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Running is a sport that anyone can enjoy, and it offers a simple but effective way for people to get fit. The only thing you need to start running is a good pair of running shoes. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from. Which shoes you pick will come down to a myriad of factors, but one of the more important ones is your own body type.

Certain shoes will work better than others for larger or heavier runners. A shoe that works perfectly for someone who is 330 lbs might not be great for a runner over 440 lbs. Running in the wrong pair of shoes can lead to problems, such as ankle injuries or knee problems.

Heavier runners need to buy running shoes appropriate for their weight category. Finding a supportive shoe will make running a much more enjoyable and effective form of exercise and will minimize the risk of damaging your body.

In this guide, we have gathered some of the best running shoes for heavy men from various brands. We will discuss what makes these shoes so good at their job and offer some advice on what a heavy runner should look out for when shopping for new running shoes.

Running shoes for heavy man

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

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ASICs are a brand that specializes in making stability shoes suitable for neutral runners with broader feet. As such, they also have a lot of great shoes for heavier runners, which is exactly what the Gel-Nimbus 22s are for.

They have a midsole made from Flytefoam, with a gel technology cushioning pad in the heel. This makes the shoes suitably soft with maximum cushioning to absorb shock with every stride.

Another great aspect of these ASICs Gel Nimbus 22 is the tread, which is thick and durable. The rubber sole has grooves and lugs that maintain traction in different weather conditions, so your shoe won’t fail you in rain or light snow.

Meanwhile, the upper is not the most durable and may be prone to tearing if you catch it on a stick or sharp rock. Apart from this minor inconvenience, the upper is lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry and cool while running.


  • Gel technology in the fore and rearfoot provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Flytefoam midsole provides comfort underfoot and flexibility.
  • The durable tread is suitable for both wet and dry trails.
  • Wide variety of colors


  • The mesh upper is not the most durable.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam XHierro V7

image of new balance men's fresh foam xhierro v7 - Extra Large Living
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These are some of the best trail running shoes for heavy runners since they have lots of support to help you navigate rough terrain. They have plenty of space in the forefoot, which is great for those with wide feet and provides ample comfort for long runs. It also has a wide base, which helps keep you stable while jogging along dirt tracks or rough ground. In other words, if you like to wear wide-width loafers, this shoe type is for you.

The midsole is made from Fresh Foam X, which is firm but offers soft cushioning. However, these shoes could do with a little extra cushioning in the forefoot area, but this will largely come down to your own personal preference.

With repeated use, the mesh upper doesn’t stretch much so that the shoes won’t become loose on your feet. Your heel will be locked down and less likely to slip or move around inside the shoe.

These trail running shoes have a Vibram outsole that is highly durable and capable of withstanding a lot of punishment before wearing down. This sole


  • Wide base for extra stability when running over rough terrain.
  • Plenty of room in the forefoot for wider feet.
  • Vibram outsole offers excellent traction in a variety of different conditions.


  • Some runners may prefer slightly more cushioning in the forefoot of the midsole.

Nike Men’s ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit Running Shoe

image of nike men's zoomx invincible run flyknit running shoe - Extra Large Living
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Nike has designed this shoe to be great for runners who want to pick up their pace. They are also suitable for those who are training through an injury. It is designed to be plush and very comfortable, with a very responsive, bouncy sole. Not only does the high responsiveness help you go faster, but it also provides incredible shock absorption to help you run without soreness in the joints.

These shoes have an extra large ZoomX midsole that is so bouncy it feels like running on clouds. This acts as the main shock absorber, helping to reduce bumps and impacts so they don’t put unnecessary strain on your feet or legs. The Synthetic mesh upper is almost as plush as the midsole and exceptionally comfortable, even if it gets a bit hot sometimes.

The tread isn’t quite as rugged as some of the others we have looked at, but it is very well suited for road racing. While the small lugs offer good traction on concrete surfaces, they will wear down quickly with repeated use. As such, these are not the most durable shoes, and it might be better to keep them for those days when you need a little extra speed or bounce.


  • Thick ZoomX midsole provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Plush and comfortable upper.
  • The outsole is extended at the back to help with running downhill.


  • The outsole may wear down quickly.

Brooks Men’s Glycerin GTS 20 Supportive Running Shoe

image of brooks men's glycerin gts 20 supportive running shoe - Extra Large Living
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These road running shoes have a specially designed inner sleeve that supports the shape of your foot and locks down your heel. This makes them a great stability shoe for heavier individuals since they don’t have extra space for your foot to slide around while running. The upper is made from a plush yet breathable mesh that is very comfortable without making your feet too hot.

With a midsole made from DNA loft, the Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 offers a medium level of cushioning that isn’t too hard but also isn’t too soft. This is very important for heavy runners, as shoes which are too soft will be far less durable in the long run. The DNA Loft provides a fair bit of bounce while running but, most importantly, supports your feet to prevent them from getting too tired over long distances.

The insole is also extra plush to help absorb some of the shock from running on concrete. Meanwhile, the outsole is made from hardened synthetic rubber compound that offers good grip in a variety of conditions, both on paved surfaces and dirt tracks. With the new lace closure, you will have no problem getting a secure fit with these comfortable shoes.


  • DNA loft midsole that is supportive and well cushioned
  • Durable hard rubber tread.
  • Plush yet breathable mesh that is comfortable to run in.


  • Sizing runs small.

