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Finding the ideal work shoes for big guys can be quite difficult. Big guys like myself usually have larger feet and require a pair of heavy-duty shoes that can withstand a beating. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day and work under wet conditions such as snow, rain, or mud, then you’ll need the right pair of working shoes.

If you’re a bigger guy like myself, you know that we can be exposed to annoying problems that other people don’t understand. Normal work boots can cause a tremendous amount of pain, such as the back, joint, toe, and knee pain. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best work shoes for big guys, so you can follow along with our guide and find the right work shoes for you.

Big work shoes for extra large guys

Thorogood Men’s Infinity FD Series Waterproof Work Boots

image of thorogood men's infinity fd series waterproof work boots - Extra Large Living
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For those looking for the perfect balance between comfortable, flexibility, and superior construction, the Thorogood Men’s Infinity working boots are an excellent choice.

Infinity is built with their patented Flex-drive construction on its soles and toe area to offer greater flexibility and protection. This sole offers its proprietary sole high rebound sole that offers a great cushion and lifts off the ground. These soles make it easy to walk in any terrain and make it comfortable to stand on hard surfaces all day.

With this shoe, you receive maximum comfort, including an anti-friction and single density footbed made of polyurethane. This footbed provides cushion inside of your shoes, giving you an additional barrier so that you can be comfortable all day. In addition, these shoes are waterproof and made of durable full-grain leather. Not to mention it has a 3M insulation to keep your feet warm for cold or icy conditions.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Very comfortable for all-day use
  • 3M of insulation to keep your feet warm
  • Easy to clean
  • Full-grain leather is durable
  • Welt material provides flex in the ball of foot and heel stability


  • Boots aren’t properly lined inside and may discolor socks

Carhartt Men’s Rugged Flex Toe Work Boot

image of carhartt men's rugged flex toe work boot - Extra Large Living
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Some people prefer soles directly in contact with the ground, while others prefer an arch on the soles. The Carhartt Men’s working boots offer a six-inch shaft, and its heels are 1.75 inches. These working boots with high arches tend to provide energy-returning insoles, offer extra cushioning, provide heel pads, and are excellent shock absorbers. Their rubber outsoles are built to handle a tough workload and are oil, slip, and chemical resistant.

Carhartt boots have synthetic soles meaning they are abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. They are also made of 100% leather giving your feet more breathability, protection and not to mention it’s easy to clean.


  • Boots are very durable and sturdy
  • Tread on soles provide great traction
  • Little to no break-in required
  • Very soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Waterproof and works in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Oil, slip, and chemical resistant for safety


  • May feel slightly heavy
  • Not recommended for hiking

Men’s Caterpillar Threshold Waterproof Work Boot

image of men's caterpillar threshold waterproof work boot - Extra Large Living
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If you want budget-friendly work boots, the Caterpillar Men’s work boots are both affordable and high-quality. You’ll be surprised to find that these shoes have amazing comfort and safety features that many other boots don’t have.

It’s made of full-grain leather that is abrasion-resistant, protective, and durable. These boots use their patented ERO midsole construction, making it 30% more shock absorbent and lighter than other boots. There is an electrical hazard protection feature for those working near electrical units to safeguard against open circuits for up to about 600 volts, especially in dry conditions.


  • Offers a removable footbed
  • Waterproof boot to ensure working in wet conditions is safe
  • 30% lighter and more shock absorbent than other boots
  • Shoes are slip-resistant
  • Ideal for long hours of work


  • May cause a slight foot odor

Carhartt Men’s 8″ Waterproof Toe Logger Boot

image of carhartt men's 8
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Similar to the 6-inch working boots, the Carhatt also offers an 8-inch version. As mentioned, high arch boots provide additional stability and a greater rebound, so walking in them is effortless. The outsoles have an extremely rugged design made to prevent slippage from providing extra grip. If you work in outdoor areas with mountains, hills, or other uneven terrains, the grip can be extremely useful.

This arch is meant to be a heel stabilizer to provide heel protection and ankle stability. For big guys, wearing tight and improper work boots can cause ankle sprains, heel pain, blisters, back injuries, and an increased risk of tripping.


  • Fits very snug and comfortable to wear
  • Composite toe is strong and light
  • Waterproof membranes ensure boots works in all weather conditions
  • Heel is thick, measuring at 2 inches
  • Insoles come with a PU leather cushion and PU Strobel
  • Includes an Achilles flex joint and heel stabilizer for additional mobility


  • Requires some time to break-in

Georgia Boot Men’s Waterproof Logger

image of georgia boot men's waterproof logger - Extra Large Living
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Georgia Boots offer premium protection to ensure your feet feel secure and injury-free. These boots have a protective steel toe to prevent an array of injuries. This includes falling objects, injuries from falls and slips, punctures, burns, and cuts or lacerations. Similar to the Carhatt shoes, it has a rugged outsole design along with an 8-inch shaft.

