Updated on July 7th, 2023 at 07:09 pm

As a plus-size woman, one of the challenges I face is shopping for clothes and shoes.

I was recently shopping for loafers, and getting one with a wide width was more challenging than I anticipated. Luckily, after days of research, I finally found a few wide-width loafers for women that are cute, comfortable, and reasonably priced!

Here are my best women’s wide-width loafers.

Top rated women’s wide loafers

Clarks Women’s Emslie Warren Shoes

image of clarks women's emslie warren shoes - Extra Large Living
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The Clarks brand Women’s Warren Slip-On Loafer is my favorite on the list because it has a great design and other unique features. These are a great choice for women in professions such as teaching or nursing that require them to stand all day.

The Warren slip-ons are 100% leather, so longevity isn’t a problem. They have a soft cushion interior and an ortholite footbed to ensure your toes don’t get sore even after long hours of standing. Another great feature of these shoes is the two decorative button trims on the top that give the loafer a modern vibe.


  • Ortholite foot bed and cushion interior for comfort
  • Reliable even for long days on your feet
  • They’re 100% leather
  • Button trims on top for decoration


  • They are only available in one color (black leather).

Orthofeet Women’s Wichita Diabetic Shoes

image of orthofeet women's wichita diabetic shoes - Extra Large Living
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The orthofeet loafer might not be the most pretty shoe on this list, but it’s an excellent choice for people struggling with foot pain. If you’re suffering from diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, or swollen feet, I highly recommend the Orthofeet brand.

For starters, these womens wide loafers have lightweight, ergonomic soles that enhance stability. Another great feature is the insole with an adjustable arch booster and several layers of cushioning to ensure your foot is comfortable. This, in return, relieves any pain in your knees, hips, and lower back.

This wide loafer is 100% Synthetic, and it has a rubber sole, so there is no question when it comes to durability. The heel measures 0.25 inches to ensure you don’t strain even during long walks or long-standing sessions.


  • Ergonomic sole with extra cushioning
  • Reduces pressure under the heel
  • Gel padding
  • Adjustable arch booster


  • Available in one color only – black
  • Not very pretty

Clarks Women’s Ashland Bubble Loafer

image of clarks women's ashland bubble loafer - Extra Large Living
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This isn’t my first time buying the Clarks brand, and they are no different from the rest. Despite being pocket-friendly, the loafer is very comfortable and makes it easy to give any outfit a professional look. These shoes have excellent arch-support, cushy-instep, and a wide toe box which makes them very comfortable.

It’s no surprise that these shoes are warm and comfortable because they have a thermoplastic elastomer sole, which gives superior comfort compared to other soles. The thermoplastic sole has the same properties as a traditional leather sole, but it’s also washable and durable.

The heel is 1.29 inches, so it won’t be a bother even if you’ll be standing all day. These womens wide loafers are comfortable driving long distances, walking, and traveling.


  • Super-flexible and lightweight
  • Thermoplastic elastomer sole
  • Wide-toe box
  • A great arch-support
  • Available in 10 colors


  • They can be a bit too warm during hot days

Clarks Women’s Sharon Gracie Loafers

image of clarks women's sharon gracie loafers - Extra Large Living
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I was very skeptical about buying these shoes because I was afraid they might be a little bulky due to their sole. However, these shoes are surprisingly super light and comfortable. They have an ethylene-vinyl acetate sole (EVA), a sole construction with excellent shock-absorbing properties. The material is also lightweight and elastic, providing premium cushioning for your feet.

Another great feature is the heel height, which is 1.77 inches; it works exceptionally well for knee problems. Although they aren’t non-slip, they’re easy to walk in because the sole is firm enough. Another advantage of the wedge is it gives you a little lift to accommodate your long pants and dresses.

The loafer also has a strap at the top for decorative purposes; I was worried about the strap bothering me, but I didn’t feel any binding sensation.


  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate sole (EVA)
  • Comfy cushioning
  • Available in 20 colors
  • A little wedge


  • The shoes aren’t non-slip.

Skechers women’s go walk Joy walking shoe

image of skechers women’s go walk joy walking shoe - Extra Large Living
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Morning walks can be very long and uncomfortable with bulky shoes, which is why I love the Sketchers brand walking loafers. They’re light, and the heel measures approximately one inch, making them perfect for jogging and walks.

