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Posing for pictures when you are plus size can be quite daunting, especially if you are a bit self-conscious about your body type. You’re probably wondering what angles and poses are the most flattering if your normal poses don’t seem to be working.

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What are good poses for overweight women?

Make sure that you never pose facing the camera directly. Rather, you should tilt your body, so your hips and shoulders are at a slight angle. You should always straighten your back, keep your chest out, and your shoulders down.  Lastly, suck in your stomach to draw in your waist. This angle is sure to be more flattering for the camera. 

If you want to learn some more posing tips that will help plus-sized women look slimmer in photos, read on!

How can I look slimmer while posing?

If you are a plus-sized woman and you want to look slimmer while you are posing, we have lots of tips to help you. The goal here is for you to feel confident and like a plus-size model rather than feeling self-conscious about how you look. You want to feel like a goddess!

If you have body image issues and you want to get some more body positivity, then check out the tips below to learn how to pose like a pro!

Stick your chin out

One of the biggest reasons why you might be taking unflattering photos is because of the way you are holding your head and chin. Curvy people need to take attention away from their chin, and the best way to do this is to simply stick your chin out.

If you have double chins, then this is the best way to take the attention away from them. With your chin stuck out, it will give the illusion that you’re a lot slimmer than you actually are.

Wear darker-colored clothing

You don’t have to avoid colors completely, but you’d be surprised by how much weight darker colors can hide and how flattering they are. Black clothing naturally makes you look a lot slimmer than you actually are, regardless of your body type, whereas lighter colors emphasize your body more.

Darker colors always have a glamorous feel to them as well, and there are plenty of beautiful options for plus-sized women.

Know how to hold your body

Lots of women with a plus-sized body type aren’t very confident in themselves, and this can be picked up in their body language and the way they hold their bodies. When you know how to hold your body, you can mask that lack of confidence and it will make your body look slimmer.

Remember to have a natural smile on your face and don’t place your arms at your side. There are lots of flattering poses you can utilize as a plus-size woman that will make you appear confident.

Pose at an angle

As we’ve previously mentioned, always make sure that you are not directly facing the camera. Turn your hips and shoulders at a 45-degree angle away from the camera too. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, and push your chest out. Keep your stomach flexed, as this will bring in your waist.

Posing at the right angles really can make all the difference. The 45-degree angle pose is a classic pose that is always guaranteed to work wonders for curvy women.

Above-angle shots are also a good angle to work with because they give an illusion that you are thinner than you are. Above-angle shots also help you look taller!

Avoid bulky clothing

Bulky clothing is not your friend if you have a larger or curvier body shape. They will make you look bigger than you actually are and it’s impossible to find a flattering pose when you wear them. Curvier women should wear clothes that have a bit of a fit to them and that complement their body type.

Why do I look fatter in photos than in the mirror?

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You know that phrase “the camera adds 10 pounds?” Well, there is actually some truth to it.

The way you look in photos is directly related to lens distortion. If you are using a camera that has a wide angle, this can be the reason why you look larger than you actually are.

If you don’t know much about photography, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional photographer if you need special photos taken.

Photographers are experienced in helping you find the perfect slimming pose for your body type, and they will know the right lens to use.

How can I pose to make my legs look thinner?

For curvy women, the best way to make your legs look thinner when posing for photos is to slightly tilt your body, put all your weight on your back leg, and extend your other leg forward.

If you want an alternative flattering pose, try crossing your ankles. This is a lot more flattering than posing with your feet side by side and makes your legs look slimmer. This method helps you avoid unflattering poses.

How do you pose for a picture to make your face look thinner?

We cannot stress how much sticking your chin out actually helps. You want to keep it subtle and don’t angle your chin down. Sticking your chin out like this really helps in making your jawline and neck look slimmer. You also want to make sure that you have a genuine smile on your face when you are posing.

You want your photos to look as natural as possible, even if they are strategically posed! The more natural you look, the better the photos will be.


Finding the best poses as a plus-sized woman can be a challenge, but when you know how to work your body and manipulate the camera, you can take photos showcasing the most beautiful version of yourself!

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