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Every person deserves a comfortable recliner that is made for their body type. So often, regular size recliners are way too small for those of us who are taller or wider. Heavy-duty recliners are a much better option for larger people and provide a comfortable place to lay back and relax without discriminating against size.

Best recliners for heavy people – Review 

Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

(Power recline) wallsaver recliner in gladiator charcoal

An image of the Lane Home Furnishings Recliner
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The Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King is a heavy-duty recliner built for durability and comfort. It has a variety of appealing features.


  • Free curbside delivery, which makes it incredibly easy to add to your household.
  • This recliner is excellent for both taller and wider people, as its full recline is 79 inches or about six and a half feet. This is almost as long as a king-size mattress.
  • It is a power recliner, so it reclines without manual effort, and it has a button that can be used to trigger the easy recline.
  • It has padded arms and extra thick padding for supreme comfort.
  • This recliner takes advantage of a lot of new technologies, one of which is a zero-gravity mechanism. This provides the highest level of support for your legs, back, and neck.


  • The lumbar support is weak
  • The lever isn’t ideal for anyone with a weak arm

Mega Motion Easy Comfort

Heavy-duty lift chair

An image of the Mega Motion Easy Comfort
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The Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior is a heavy-duty lift chair that can hold up to 500 pounds. It is a three-position lift chair, which means that it can be enclosed, partial, or fully reclined.


  • As it is a lift chair, it can assist individuals who have difficulty getting up on their own.
  • It has a split back design which provides another layer of head and neck comfort.
  • It is fitted with a power recline so that you can recline at the press of a button.
  • It has pockets on both sides perfect for storing magazines, books, the remote control, or other items.
  • It has a one-year in-home service warranty, so if something breaks or is working improperly, it can be fixed for free.
  • It does not require assembly and is delivered exactly as it is meant to be used.


  • This chair takes up a lot of space and is larger than most other chairs. It needs to be placed about two and a half feet from the wall to be able to recline
  • The footrest is designed so that your feet may extend past it, as it is only built for leg support. This is a downside for people like me, who enjoy having our feet propped up as well.

Homegear Air Leather Dual Motor Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair with Remote

for users up to 770lbs, brown

An image of the Homegear Air Leather Dual Motor Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair with Remote
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The Homegear Air Leather is an oversized recliner that also has extensive power lift features built-in. It is made of synthetic leather as opposed to fabric and is a reliable and durable option.


  • This recliner will hold up to 770 pounds, which is almost 300 pounds more than most other heavy-duty recliners.
  • The motors within the chair are certified, and the chair is designed to avoid tipping. This is great for people who may not have the best balance.
  • There are storage pouches on both sides that are within easy reach of the chair.
  • The chair is made of leather, so it is easy to clean with just a quick wipe.
  • The range of this chair is exceptional. It can recline to 180 degrees, so you can fully lie down in it.
  • The chair includes a full power lift. It has a mechanism that lifts off the ground to help whoever is sitting in it to get up.


  • Although the leather is easier to clean, it is also much colder than fabric and tends not to retain heat well.
  • The place where the back and seat come together opens up when fully reclined, so there is open space between where the two connect.
  • The chair requires assembly, which can take time and effort.

Homelegance Laurelton Glider Reclining Chair 9636

Chocolate brown

An image of Homelegance Laurelton Glider Reclining Chair 9636
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The Homeglance Laurelton is a textured plush oversized recliner. It is excellent for those who need a bit of extra arm room and provides a slow and controlled recline.


  • Both the seat and the back of the chair is upholstered with soft fabric. This provides an extra level of comfort.
  • The recliner has oversized arms, which are an excellent fit for those who need a little more elbow room.
  • The same company also offers a matching sofa and love seat, for those who are looking to decorate an entire room around this piece.
  • There is a lever located on the side of the recliner that controls how it reclines. It is built to recline in a gliding motion, opposed to the jerkiness that some other recliners have.


  • To fully extend, the recliner needs to be positioned a minimum of three feet from a wall. In addition to the bulk of the recliner, this can take up a lot of space.
  • The recliner requires mild assembly, as the back does not come connected to the seat. It is not extensive. However, if you have limited mobility, this may be an impediment.
  • There is a gap between the armrest and backrest, which can be awkward when reclined.

ANJ oversized rocker recliner

An image of ANJ oversized recliner chair
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The ANJ Oversized Rocker Recliner is a heavy-duty recliner built for durability. It is designed to be both a comfortable and aesthetic addition to your living room.


  • The chair is upholstered with high-quality fabric and is well-padded. All of its cushions are pillowed and designed to have softer curves to give it the highest level of comfort.
  • This recliner is designed to recline back with just a gentle push, so the user doesn’t have to exert a lot of effort when trying to switch its position.
  • This recliner is generally lighter than other heavy-duty recliners. It only weighs 42 pounds, which makes it easy to position and move. It requires minimal assembly.


  • Compared to other heavy-duty recliners, this one has a relatively low capacity. It supports a maximum weight of 330 pounds.
  • The degree that this recliner can recline is also relatively limited, as it can only move from 90 degrees to 150 degrees.


