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Have you ever sat in an uncomfortable chair and thought to yourself: “I wish I had more space to stretch my legs?” Can you stretch your legs on your chair but you’re too tall to rest your head, and your head is left unsupported – leaving a vacuum for your headspace because you’re too tall?

What if I told you there are specifically designed recliners that support your weight and stature?

There are special chairs designed for tall & big people – chairs that can even support a 7 ft, 500 lbs superhuman. It’s time to upgrade to one!

There comes a time when a man needs a large chair for watching television, gaming, and relaxing after work. What is the problem with ‘average’ recliners? The problem is that they’re made for people of average height and weight.

They can’t serve people of higher weights and statures, nor to provide the individual comfort and size needs they have. This is why Big And Tall Recliners exist to fill in the gap.

Big & tall recliner review

Lane Recliner

Dorado walnut

image of lane home furnishings wallsaver - Extra Large Living
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Lane Stallion “Big Man” is a luxury recliner made to provide the finest in comfort for big men – it features real luxury leather all-throughout, an oversized head rest, hand-stitched kidney pillows and 7-gauge steel construction. The Lane Stallion was specifically designed to cater to the largest and heaviest men – with capacity up to 500 lbs, providing the highest quality materials and comfort in one package.


  • 500 pound capacity recliner can handle the heaviest men – with support up to 500 lbs. The core is comprised of 7-gauge steel, the sturdiest and most expensive steel available. This reinforces the chair and creates a “sinking” feeling instead of the chair being all wobbly (heavy men tend to feel the chair moving with each turn, while this recliner remains stable). The Big Man is quite wide at 44″, and once it’s fully reclined, it’s the equivalent of a king-sized bed; making it perfect for napping after work.
  • Luxury leather Lane Stallion is entirely wrapped in plush “walnut” colored leather. The leather feels comfortable to the touch and optimized for sturdiness. The roll arms are fully padded, the kidney pillows are hand-stitched for an extra-plush feeling, and the padding is thick throughout; this ensures the chair provides maximum-level comfort.


  • Premium price This recliner is considered upscale, featuring the finest plush leather and high-capacity metal beams for support; therefore commanding a higher price tag.
  • Weight The Big Man weighs 169 lbs, not the worst – but will still require significant manpower for the delivery and assembly.

Seatcraft Home Theater Seating Row

400 lbs capacity

image of seatcraft home theater seating row - Extra Large Living
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Starcraft’s “Pantheon Big & Tall” is their premium, technologically-advanced release that features weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, grain leather, adjustable lower/higher levels, storage, swivel trays, and ambient light. The Pantheon series is the company’s highlight – and their 400 lbs recliner is the most exclusive from the lineup, providing the widest range of technological advancements.


  • Grain leather Starcraft’s Pantheon is covered in cowhide leather – a hand-picked material that is considered luxury and available only from the top 30% of cowhides; making the seat durable and soft to the touch. Grain leather is the highlight feature of this recliner, and the Seatcraft is entirely covered in grain leather. The texture is black and gives the recliner a sleek, classy appearance. Seatcraft chose grain to give the chair a “premium” look.
  • Adjustable headrest The headrest is connected to the electronics of the recliner and can be adjusted using the remote control. The headrest can be pushed all the way down for sleeping or adjusted upwards or downwards for the most comfortable position while watching TV.
  • Lumbar support Seatcraft calls this “adjustable power lumbar support”; essentially allowing for adjustment in the lower back, to discover the ideal position for the back that reduces strain and increases comfort. The lumbar support is also controlled with the remote.
  • Technological advancement: The recliner has “power recline control,” a remote that allows the user to control every part of the chair individually. On the side, there is a USB port that can be used to plug-in a laptop or smartphone charger; this way, the users never have to leave the chair.
  • Invisible storage: The Seatcraft has a hidden storage panel located below the armrest – if the armrest is pulled up; it opens a storage box that can be used to store a laptop, phone, or other necessities. Once the headrests are pulled down, they appear as a natural part of the recliner.
  • Ambient light: The “premium” look of the chair is emphasized by ambient light for the cup holders – cup holders are lit to find the spot easier at night. At the bottom, there is a base light that is used to light up the lower part ambient in a dark room.
  • Swivel treys: The Seatcraft comes equipped with side tables – they can be used to place a laptop, tablet, or any other device. Once they’re no longer needed, the tables can be pulled to the side again.


  • Quiet heavy: The seat weighs a total of 192 lbs and will require more than one person for delivery and assembly. It is also quite stationary and hard to move around the house.
  • Premium price: The 400 lbs version is the “premium” choice for the lineup – making it significantly more expensive than smaller-capacity options.

Catnapper Omni Power Lift Recliner

450 lb capacity

image of catnapper omni power lift recliner - Extra Large Living
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Catnapper’s Omni is a premium, high-capacity “old school” chair that provides push-bottom control, 450 lbs capacity, battery backup, high comfort/fire-resistant fabrics, and multiple color options. The Omni is made in the USA.


