.

To ensure that you choose the jeggings that fit you right, consider taking your measurements.

We suggest pairing your jeggings with a crisp button-down shirt and heels for a bold look.

Do jeggings look good on plus-size women?

Plus-size jeggings look great on any plus size women because they stretch and fit in your curves. If you are plus size, it does not mean that jeggings and other form-fitting clothes are off-limits. These are the most flattering types of clothes in your wardrobe that you will feel good wearing from time to time because they show your curve.

What is the best fabric for plus-size jeggings?

Cotton is a good material considering that it is soft, comfy, and breathable. However, cotton does not stretch well like other fabrics such as polyester. It will not hold up like polyester, which leads to the dreaded baggy knees and others. Look out for cotton that has been sustainably produced if you put the environment first.

Polyester jeggings last for a longer period of time than cotton pants and are good for working out. Some even have sweat-wicking qualities.
Jerseys were initially made of wool only. Today they are made using synthetic fiber, wool, and cotton, which shows just how much the fabric concept has changed.

We hope you enjoyed this review and we were able to help you choose a great fitting pair of Jeggings.  While here at Extra Large Living.com you may want to also check out our recent reviews of the best Christmas pajamas, ugly Christmas sweaters, Smart for Life diet cookies, Rubber boots for wide calfs, and our favorite Oversized sofas that recline. Please be sure to check back often for even more in-depth reviews.