Lane home furnishings stallion 1509-95 1407 recliner

An image of the Lane home furnishings stallion 1509-95 1407 recliner
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The Lane Home Furnishings Stallion is a quality recliner that can support up to 500 pounds. It is sturdy, comfortable, and utilizes new technology to make its use easy.


  • The box and the base of the chair are made from entirely steel, so the recliner is sturdy and not easily damaged.
  • This model comes in twelve different colors, which can help make it an aesthetically pleasing part of any room.
  • It provides an Easy Glide Mechanism and has an 8 Gauge Steel reclining system, so the movement between positions smooth.


  • The chair is sold in two pieces: the seat area and the back. It either requires mild assembly, or you can pay extra for assistance assembling the recliner
  • The chair is a bit firmer than others that are padded to the same degree.

Teddy Bear Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner Saddle Microfiber by Catnapper


an image of the Teddy Bear Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner Saddle Microfiber by Catnapper
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The Catnapper Teddy Bear is a recliner best known for its extremely comfortable features and its easy to operate reclining mechanism.


  • The product interior and base are primarily manufactured from steel and not wood. It is durable, and you won’t have to worry about it splitting or warping.
  • The reclining mechanism has a lifetime warranty, so if it breaks at any point, it can be replaced.
  • To fully recline, this recliner only needs between 8 and 10 inches. This is much less than most other recliners and makes this option prime for those who don’t have a lot of space.


  • Compared to other oversized recliners, this one cannot hold a ton of weight. The maximum amount of weight that it can support is 250 pounds, which is relatively light for this type of product.

And the best heavy-duty recliner is…

Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

Although there are so many incredibly heavy-duty recliners on the market, Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King takes the cake. Compared to other products, it has a wide array of technological features, including an easy glide mechanism and zero gravity mechanism. It is built to be durable, comfortable, stable, and, at the very core, a recliner for all body types.

The Comfort King can make sitting in the recliner with any body type smooth and easy. It can carry a lot of weight, provides a lot of space to spread out, and is built to be durable. Its custom features far surpass that of other models, which makes it the best option in its field for those who need a true heavy-duty recliner.

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Things to consider when shopping for heavy-duty recliner

There are a few primary factors that you should be considering when shopping around for the best heavy-duty recliner for larger people. The process of both shopping, and purchasing, will be much more efficient if you are informed and know the right questions to ask.

Here are a few things you should be considering before, during, and after the heavy-duty recliner shopping process.

  • Quality – the recliner seat should be high quality in build and the materials used. Think of the purchase as an investment that’ll add beauty to your home and provide greater comfort. Higher quality materials will tick these goals with ease.
  • Durability – it can be difficult to determine the durability of a heavy-duty recliner seat just by looking at it. However, it’s easier when considering referrals, reviews, and the quality and type of materials used. For instance, pure leather is beautiful and more durable than PU leather.
  • Manufacturer – Some manufacturers have a track record of building quality products over others at a reasonable price. Most often than not, they have many positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Costs – heavy duty recliner seats generally cost more than regular recliner seats. This is because of the strength of the materials used. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and quality.
  • Weight capacity – the best heavy-duty recliners support higher weight capacities of over 300 lbs.

Why purchase a heavy-duty recliner?

A heavy-duty recliner can be a substantial investment. However, it boasts an array of benefits that surpass those of a regular recliner. Most heavy-duty recliners can support at least up to 500 pounds, and some can support even more. They are built with sturdy material that can manage that amount of weight.

  • Regular recliners, on the other hand, are only intended to hold around 250 pounds or less. The point of a recliner is to be comfortable, which is why heavy-duty recliners are a good option for those who cannot fit in a regular recliner comfortably. Heavy-duty recliners are also made to be durable and have a range of features that contribute to ease of use. Most heavy-duty recliners are primarily made of steel on the interior, as it is one of the most reliable materials.
  • This includes the base, interior structure, and, for many models, the reclining mechanism as well. They are built to last, provided that they are taken care of and used correctly.

What custom features should you look for?

Recliners can come with a host of features and are all built differently. It is essential to go into the shopping process with some features that you want in mind. Make a list: what features are non-negotiable and which are nice if they are present but not necessary?

Here are some custom features that some heavy-duty recliners have, and what the benefits of each are:

  • Extra tall seat back — an extra-tall seat back is a necessity for those who are a bit taller. It makes sure that they can sit comfortably in the recliner, and have sufficient back, neck, and head support.
  • Electric motor — this feature is suitable for those who may need help sitting down or standing back up. Instead of having to manipulate the angle of the recliner manually, you can press the button, and the recliner will adjust using its electric motor. Some chairs also have a power lift feature, which will raise the chair off the ground to help prop up the person sitting.
  • Oversized armrests — although heavy-duty recliners are larger in the first place, not all also have oversized armrests. This can be a great feature if you or a loved one needs a little more arm support or room to let their arms settle comfortably.
  • Side pockets — this is a bit of an amenity but can be very important for those who struggle to get around alone. Side pockets within the chair itself can help the person sitting in it store magazines, remotes, books, or other objects, so they are within reach while sitting in the recliner. I enjoy this feature because I can switch from reading a book to reading the newspaper without having to get up.


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