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Overalls are cozy, comfy, and versatile. Whether they are distressed, classic, oversized, or baggy, you can pair them with a t-shirt or a top. Unfortunately, finding the best overalls for women plus-size is a daunting task even with numerous brands on the market.

I rounded up some great choices that will flatter your every curve. The Carhartt Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls especially have the heart of many women, and I’m one of them.

Best overalls for plus size women

Carhartt Women’s Duck Bib Overalls

image of carhartt women's duck bib overalls - Extra Large Living
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Carhartt takes pride in creating dependable Workwear for hardworking women that fit better. While it’s difficult to get the fit right for every woman, they do a great job of making these Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls fit well.

The pair is made from cotton and has a nylon quilted lining to keep you warm. It has adjustable elastic suspenders with a buckle and a zip front. I love that it features multiple pockets to hold small work tools, and the elastic waist holds them in place. Though the legs have a straight design, they are wide enough to cover your work shoes.

All in all, this pair of overalls has enough room to layer when it’s cold, and though the fabric is thick, they aren’t bulky.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Elastic waist
  • Lots of room for mobility
  • Available in 3XL
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Double-layer knees for extra protection


  • The waist is tight
  • The overall is heavy

Dickies women’s plus size denim bib overall

image of dickies women’s plus size denim bib overall - Extra Large Living
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Dickies made these plus-size denim overalls for women who like to make a fashion statement but still feel comfortable enough to work in them. As a tall, plus-size lady, you’ll love that they run long and are baggy enough to fit over your boots.

I loved that they don’t look manly, yet they have enough features to make them practical and durable. For instance, it has a functional hammer loop and a scuff guard at the heel for extra protection. Also, it has many pockets to store small items when you are working.

Though they don’t have fur, their relaxed-fitting allows ample layering to stay warm.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Loose fit
  • Feminine look
  • Long


  • They don’t have a lot of stretch in them
  • Too long for short people

Twiinsisters plus size natural curve enhancing overalls with comfort stretch

image of twiinsisters plus size natural curve enhancing overalls with comfort stretch - Extra Large Living
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TwiinSisters pride themselves in creating chic and glamorous fashion for women, and they achieve that with these Women’s Plus Size Natural Curve Enhancing Slim Fitted Overalls with Comfort Stretch. The best word to describe this pair is sexy.

They are made from cotton and spandex; hence they are comfortable and stretchy. As a plus-size person, I love that they hug my curves in the right places. They also have cuts on the knees and light streaks on the thighs, making them more fun.

The pockets on the front are deep enough to hold your phone or other smaller items safely. For most ladies, the legs are a little long, and luckily, they look great even with a folded hem.


  • Comfortable and sexy
  • Multiple pockets
  • Available in size 2X
  • Long length
  • Side buttons for better fitting


  • The rips may be too much for some ladies

Levi’s Vintage Overalls Women’s

image of levi's vintage overalls women's - Extra Large Living
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Levi’s has mastered authenticity in making their overalls, and this shines through in the vintage color and style this pair features.

These plus-size denim overalls are made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and elastine, making it cozy, a little stretchy, and durable. It has a high-rise waist that helps conceal the tummy, and the leg length sits right at the ankles.

Levi describes it as a regular fit, but I noticed it has a little snug at the waist, but this isn’t anything unbuttoning one side button cannot fix. However, it has sufficient room in the stomach, butt, and legs to accommodate your curves. The hook and eye closure are adjustable, and the bib has three pocket compartments. On paper, it sounds great, but they can hardly fit a phone.

The three side buttons are great for adjustability and add to the beauty.


  • The denim doesn’t shrink
  • Side buttons for comfort
  • High rise waist
  • Enough room in the butt, legs, and stomach
  • Beautiful vintage color


  • The straps are scrappy and keep pinching the hair
  • A little tighter at the waist

Yesno women Long casual loose bib pants overalls

image of yesno women long casual loose bib pants overalls - Extra Large Living
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For women who want something casual, fun, and baggy, these YESNO overalls are perfect. They have a unique design that’ll get you compliments.

For instance, instead of a hook and eye closure, it has an adjustable button strap with buttons along with a large breast pocket. On the side, it features cute drawstrings to cinch around the waist for a contoured or looser fit. The front pockets are well made and don’t sag when you store items in them.

The baggy look is complemented with a tapered design on the legs, which gives off a feminine vibe without hugging your body. You are bound to catch the attention of many people while in it. However, they may not be as baggy if you have a larger bottom.


  • Cute and flattering
  • Unique design
  • The fabric handles water stains great
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to get into


  • Hand wash only and creases a lot
  • The crotch is a little low

Yesno p60 women jeans cropped pants overalls

image of yesno p60 women jeans cropped pants overalls - Extra Large Living
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These are yet another pair of funky overalls for plus-size women from YESNO. They are made from 100% cotton, are baggy, and have a boyfriend style. Aside from these, I love the fact that they are distressed and ripped on the legs. Also, the fringing on the leg opening is a nice touch.

Overall, they feel cozy and are of decent quality. You can wear them when running errands or completing house chores. Though they are baggy, you should go 1 or 2 sizes up if you carry most of your weight around the belly or hips.


  • 3XL
  • Fun
  • Beautiful print
  • Adjustable canvas straps with buckle


  • The pockets are unusually placed and not practical
  • No flex or stretch to the fabric

Love moda womens sexy distressed slim fit skinny overalls

image of love moda womens sexy distressed slim fit skinny overalls - Extra Large Living
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These are great sexy overalls for overweight women. Love Moda made this pair of overalls from spandex and cotton to give them comfort and firmness along with the much-needed stretchiness. The result is an overall that hugs your body but at the same time holds the bumps.

The straps are adjustable, so it doesn’t matter if you have a short or long torso; it’ll fit. Even better, the side buttons are high enough, so you can wear a crop top without worrying about the love handles or stretch marks being seen.

The cut on the knees gives it personality without being too much.


  • Stretchy and firm
  • Great length
  • Deep pockets
  • Sexy design
  • Available in 3X


  • Expensive

And the best plus size women overall is…

image of carhartt women's duck bib overalls - Extra Large Living

Carhartt Women’s Duck Bib Overalls

The Carhartt Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls are perfect for getting some work done. The overalls are durable, with reinforced front pockets and kick panels on the cuffs. And to keep you warm, they have a nylon quilted lining.

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    • Size– getting a fitting plus-size overall is tricky, especially if you are going for the oversized or baggy look. It’s a good idea to always look at the size chart. For some overalls like the YESNO Women Long Casual Loose Bib Pants Overalls Baggy Rompers Jumpsuits with Pockets, you need to go a size or two higher to achieve a baggy look.
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    Do you wear clothes under overalls?

    Even on warm days, you should wear a layer of clothing under your overalls to keep you warm and protect your skin from chafing throughout the day.

    Should overalls be loose or tight?

    Overalls should be a little loose or stretchy to allow mobility. Measure your inseam from the hem to the crotch. The measurement isn’t as specific as girth since the hanging length in overalls varies as you adjust shoulder straps.