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Plus-size girls have a hard time finding beautiful clothing. There’s often a shortage in sizes and a distinct lack of creativity. It’s even worse when you are shopping online. Though the fashion industry is taking some steps to fix this problem, there’s a long way to go.

But these problems shouldn’t keep you from looking for fashionable and comfortable clothing like shortalls. As a plus-size woman, I understand the struggle and have taken the liberty of creating a guide of the best plus-size shortalls.

With the options displayed below, you can showcase your curves to the world. I was especially taken by the Levi Vintage Shortall. Its design, quality, and style are perfect for any plus-size lady.

Review of the best plus size shortalls

Levi’s Women’s Vintage Shortalls

image of levi's women's vintage shortalls - Extra Large Living
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Levi’s is a brand for everyone but somehow manages to make its clothes feel individual. This rings true even with its vintage shortalls. The shortalls are made from 100% cotton and feel great on the skin. However, the fabric feels like it’ll stretch a little after a couple of washes.

Levis designed this shortall for plus-size women as a midrise with a relaxed fit. As such, it does a good job of flattering your mid-section. The inseam measures 2.5″ rolled and 5″ unrolled, which works great for ladies who love to show some skin and those who don’t.

The side pockets are decently deep, while the center one is large enough to fit an entire burrito. Since these shortalls are designed to last, the vintage look is a plus since it means they’ll fade better.


  • Deep center pocket
  • Mid-rise design
  • Fades beautifully
  • 100% cotton


  • Some complain the size runs large

Tanming Corduroy Overalls Shorts

With adjustable straps

image of tanming corduroy overalls shorts - Extra Large Living
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If you are a corduroy lover, then these Tanming Overall Shorts are for you. Aside from its signature ridged fabric, corduroy is thick, cozy, and durable. It’s perfect for cold days and since it’s made from cotton, feels great on the skin.

Aside from the corduroy design, Tanming outdid themselves with these shortalls by including adjustable suspenders, two pockets, and a trendy square neck. I love that they have a flattering romper short design making it perfect for casual workdays, travel, the beach, a party, or a date. Moreover, it has an invisible zipper-up closure. If you’d like a looser fit, I suggest ordering a size up.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • The color comes as advertised
  • Adjustable straps
  • Design works for different occasions
  • Cotton material


  • Doesn’t fade well

Vetinee Women’s Bib Denim Overalls Shorts

image of vetinee women's bib denim overalls shorts - Extra Large Living
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This is another great shortall for plus-size adults. Although it’s of good quality, unlike the Levi and Tanming shortalls, it’s made from a combination of materials including Elastine, Polyester, and Cotton. Like the Tanming shortalls, this pair of Vetinee shortalls have a romper style design.

On the side, it has side button closures. These are better than zipper closures because they are easier to replace and add visual interest to the shortalls. On top are adjustable buckle straps and a bib pocket that’s just deep enough to carry tiny things.


  • The color is as expected
  • The overall design and straps are flattering
  • Adjustable buckle strap
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Goes to a 2XL


  • Runs small and are pretty tight
  • Only hand wash

Twiinsisters women’s ripped stretchy denim shortalls

image of twiinsisters women’s ripped stretchy denim shortalls - Extra Large Living
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If you are looking for a sexy shortall, then this is it. This Twiinsisters Denim Shortall looks scandalous in pictures, but they aren’t. They are sexy and fashionable. The pair is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. On the back, Twiinsisters added extra stitching to hug your body and create a flattering shape.

It has adjustable straps, pull-on closure, and adjustable waist buttons. The fabric is distressed on the thighs and bum, and the hem is frayed to give it more personality. I especially loved that it goes to size 3X and is available in multiple patterns and colors.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • The material stretches nicely
  • Goes up to size 3X
  • Frayed hem
  • Machine wash
  • Functional pockets on the back and front
  • Belt hoops


  • They are a little longer than in the pictures

Luvamia women’s ripped short overalls

image of luvamia women’s ripped short overalls - Extra Large Living
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This is yet another best plus-size shortalls. They are denim and have a destroyed design on the front. To match the look, the hems are raw and frayed, though there’s an option for rolled inseams.

