Updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 07:44 pm

When you spend hours of your day reading, watching tv, crocheting, or any other activity that keeps you seated for long periods, you need a comfortable place to sit. This can be an even bigger challenge if you are overweight.

If this is you, then the Serta Horizon 652 Big Man Perfect Comfort Power Recliner could be the chair for you. This Serta chair is rated for users up to 500 pounds and best fits heights from 5 foot 4 inches to 6 foot 4 inches. This means it can fit almost every user comfortably.

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Designed with comfort in mind

Many great features of this chair make it stand out from the rest. The first feature that makes it stand out is its comfortable design. The cushions are made from gel-infused memory foam to provide an incredible balance between firmness and softness that is just right for you.

After using this chair for some time, the memory foam will conform to fit you just right. The back contains the Pirelli Web Back Inner-support, which provides more reliable back support than just cushions that wear out over time. Customers with back trouble will be delighted with this feature.

Easy to clean

Another great feature of the Serta Horizon 652 Big Man Perfect Comfort Power Recliner is the LivSmart Fabric construction. This fabric is an excellent feature of the chair because it means that you can eat and drink in your chair without worrying about ruining it. The LivSmart Fabric is moisture repellent and stain-resistant, making it easy to clean.

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Power lift

This Serta Horizon 652 Recliner containers a power lift. When you are trying to find the right chair for you, it is important to determine whether you want a motorized chair or a manual reclining chair. Also, consider whether you want a lift or not.

A lift is perfect for someone who has trouble sitting down or standing up because of knee, back, or hip pain. If this sounds like you, then a lift chair will help you regain some of your independence, so you won’t have to rely on people to help you in and out of your chair.

This Serta Horizon 652 Recliner has a quiet motor and an ergonomic LED handheld control with a USB power port. It will assist you with easily sitting down, reclining, and standing up on your own.

Customer feedback

Satisfied customers love the fact that the lift helps them sit down and stand up because they have a renewed sense of freedom. They love the fact that the fabric won’t stain if they accidentally spill their drink or food on it. This allows them to eat in comfort, which is beneficial if you have chronic pain.

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