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Have you ever sat in your chair and wished you had more space? Is your chair stiff and uncomfortable – are you dreaming of a chair that you can “sink into” like a mattress and one that you can stretch your legs on? What you need is a recliner – an oversized recliner can help you relax by providing you all the space you need and the ultimate comfort for relaxation.

Oversized recliners can support 250 lbs easily – some up to 500 lbs. They can support the largest humans and can be used by average people too. We spend most of the time at home in the chair: watching television, looking at our phones, eating snacks, napping, and engaging with family.

The right recliner can improve our back position and health by promoting circulation and making us feel at home. The right chair can create the homey feeling we’re all seeking.

Oversize recliner review

Lane home furnishings madeline power cuddler recliner

Chocolate color

An image of Lane home furnishings madeline power cuddler recliner
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Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power is a heavy-weight, premium recliner that provides standard recline features and specializes in wide size. Simmons’s recliners are made in the USA and come with extended warranties. This large recliner features standard recline features such as partial recline, complete recline, USB charging, and backlight.


  • 53″ wide: The Simmons chair is one of the widest oversized recliners – it can support the widest of people, or even serve as the main family chair. If space is a priority, and you need ample space to stretch and find your ideal position, this chair provides more space as one of the biggest in oversized recliners.
  • Comfortable & elegant design: Simmons uses high-density seat cushions that increase comfort, and the frames are made of hardwood lumber for maximum structural support.
  • USB charging: Simmons placed 2 USB chargers on the side – they feature 2.1 amps which is faster than an average USB charger, for lightning-fast Smartphone or laptop charging.
  • Brand name: Simmons is a US-based manufacturer with 140 years in the chair industry, providing extended warranties and support. Their packaging comes in a premium package to ensure no damage upon delivery.


  • Expensive: The Simmons is a bit more expensive than the average oversized recliner. This is because it’s wide and the recliner is US-made.

Homelegance Laurelton Glider Reclining Chair 9636

Chocolate brown

An image of Homelegance Laurelton Glider Reclining Chair 9636
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Homelegance Laurelton’s 43″ is Homelegance’s highlight recliner known for its “gliding” recline feature – the standard color it comes in is Chocolate Brown.<


  • Heavy-weight: The recliner weighs an upwards of 100 lbs – this provides a stable and centered feeling for large men sitting on it – increasing the comfort when changing positions on the chair.
  • Multi-recline options: Once the chair is not in recline mode, it glides, and when it’s activated, it utilizes a “lever-action” recline mechanism that completely adjusts the chair to the ideal position.
  • Oversized: The armrests are oversized, providing extra space for armrests to find the most comfortable position. The seats and back are oversized – to accommodate the largest and tallest men. The comfort is emphasized by a soft microfiber fabric that provides additional comfort.
  • 40″ wide: This chair can accommodate multiple people at the same time.
  • Easy assembly: It comes with only three main parts that can be assembled, and the company offers additional sofas that go along with the color option.


  • Not the widest: Some recliners offer a width of over 55″ – people who care about maximum width should opt for another recliner.

Pri Larson Power Recliner 1985-178

An image of Pri Larson Power Recliner 1985-178
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Pulaski 1985-178-083: a mouthful of a name; but one of the classiest and most technologically-advanced recliners for people who seek pragmatism and simplicity. The recliner features USB charging ports, swivel trays, black leather, and power recline options.


  • All-black design: The chair was made for a theater – it is also aimed at people who want to purchase multiple recliners for their home theater. The design is covered in all-black faux premium leather that feels extremely soft, easy to clean, and breathable. The material is mostly polyester – making the impression of premium leather.
  • USB charging: The recliner comes with two USB charging ports located to the sides – people can use these ports to charge their phone, laptop, or tablet. No more having to leave your chair once your battery goes down! It provides full support for electronics including hidden arm storage located below the arms where one can store a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device.
  • Power recline: The chair offers multiple recline features controlled with the touch of a button. They include upright sitting, reclined for a soft relaxation, or complete recline.
  • Swivel treys: The recliner comes with two swivel trays located on each side that can be hidden or retrieved. Essentially they serve as tables, where one can place a laptop or a tablet and go to work.


  • Non-homely design: The Pulaski is designed to be a “commercial” recliner – one that is used in theaters and/or office spaces to cater to a professional crowd. People who want a recliner that fits with a living room atmosphere should opt for another recliner.