It has adjustable buckled straps and a chest bib pocket. On the front and back, there are functional pockets as well. To make it easy to wear, this overall short has button closers on both sides of the waist. Overall, they are cute and go well with casual tops and formal outfits.


  • Soft and stretchy fabric
  • Hold up well to machine wash
  • Fit well even with a curvy bottom
  • Accurate sizing


  • If you have a longer torso, this may not work
  • It may feel snug around the upper thigh at first
  • Some stitching along the buttons and pockets is rough

Twiinsisters denim bermuda shortalls for women

image of image of twiinsisters denim bermuda shortalls for women - Extra Large Living
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If you are not fond of showing off your thighs, this version of Shortalls by TwiinSisters has got you covered. This pair is more of overall pants since they are longer. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy.

On the contrary, TwiinSisters added back, and front ripped designs to show some skin. They made the shortalls from a combination of cotton and spandex, making them stretchy enough to accommodate a range of movements. On the back, it features extra stitching, which helps to hug the body to show off your butt.

On the sides of the waist are adjustable buttons that make it easier to slide into the shortalls. There are four functional pockets and adjustable buckle straps, and a frayed hem.


  • Adjustable waist buttons
  • Stretches and hugs the body
  • Up to Size 2X
  • Multiple colors
  • Machine wash
  • Sexy cuts on the front and back


  • The cuts at the base of the butt cheeks can be too much for some
  • Runs small

Wallflower women’s juniors plus size denim shortalls

image of wallflower women’s juniors plus size denim shortalls - Extra Large Living
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These shortalls are flattering and affordable. They are made from a combination of spandex, polyester, and cotton and are machine washable.

The straps have an adjustable metal buckle, and the bib pocket is deep enough to hold small items. It has a rolled inseam, and the material is stretchy. I was surprised at how well it recovers, hugs, and sculpts the body.

The adjustable buttons on the sides make it easier to wear the shortalls. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the cross strap design on the back.


  • Great quality
  • Sturdy buttons
  • They have a decent stretch
  • Comfortable fit
  • Bigger in the bottom than the top
  • Available up to size 3X


  • The back isn’t flattering
  • The lunar is darker than in the photos
  • The size 3X is limited to ‘Charlotte’ color

And the best plus-size shortalls for women is….

image of levi's women's vintage shortalls - Extra Large Living

Levi’s Women’s Vintage Shortalls

The last thing you want is a disproportional shortall that doesn’t match your body type. Always look at the size guide to either go with a true size, a smaller, or a larger size. From our plus-size shortall recommendations, you’ll get a couple that will be perfect. With that said, start with the Levis Vintage Shortall. It’s made from cotton, has a mid-rise waist that’ll flatter your belly, and has a comfortable back instead of straps.

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Guide to choosing the best plus size shortalls

When choosing plus size shortalls, consider:

  • Material – most are made from cotton and are denim, while some are designed from a combination of materials. Regardless of the material, make sure the shortall has some degree of stretchiness. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable even on a busy and active day. Levis Vintage Shortalls are made from 100% cotton but are a little stretchy.
  • Adjustable strap – with an adjustable bib buckle loop, you can adjust the height and fit of the shortalls. All the shortalls on our list have adjustable buckle straps.
  • Waist rise – Some shortalls like the LookbookStore Women’s Ripped Denim Bib Overall Shorts have a high rise which means the waistband fits above the natural waist. Others like the Levis Vintage Shortalls have a mid-rise waist that sits between the navel and the hips and slightly below your natural waist. The Levis shortalls cover the lower stomach but not as much as the high-rise shortalls do. Both rises are flattering for plus-size women.

What are shortalls?

Shortalls are overalls but with short-cut legs. Simply put, they are overall shorts. They are ideal for casual wear and often have a bib upper, adjustable metal buckle straps, and several large and practical pockets.

How do you wear shortalls?

Dress up in shortalls using layers. Start with a light solid color or striped top or crop top underneath. Depending on the occasion, you can put on some platform sandals or wedges matching your bag or sneakers. Pairing shortalls with platform shoes give off a ’70s vibe.

You can also pair your shortalls with a pair of sandals or boots. Overall, let your shortalls’ style and the occasion guide your look.