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Gaviota 3

image of hoka one one mens gaviota 3 - Extra Large Living
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Hoka is one of our favorite brands when it comes to high-quality, stable shoes, and these are a perfect choice for all of the overweight runners out there. The Gaviota 3’s are designed for roads and rough terrain, making them a versatile option for heavy runners who like to mix up their routes.

Much like the Nike ZoomXs, these shoes have a very large midsole that extends beyond the heel to help with running downhill. The base of these shoes flares at the bottom to make them extra wide, providing better stability and support for running to prevent excessive strain.

They also have a plush, breathable upper that looks great and can be bought in leather should you desire. The tread on the outsole provides awesome traction on concrete and is deep enough for running off-road. A large heel loop on the back of the shoe makes it much easier to put them on and take them off again.


  • High stack midsole that offers both support and shock absorption.
  • Deep tread on the outsole provides excellent traction on most types of terrain.
  • Breathable upper that is available in multiple colors and even in leather.


  • These shoes may be too heavy for some fat runners.

Buyers Guide

If you are a heavy runner, you may have heard a lot of misconceptions about what kind of running shoes will work best for you. You may have heard that a soft running shoe will work best. However, this is rarely the case. This section will outline exactly what you should be looking out for when shopping for a new pair of running shoes.

Fit & Protection

You want to ensure that your shoes fit with enough room to wiggle your toes around without being too loose. Shoes that are too loose won’t lock down your heel, which will lead to less stability when running, increasing the chance of spraining your ankle or otherwise injuring yourself.

Depending on the type of running you are doing, you may also want to look into protective shoes. These shoes have special padding and features that protect your feet from impact or sharp objects underfoot. Such features could include hardened toe caps or rock plates added to the midsole.

If you mainly run on concrete, then you will want a very different type of protection than you would for running on dirt trails. Shoes with a large rubber tread and a rock plate won’t perform well for street races, just as shoes with a shallow tread and gel inserts won’t do well off-road.

Softness & Cushioning

Again, you may have heard that soft shoes work best for larger runners, but the opposite is true. Shoes that are too soft won’t offer the support you need and will be much less stable than a shoe that has a firm midsole. Also, if you are on the heavier side, you will likely wear through a soft midsole very quickly.

If you want a durable running shoe that will last you for many years, you should look for a well-cushioned shoe instead of a soft one. These shoes have lots of padding to help them feel soft but still have a firm and supportive midsole. Look for midsoles that incorporate guide rails, as these are other features that will help support your feet.

Ample cushioning and support will help you to run longer distances without your feet getting too tired. If you buy the right shoe, supportive cushioning can also help combat under or overpronation of the feet. If you take one thing away from this guide, always remember that cushioning is much better than softness.


The upper of your shoe needs to be firm and not too stretchy if you want it to hug your feet the way it should. Stretchy upper materials will become distended over time, leading to your shoes becoming too loose.

You want the upper of your shoe to be made from breathable and lightweight materials. A lighter shoe will help you to run faster since it will require less effort to lift off the ground. Meanwhile, a breathable upper will allow air to pass through the shoe and keep your feet cool and well-ventilated. This stops your feet from overheating, which could cause them significant damage.


The outsole is the final thing you should consider when shopping for running shoes. This is the rubber tread that makes contact with the ground. You want your shoes to have a durable outsole that provides enough traction on the surfaces you intend to run on. Good traction will greatly improve your running stability and lower the chance of injury. The tread is also the part of the shoe that will experience the most wear and tear. If you want your shoes to last a long time, you should look for ones with a thick tread made from durable hardened rubber or Vibram.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Extra Weight Affect Runners?

Extra weight can negatively affect the body, such as dramatically increasing your heart rate and oxygen consumption. It can also strain the joints in your legs, which is why it is so important to have a supportive running shoe built for your weight category. While slimming down can help to improve your running performance, you shouldn’t aim to become underweight either, as this will affect the power you can put down on the track.

What Type Of Shoe Is Good For High Arches?

People with high arches will benefit the most from neutral running shoes. If you have exceptionally high arches, you could invest in orthotic inserts that help to take some of the strain off your arches, but generally, neutral shoes will suffice. On the other hand, if you have very low arches, you will do best with a stability or motion control shoe. These will help your feet move properly so that they don’t suffer excessive strain when running.

Should You Run If You Are Overweight?

Yes, running is a great way to lose weight and improve your overall fitness. However, it may be a good idea to share your running plan with your doctor so they can tell you if it is completely safe. If you have certain cardiovascular issues, you may want to start with walking instead of running to rule out the risk of an injury. Provided your doctor gives you the go-ahead, starting a running regime will be a fantastic way to improve your fitness and get regular exercise.

What Are Some Running Tips For Heavy Runners?

A good tip for heavy trail runners is to start small and gradually increase your distance. Trying too much at once could lead to problems and put you off running altogether. Plan your routes to ensure they don’t include grueling uphill or downhill sections.

While running uphill may feel more difficult, remember that running downhill can also be very tiring. Furthermore, running downhill puts even more stress on your ankles and shins, so bear that in mind when planning your route.

It also helps to implement a walk, run, and walk plan for your first few runs. This is when you start your journey with a brisk walk to warm yourself up and then run for 1 minute before walking for 2. Repeat this pattern for the entire length of your route, and you will find it much more manageable. Always do stretches before setting out on your trail runs so your muscles are ready for action.

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