Another great feature of these shoes is the breathable engineered knit mesh fabric upper that helps cool your feet after intense walks. This ensures your feet don’t sweat and become slippery – and your shoes don’t smell terrible after a walk. The loafer has an air-cooled memory foam cushioned comfort insole to enhance this function further.

Besides breathability, the loafer has 5GEN cushioning. The latter is a full-length foam fabric that’s designed to carry your foot responsibly during running sessions.


  • Breathable knit mesh fabric upper
  • Air-cooled memory foam cushioned insole
  • Slip in style
  • 5GEN Cushioning


  • Getting the right size was a challenge for me – I had to go with a half-size smaller than my usual fitting.

Franco Sarto Women’s Bocca Loafer

image of franco sarto women's bocca loafer - Extra Large Living
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This loafer is a great choice if you’re looking for something to match your skirt. The loafer is 100% leather, and it has a synthetic sole and a heel height that’s 1.25 inches. The loafer is a perfect fit for people with very wide feet because they’re available in wide widths and extended sizes.

I usually love the almond toe, so I wasn’t very sure how I’d feel about a loafer with a square tip. However, they turned out to be super cool, and the square toe actually gives them a delicate look. My feet also feel very comfortable and amazing in these shoes, thanks to the boxy front tip, which provides plenty of room for my toes.

Lastly, the shoes have a cushioned insole, so you won’t get blisters even after long hours of walking. When trying them out for the first time, they may feel a little tight. I used a shoehorn for the first few times and they loosened up after a week or so of wearing them.


  • There are available in extended sizes
  • They have a square tip
  • The insole is well-cushioned


  • The insoles are not removable
  • They can be a little tight the first few times of wearing them

LifeStride Women’s Adley

image of lifestride women's adley - Extra Large Living
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The Lifestride women’s ankle boot is an excellent loafer if you’re looking for something old-school that can match your modern outfits. It has a simple and classic design with a wrap-around strap and a metallic buckle accent.

The loafer is 100% synthetic, and it has a flexible sole, with a heel height of 1.25 inches. The ankle boot also has a cushy and breathable foam that softens every step you take. And it also offers excellent arch and heel support for balance and stability.


  • Cushy and breathable foam
  • Excellent arch and heel support
  • Ultra-flexible outsole


  • They’ll feel very tight the first you wear them.

The best wide slip on shoe is…

image of clarks women's emslie warren shoes - Extra Large Living

Clarks Women’s Emslie Warren Shoes

I love all the loafers on my list, but the Clarks Women’s Warren Slip-On Loafer is my favorite. It has everything that I need in a loafer; it’s sassy and comfortable. The loafer has an Ortholite cushioned foot bed which reduces pressure on every step you take.

It also has a rubber sole which is known for its tough and stiff properties, which means it’s durable. I love the shoe design because I can wear it with jeans when hitting the club with the girls or with a skirt for work. They are very easy to walk in– and you don’t get sores even if you stand all day.

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Buyer’s guide – best wide women’s width loafers

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite women’s wide loafers, it’s time for me to give you some tips to consider when shopping for loafers.

Here are the key factors to consider when shopping for womens wide loafers.


The last thing you want is to buy loafers and have the outer layer peeling off after one week. To avoid this, shop from reputable brands known for quality shoes, and don’t compromise on the price.


Another thing I consider when buying loafers is versatility. I like to go for shoes that can go well with most of my dresses and pants, so I don’t feel limited. For example, almond toe shoes can be worn perfectly with skirts and pants. And you can dress up or dress down round-shape loafers as much as you’d like.


The main reason people purchase women’s wide loafers is comfort. You don’t want to end with shoes that give you blisters. Features that you need to consider when purchasing comfy loafers include insoles; confirm that they’re well-cushioned. You also need to choose the heel height based on the purpose of the loafers. Remember to consider other factors like breathability for walking and running shoes.


Some loafers can serve you for years, while some will only last a few months. For example, loafers with a dentless surface and a thick sole have a longer life than loafers with a slim sole. However, it depends on the kind of sole. For example, loafers with a rubber sole will last longer than loafers with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) since rubber is hard.