AC pacific modern leather upholstered shiatsu massage stress relief power reclining therapy chair, dark brown

An image of ac pacific modern leather upholstered shiatsu massage stress relief power reclining therapy chair, dark brown
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AC Pacific built a heavy-weight, technologically advanced recliner that provides massage features on top of standard recline features. This makes it one of the most technologically-advanced oversized recliners. This recliner caters to people who wish to get more relaxation benefits out of their recliner and utilize it for relaxation after work.


  • Stability: The Ac Pacific Shiatsu Recliner is 40″ wide and weighs over 133 lbs – this means the foundation is heavy enough that it can support the heaviest weights. It has multi-layered “reclining chairs” that increase the comfort and give the chair a sinking feeling; to prepare one for the massage rollers.
  • Classic & elegant design: The AC Pacific Shiatsu recliner features ample cushioning on the oversized arms and armrest are covered in suede upholstery – giving it a classic and elegant appearance.
  • Easy controls: The machine can be controlled with the touch of a button. Do you wish to recline 45-degrees and rest your head for 30 minutes? No problem: Feel like reclining fully and taking a nap? It is as easy as the push of a button.
  • Authentic Shiatsu massage: The chair provides a famous Japanese “Shiatsu” massage that utilizes rollers moving up and down to recreate the natural movement of the hands, providing a genuine massage feeling on the back. The massage feature is ideal for relaxing after work.
  • Brand name: The recliner is made by AC Pacific – one of the leading manufacturers of massage recliners in the industry.


  • Not the widest: At 40″ width – this is average in the oversized category, and people who wish for more width should opt for another recliner.

Ashley Clonmel Reclining


An image of Ashley Clonmel Reclining
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Ashley Furniture’s Signature Design Recliner is directed at people who want classy leather that looks inviting with a minimalist design. It draws attention for its stitching and craftsmanship.


  • Zero-wall feature: The recliner can be used as a chair next to a wall because the back is straight unless reclined – this makes it usable for movie nights and home theaters.
  • Luxury design: Ashley Furniture gave it a luxurious leather look. Despite this being faux leather, made of polyester, the design looks smooth and inviting to the touch, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing recliners. The foams are highly resilient and comfortable.
  • 55″ wide: Ashley Furniture is one of the widest recliners, made to service the largest men – the chair provides extreme comfort and can be used as the main family chair.
  • Grey in color: The Ashley Furniture comes in a standard “Slate Grey” – an optimal color that pairs with every other interior color.
  • Easy assembly: The recliner comes with two main parts for assembly (instructions included) and ships directly from the manufacturer – to ensure maximum protection upon delivery.


  • Faux leather: Ashley Furniture doesn’t use real leather while some manufacturers in the price range provide real leather.

Catnapper Chaise Recliner


An image of Catnapper Chaise Recliner
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Catnapper’s Top Grain Leather Recliner is a real-leather, high-level, Heavy duty recliner with advanced mechanics that provides comfort for heavy people and high stability. The Catnapper is made in the USA.


  • Real Italian leather: The premier feature of the chair is its genuine Italian leather – giving it a premium and authentic feeling that is soft to the touch and inviting.
  • 45″ wide: The recliner is extremely wide, providing ample space to move around until you find your ideal position.
  • Stability mechanisms: The recliner is 135 lbs, making it very stable for even the heaviest men. It features “15 gauge heat-tempered coils” that provide long-term durability and utilizes over 50 independent coils to create a “sinking” luxurious feeling upon sitting.
  • Multi-color options: The recliner comes in “Chocolate” and “Smoke” options – to cater to people who wish a darker or lighter color.


  • Not technologically advanced: The Catnapper doesn’t offer USB charters or treys – it only provides basic recliner features.

Best Selling Home Gavin Leather Gliding Recliner

Harbor brown

An image of Best Selling Home Gavin Leather Gliding Recliner
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Christopher Knight’s Home 296466 is an elegant and premium leather chair that can be used as the main chair for the living room or the home theater. It has a very premium and classic look, with hand-stitched armrests and classic design.


  • 40″ wide: The recliner is very wide, providing space and freedom of movement – this is further emphasized by its 108 lb weight that adds stability and reinforces the comfortable feeling.
  • Reconstructed Bycast Leather: The luxurious feeling of the chair is due to its ‘Reconstituted Bycast Leather’ – split leather that gives it a sleek and detailed feeling; yet minimalistic and inviting. The attention to details and appearance make this recliner suitable for office spaces and high-end theatres that want to give the appearance of class.
  • Easy assembly: The 296466 comes with two main parts and an instruction manual – with an average assembly time of 30 minutes.


