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Whether you’re wearing them to yoga class or just to warm up on a cold winter’s day, leggings are a must-have for many people. Choosing any plus-size leggings can be challenging, however, and that’s why we’re here to help with today’s list. Let’s get started with our pick for Best Overall:

Best plus-size leggings

Rbx active women’s plus size full length leggings

image of rbx active women’s plus size full length leggings - Extra Large Living
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Among the many brands, RBX stands out with this comfortable, warming, and well-fitting option. They’re machine-washable and have 5 pockets and some big enough for large smartphones. One drawback is that you’re limited to two colors.


  • Comfortable material
  • Many pockets, including those big enough for large smartphones
  • Machine-washable
  • Great fit


  • Very limited color choice

Valandy high waisted leggings for women

image of valandy high waisted leggings for women - Extra Large Living
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The best feature of these is that they feel as soft and comfortable as pajamas, but also keep that tummy in check, so you really get the best of both worlds. In plus-size terms, they’re “one size fits all” but it works, believe me. You can get them in 5 different colors.

One tiny complaint: the claims of opaqueness only last until you either bend or squat.


  • Soft and comfy like pajamas
  • Amazing slim-look effect
  • One size fits all
  • Many color options


  • Don’t stay non-see-through when doing exercise moves

Baleaf women’s fleece lined winter leggings

image of baleaf women’s fleece lined winter leggings - Extra Large Living
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This offering comes with 13 percent Spandex — more than typical — for great durability and quality feel. The fleece lining is warm and makes them even comfier to wear. Another great feature is that they don’t attract pet hair. They do need cold-water washing and line drying, but they’re still a solid purchase.


  • High Spandex content
  • Warm and comfortable fleece lining
  • Don’t attract pet hair


  • Cold-water wash only

Leggings for women plus size high waisted thick

image of leggings for women plus size high waisted thick - Extra Large Living
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This offering from Seawhisper comes with a great value price tag and is made of very comfy and breathable 95 percent cotton. They’ll give you a good slimming effect but without being constricting. The’re long, too, which is great for tall buyers, and the material completely opaque. I just wish they also came fleece-lined!


  • Nice, breathable cotton
  • Shaping and slimming without constriction
  • Absolutely opaque – no see-through moments


  • No fleece lining – not as warm in winter

yeuG black leggings for women

image of yeug black leggings for women - Extra Large Living
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These leggings from yeuG are particularly good for exercising. The high-waist tummy slimming, soft fabric, opaque colors, and great-value price make them ideal for those who put leggings through their paces. Each set comes in multiple colors, and there are plenty of sizes for plus-size leggings buyers to choose.


  • Durable for exercisers
  • Great choice in sizes and colors
  • Fantastic value
  • Effective tummy control


  • Material needs to be a little stretchier

Marika Women’s Plus Size Jenni High Rise Pocket Legging

image of marika women's plus size jenni high rise pocket legging - Extra Large Living
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Arguably the best feature in these is the unique mesh lining in the waistband that offers brilliant waist/belly control. They also have a high 13 percent Spandex content, making them comfortable and breathable.

They have pockets, but just nothing for larger items like a premium smartphone.


  • Unique mesh-lined waistband design
  • Supportive but comfortable/breathable
  • High Spandex content


  • Pockets only good for very small items

And the best plus size leggings is…

image of rbx active women’s plus size full length leggings - Extra Large Living

Rbx active women’s plus size full length leggings

Many items in this list bring some individual details that make them great for a particular use, but the RBX offering is the most encompassing of any in our selection.

Colors and styles are limited, but their pockets, machine-washable construction, slimming effect, and the all-important fleece lining for cold winter days — the other products struggle to compare, but all of the above items bring something to their categories.

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What are the best leggings for plus-size women ?

The close-fitting styles of a pair of leggings have often made those with a plus-size body feel they shouldn’t be wearing them; that they’re the “wrong look.”

As you can see from the details above, however, there are many great choices, and the best plus-size leggings you’ll notice have several key factors in common: a good range of sizes, a supportive waistband, durable stitching, an opaque color/hue, and comfortable fabrics.

Choosing a size that is comfortable in every zone — waist, crotch, rear, thigh, Calf, and ankle — is crucial. You don’t want a pair that run too big or small in one area. Consult a chart to ensure you get the right fit. Prices are not a top concern when we’re looking more for results in support, durability, and comfort.

US buyers also like to show their personality, so any store with a nice choice of opaque colors, styles, and prints make a great pick to get the perfect plus-size leggings, too.

Can plus-size wear leggings?

Whether you want to work out or just feel comfortable at home, leggings are a great item for the plus-size wearer. Sellers are increasingly aware of the plus-size demand and look in the US and are catering to it.

Plus-size leggings give you freedom of movement, and that matters when exercising. They also feature material that can wick sweat, stretch as you move, and sit comfortably against the skin the whole time. You might say that a plus-size person should wear leggings.

Fabletics – good for plus size ?

The popular Fabletics brand does have a great selection of plus-size items in their dedicated “Plus Shop” store. The brand has a big focus on quality, and while you do pay a premium for that, you can also find terrific deals, even on new arrivals.

Their online store can ship all over the country, and you can get up to half off on first and all orders and shipping if you sign up with a VIP account. You can find more details on their website.

Do lululemon leggings fit plus size ?

After decades of brand fans being disappointed at not being able to order plus-size leggings, the good news is that Lululemon has seen the light and now do offer bigger sizes and styles for their customers.

To be more precise, Vancouver-based Lululemon is now offering styles up to size 20. In the past, they had only ever offered sizes 12 and 14 on a limited range of items, so for those with curves who appreciate this big-name leggings brand, these new arrivals have been a long time coming.

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