If you’re tired of switching boots every few months, you can be confident that the Georgia boots are different. Georgia offers an outstanding 1-year warranty on any defective materials, manufacturing flaws, and workmanship.


  • High quality and durable leather
  • Very warm and ideal for cold weather
  • Boots are waterproof and made for all weather conditions
  • Serve many purposes other than just work
  • Comfortable for all-day use
  • Includes a 1-year warranty


  • May feel heavy
  • Work Boot inserts may be needed during the break-in process
  • May need wool socks to help absorb sweat

Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh

image of keen utility men's pittsburgh - Extra Large Living
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One of the better all-around work boots in the market is the Keen Utility shoes. These shoes use a flatter outsole design with a slight arch similar to the design of running shoes. This outsole enables users to move much quicker compared to boots that have a heel design. Also, its rubber soles have amazing traction that is slip and oil resistant.

These boots have a waterproof membrane line that is breathable. It lets vapor out without allowing water to seep through. The Keen Utility offers a mesh liner combined with this waterproof membrane. As a result, you get very breathable working shoes to prevent excessive sweating and foot odor.


  • Waterproof is effective and will work in wet conditions
  • Excellent price and quality
  • Wide toe box for those with big feet and want more wiggle room
  • Very lightweight, unlike other working boots
  • Soles are very durable


  • Will be very stiff until you break it in
  • Could be more breathable

Irish Setter Men’s Mesabi Toe Work Boots

image of irish setter men's mesabi toe work boots - Extra Large Living
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The Irish Setter is one of the most stylish shoes on the market. Although it looks like it is made from a suede material, it is made from 100% leather. These pairs of boots are heat resistant, which ensures that your feet won’t sweat. Working all day long typically causes sweat, leading to bad foot odor and sometimes the inner soles to wear down.

Similar to other boots mentioned here, it has a rugged designed rubber sole with a heel. These soles help to navigate through any terrain easily. The leather is completely waterproof and abrasion-resistant so that it can handle all sorts of foul weather. Not to mention, it has safety features like electrical hazard protection and a steel toe.


  • Includes heat-resistant outsole
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Leather is waterproof and works in all weather conditions
  • Steel toe provides solid protection
  • Boots are fairly lightweight
  • Great traction to prevent slipping
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours and ideal for outdoor use
  • Will last a long time


  • Boots may run slightly small

And the best work shoes for big guys is

image of thorogood men's infinity fd series waterproof work boots - Extra Large Living

Thorogood Men’s Infinity FD Series Waterproof Work Boots

After thoroughly testing all of these boots, we’ve discovered that the Thorogood Men’s Infinity working boots are the best choice for big guys. It offers everything you’re looking for when it comes to work shoes, such as water protection, comfortability, excellent traction, insulation, and easy to move around in.

One of these product’s stand-out features is their Flex-Drive outsole, allowing greater flex in the balls of your feet and heel stability. This greatly reduces the chances of foot or ankle problems. These shoes have two major features that improve comfort. It has a layer of cushion for the insoles and a thick Infinity midsole that reduces the shock and propels you forward while walking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing work shoes for big guys?

Most big guys require boots with a wider fit with more wiggle room and can withstand the rigors of working outdoors. The three main factors to consider when looking for work boots are the build quality, comfort, and safety features.

  • Build quality: The structure should be sturdy yet flexible enough to stretch the shoe. It should also withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. High-quality materials protect your feet from liquid, sharp objects, and abrasion. High-quality
  • Comfort: Ideally, you’d want shoes with a shock absorption feature along with shoes that have some sort of cushioning in the insoles or midsoles.
  • Safety features: Work boots should have a steel composite toe to safeguard against falling objects. Some shoes even have protection against electrical hazards, especially in dry conditions. Also, the soles must be water and chemical resistant.
    What are the advantages of having work boots for big guys?
    Having the right work boots for a big guy is essential to their everyday life. Here are a few advantages to finding the right pair:
  • Avoid frustration and wasted money: As a big fella, I understand the frustration of going through poor quality boots that don’t live up to their promises. Buying new boots every few months, buying extra cushioning, footbeds, or even painkillers can be quite annoying.
  • No more pain: Work boots designed for big guys typically have a wider fit meaning it doesn’t fit too tight on your larger sized feet. Simultaneously, it needs to have cushioning so that standing on concrete all day doesn’t hurt your feet.
  • Renewed energy: Having the wrong boots can quickly zap your energy. Imagine having boots soak your feet or having terrible foot odor. Maybe the boots are too stiff, and you walk funny because of it.