  • Not the widest: Christopher Knight’s recliner offers a standard of 40″ width (average), while some oversized recliners offer more than 50″ in width.
  • Not real leather: The faux leather is polyester – certain brands might offer real leather at this price tag.

The Best-oversized recliner is:

Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner

Lane home furnishings madeline power cuddler recliner

We recommend the Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner as it features the best of all worlds in the oversized recliner category. The size features and technology are top-notch on all fronts and surpass or equal the best-oversized recliners in the category. The Simmons is 53″ wide – far more than the average of 40″ for oversized recliners – providing ample space for the largest humans. The Simmons is also technologically advanced with 2.1AMP USB-charters on each side for fast electronics charging.

This recliner is made in the USA. It ships with a warranty directly from the manufacturer, making this the ideal choice for people who want the best-oversized recliner including customer support in case of an emergency. The “Chocolate” color will fit well with every interior, and the company offers additional choices to equip the whole living room.

This makes The Simmons Recliner our premier, most recommended recliner among our top oversized recliner choices!

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Benefits of oversized recliners:

  • 300 lbs+ weight support: Oversized recliners provide support of at least 300 lbs in weight, and some have capacity up to 500 lbs. People who require more space (including tall people) will be covered with oversized recliners. If you are tired of sitting on a short chair that only provides support for the back and not the head and the legs – you should get a recliner.
    • Oversized recliners extend to provide coverage for the feet and the head. Their width is usually 40″ (1 foot) side-to-side, giving you the space to move around until you find your perfect position. Note: Most oversized recliners are not “wall huggers” – i.e., one needs space of at least 3 feet between the recliner and their wall to recline in the back fully.
  • Highly Comfortable: Oversized recliners come with oversized cushions, internal amortization, and high-quality materials that provide the ultimate sense of comfort – far superior to an average sofa or chair.
    • The padding provides extra cushioning and support for your joints and leg ankles. You are not restricted to sitting in your recliner – you can recline back to convert your recliner into a night bed.
    • Want to watch a movie at night and recline? Press a button! Want to sit and make calls on your recliner? Press a button!
    • The chairs are shifty and easy to customize. The oversized factor gives you enough space to stretch and move around the chair; whereas you’re limited to a small space on a regular recliner.
  • Improve blood circulation: Do you sit in your chair for more than 2 hours? This can stiffen your legs because it cuts off the blood flow from your legs, and the whole body is impacted. If you spend more than an hour in a regular chair, your legs will be left to hang, which leaves them without movement and circulation.
    • An oversized recliner utilizes a lever that provides support for the legs which stimulates blood circulation. Your head can also rest on the top of the chair, providing additional blood flow into the neck and head area.
  • “Family” recliner: Do you have a kid that likes to jump on the recliner? Maybe your dog/cat wants to hop on for a pet session? Worry not – their weight will be supported. Oversized recliners are made for large/tall people, but they can be used by average people as well.
    • Read bedtime stories to your child or watch a new Netflix session on your large recliner.
  • Stress relief: Comfortable materials and improved blood flow decrease stress. If you spend 2-3 hours in your recliner after work, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go back to work the next day.
    • Look forward to going back home, popping a beer, and enjoying your soft recliner! A recliner is a stress-relief machine because it creates the setting for relaxation: Highly comfortable, adjustable, lots of space – and sure enough, space for your drinks!
  • Easy to setup: Most have to be assembled at home due to the size of the packages, but set up for the average recliner chair takes only a few minutes.
  • Technologically advanced: Some recliners have cup holders and swivel treys on the side. You can work on your laptop and place a glass of wine on the side of your recliner while you relax.
    • Most recliners are plugged in a wall power socket, and some provide USB chargers.

How to choose a durable oversized recliner?

Recliners differ based on the materials used – the internal amortization for weight support, the cushions, the padding materials, and the brand factor. The material used will be in close contact with your skin. Real leather is a preferred material, and this is why it costs more.

Faux leather costs slightly less. Certain manufacturers are more reliable than others and make chairs that last for more than a decade.

How much do oversized recliners cost?

The average price for a decent oversized recliner is $500 – if you want one to last you for years. If you add a few hundred dollars, you get more luxurious features, and the best recliners are in the $1000+ range. Few recliners cost below $300, and they only have basic features.

Most recliners operate the same at every price level. Essentially they are extendable, back and forth.

The main distinction is the materials used, some of which last longer. Even though a chair might appear cheap and functional, there’s a high chance it will start tearing or break down after 1-2 years of continual use. This is why spending extra might be worth the initial investment, as you likely won’t have to replace your recliner for a decade.

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