  • 450 lbs capacity The Omni uses high-quality gauge steel to provide support for men up to 450 lbs – making it one of the sturdiest and advanced recliners. Omni comes with a “Hand Wand,” a push-button remote that allows glide-lifting of the motors up and down. The motors are 24 volts and lift the chair in an efficient manner, even with 400+ lbs weight attached.
  • High comfort Omni utilizes comfortable cushioning, luxury plush pad rolls, and all materials are fire-resistant. The electronics are UL and CE listed. Omni comes in 5 optional color options: Saddle, thistle, chianti, black pearl, and Havana.
  • Battery backup A unique feature on the Omni is the battery-backup, using 9V batteries that ensure the chair will keep working even if the power goes out – this is useful for people who plan to sleep in their chair and wish to keep it in a lower reclined position.


  • Premium price The Omni is aimed at clients with deeper pockets who care for high-capacity and comfort. It’s one of the few recliners that can support weight upwards of 400 lbs and consequently commands a higher price tag.

Homelegance Laurelton Glider Reclining Chair 9636

Chocolate brown

image of homelegance laurelton glider reclining chair 9636 - Extra Large Living
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Homelegeance is an economical, comfortable and large recliner built for the large man who wants to save money – the Laurelton is 43″ long and fully-reclined extends to a king-sized bed.


  • Dark brown “chocolate” microfiber The Laurelton is covered in comfortable, textured microfiber which is the finest of microfiber materials available. The arms are oversized, giving the chair a highly comfortable padded feel.
  • Easy controls The Homelegance is controlled with an instant remote that activates gliding motions when the chair reclines.
  • Wide measurements The Laurelton is 40″ wide, making it ideal for large men who like to change positions while they’re sitting without feeling cramped.
  • Optional matching sofa Homelegance sells an optional matching sofa for this recliner, which is ideal for a family who wants to purchase all their furniture at once. The Laurelton comes in a standard Chocolate-brown flavor; however, Charcoal Grey is available too.
  • Money-saver The Homelegance is one of the most affordable recliners for big men – it costs almost 3x less the average big and tall recliner.


  • Too lightweight: The Homelegance weighs only 97 pounds, and it’s confirmed to support men in the 200-300 lbs range. However, men over 300 lbs should seek out a sturdier chair that can withstand their full weight.

Toletta Oversized Power Recliner


image of toletta oversized power recliner - Extra Large Living
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Ashley Furniture’s “Toletta” is their staple recliner for big and tall men: With support for hundreds of lbs, quality fabrics and side storage/cup holders.


  • Sturdy mechanics: The Toletta has double-metal support: the floor is all-metal to secure the chair in position, and the seat utilizes metal drop-in to increase stability, The Toletta can support men up to 250 lbs easily.
  • Comfortable fabrics: The Toletta has a chocolate finish with glued and stapled corners and AHFA-standard fiber fabrics. The chair utilizes foam on the insides for additional comfort.
  • Easy controls: The recline features are controlled on the side with an internal control option.
  • Storage/cup holders: Toletta has storage space located below the main seat, and it has two retractable cup-holders on the sides – perfect for a couple on movie night.


  • Mediocre support: The Toletta is for men under 300 lbs – men above that weight should opt for another recliner.

The Best big and tall recliner … 

image of lane home furnishings wallsaver - Extra Large Living

Lane Recliner

Our top choice for the ‘Big And Tall recliner’ category is the Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort – the Big Man provides the highest weight capacity of 500 lbs (verified) to cater to the largest and heaviest men. It’s ideal for men up to 500 lbs, as it guarantees the recliner can support more than their weight – adding peace of mind for the big person.

The Lane Stallion is built on 7-gauge steel for maximum weight support and stability, making it feel as if it’s rock-solid and bolted to the ground. The recliner also features the most luxurious natural leather with hand-stitched parts for an authentic leather feeling, making it a cut above recliners that use microfiber and faux leather materials.

The Lane Stallion is our #1 choice for guaranteed stability and weight support – if one wants to ensure the needs of big men will be satisfied without making any compromises, The Lane Stallion Big Man is the top choice.

Compared to other recliners, the Lane Stallion is more premium – it commands a higher price tag; however, the mechanics, build quality, and quality leather fabrics make it the ultimate experience among big and tall recliners.

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Buying guide

What do big and tall recliners do?

Big and tall recliners replace average chairs that don’t provide all-around support for big and tall people. If you’re a bigger guy who requires a special weight capacity, or if you’re too tall to fit in a regular chair, then it’s time you ditch your substandard chair.

A recliner is the main chair in your living room. It’s a chair that you spend hours relaxing after work, watching television, browsing the internet, or even napping. The recliner is used daily, and it’s the most significant investment for your living room. Getting the right recliner can increase your quality of life by improving your health and making you comfortable.

A big and tall recliner has to do two things:

  1. Fit in your room – The recliner has to match the size of your living room and your interior details. Calculate at least 3 feet behind the recliner to ensure a full recline – this is to separate the recliner for the wall as recliners are not always “wall huggers.”
  2. Cater to your height and weight requirements – The recliner has to provide coverage beyond your basic needs. If you’re up to 250 lbs you can pick them on a whim – but many recliners offer support up to 500 lbs, therefore choose according to your needs. They are all suitable for persons over 6 feet tall.

Benefits of big and tall recliners

Big and tall recliners are made to withstand weight up to 500 lbs and provide full-body coverage for tall individuals. If you are 6’5 you will likely struggle to find a chair that covers the length of your legs and head. While most who are over 200 lbs would usually feel uncomfortable in normal-sized chairs.

They have to know that a chair is designed to support their full weight + additional weight and that the length of the chair is longer than their height for tall men. Big and tall recliners are made to cater to both tall and large people. They’re extremely comfortable.

Even people recovering from surgeries with special medical requirements find them almost as convenient as a Reclining couch.

  • Support of up to 500 lbs: Tall and large recliners can support men up to 500lbs comfortably. Baseline sturdy materials ensure the weight is distributed with internal amortization that provides high comfort and support for movement. If you’re a large person who likes to move around in your chair, you will need a chair that can support your full range of movement and weight.
  • Height up to 7′: Most tall and large recliners are made for men who are at least 6′. They provide full coverage for the head, the legs, and the sides; areas that men usually neglect while sitting in regular chairs. For example, the head of a male over 6’4 tall would usually rest above the tip of a regular chair. This means they don’t have full head support. Tall and big recliners are designed to cover the full height of a tall person and provide extra space. The same tall guy would have ample coverage for his head and more space on this type of recliner.
  • Can be used by the family: The children or even the dog can also use recliners for Tall people. They are highly comfortable, and everyone can enjoy the perks. The main difference is that they are bigger compared to regular recliners.
  • Highly comfortable: These recliners are more comfortable than a regular living room sofa or chair. Big and tall recliners are the most comfortable. This is due to the combination of internal amortization, premium cushioning, and padding. They provide the ultimate experience in chair comfort. Recliners are not only for sitting. A person can recline in them, making them the ideal choice for any living room. Many offer technological perks such as USB integration, massages, swivel treys, ambient light, etc.
  • Medical benefits: For people with medical conditions or people who have undergone surgery – they will have special needs, and they’ll likely spend a lot of time lying in bed. Instead of a regular bed, it’s better for them to opt for a recliner that will be comfortable for long-term sitting.
    • If one sits too long in a regular chair, their blood starts accumulating in the feet, and this is not good for blood circulation. Recliners can shift the position easily (and the materials are more comfortable), making them better for people with medical requirements.

What is the difference between a regular chair and big and tall recliner?

Recliners are identical to regular chairs – the only difference is that they recline back and forth, and are controlled electronically. Think of a recliner like a chair at a 1st class airplane seat – it can rock back and forth, except it’s a lot more comfortable than a stationary chair.

Most recliners have added padding and premium materials which make them feel “premium.”Recliners also have technological advancements such as USB connectors and massage options. Big and tall recliners are specifically designed for large humans – this means men of above-average height and men of above-average weight.


Recliners share one universal feature across the board: the sliding base. The recliner will usually extend and slide downwards for the legs, or upwards for recliners that have special head support. The main distinction is that certain recliners provide remote controls while others are controlled using integrated buttons (located on the sides).

There are differences in recliners for weight-capacity: The minimum capacity is usually 250 lbs, and the maximum capacity is up to 500 lbs.

Recliners, in general, require power plugs and must be located close to a power outlet – more advanced ones will use the power to provide charging ports for smartphones and laptops. Some recliners feature storage space, usually located below the armrests.

Higher-priced recliners include trays for laptops, cup holders on the sides, and ambient light.  Some of the Oversize recliner we reviewed cost a bit more because the price also varies based on materials – if a recliner uses real leather, it’s going to command higher price tags compared to a recliner made of faux leather polyester or microfiber.


Tall recliners have to be measured in advance. This is to ensure the recliners will fit in your room and that your body requirements will be supported (in terms of height and weight).

Here are three main calculations you have to make before you purchase a big and tall recliner:

  1. Size Of Your Room: Measure the room to determine if the recliner dimensions will be compatible. Most big and tall recliners are at least 40″ wide – some up to 55″ wide. Make sure to measure the back-space where you plan to integrate yours, and account for at least 3 feet of distance between the back of the recliner and the wall. You will at least 3 feet behind the recliner to fully recline in bed-position.
  2. Your Personal Weight: If you weigh less than 250 lbs this will be an easy ride – every recliner on our list supports the weight. However, things get tricky after you hit into the 300’s and 400’s. Some recliners offer to support up to 350 lbs, while more expensive recliners offer support of 400 lbs, 450 lbs or a maximum of 500 lbs.
  3. Economical Value: Recliners can vary in price based on materials used, even if they seem indistinguishable visually – the prices can vary significantly. For instance, most recliners are built using faux leather or microfiber – while expensive recliners tend to use real leather. This is not always the detrimental factor as the #1 dictator of the price is the weight support – If a recliner can support more weight, it’s going to command a higher price even if the material is microfiber.

We have been working hard at Extra Large Living to research and find items for those of us who are a bit larger, taller, and wider, with the goal of reviewing these larger products.

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Please be sure to check back often, and if you have a product or service that caters to bigger people, please let us know. We would love to check it out and let you know what we think.