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In today’s world, we can often feel self-conscious about our bodies, and when it comes to our facial features, this is no exception. For a larger person, choosing what hair length to go for to try to look less chubby can be difficult. We try to cover up our double chins and our fat faces, whilst also trying to have flattering hairstyles.

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And this is the case for whatever hair type you have, from straight hair to wavy hair. Whatever the case may be, you want the perfect hairstyle that fits in with you and makes you feel great. But what hair length is best for this? Is long hair or short hair better for a fat face? Well, most hair experts believe longer hair is the right choice, usually shoulder-length hair – but there’s lots more to it than this.

We’ve written this handy guide to try to answer this question and give you all the best advice for trendy hairstyles that mask a fat face. Read on to learn more.

Does Long hair make you look thinner?

The best haircut for women when you want to appear thinner is in fact a multi layered haircut. This is because the various hair strands can hide specific areas for people with a rounder face shape.

Indeed, flattering haircuts of this kind are an excellent choice, especially when you’re taking photos with your friends. This is because the right hairstyle, plus photographs with sharp angles can help to frame and soften the lines of your face. You can also learn how to pose for pictures to look thinner

Does short hair make you look thinner?

The popular belief is that short hair does not work for women with round faces. However, this is not entirely true. Slimming haircuts can actually be done with short or chin length haircuts – but the essence is by not adding too much volume into the sides.

You’ll want to look for choppy strands which help to frame the face. An angled lob haircut is perhaps one of the best examples to look at, regardless of your head shape. The additional volume should be focused on the top of your head, which you can have customized to fit in with modern haircuts.

What if I have long bangs?

A common question that women with fat faces may ask is – can I look slimmer even with long bangs? The answer is yes! However, the ideal choice to do this is by balancing out your facial features with long, side-swept bangs which go just below your eyebrows.

Does hair color matter?

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Another common question usually centers around hair color. Will darker shades work like dark roots and even darker roots? They say black is slimming for clothes, but is it the same with your hair?

Well, generally speaking, your natural hair color will work with your eye color so dyeing your hair is not always the best choice. Having said that though, sometimes hair dye can really bring out your eyes and make you appear more radiant.

What this does overall is give your face a much better appearance – which can visually then appear slimmer! Unfortunately, the key to success is not clear cut with plus size women – and you cannot expect a different hair color to mask double chins! So, what is the answer?

Many hair stylists argue that the answer lies with face-framing highlights. This should bring out a natural texture to your skin and help to shine your already existing natural beauty. This is the case for people with longer hair and shorter hair. However, there’s lots more to think about when it comes to haircuts for women.

Popular hair color choices for larger women

When all is said and done, your hair choice and of course, the color, will ultimately be down to you. However, when it comes to some ideas – many women look to seasonal hair styles. If you prefer the winter choice, women with double chins would like to opt for a dark brown hair color, especially if you have brightly colored eyes.

One of the best styles here is to choose diagonal bangs. It’s a simple haircut but very effective. Turning our attention to the spring, women with bright eyes and a warmer skin tone might be best suited to a blonde color and light hair style.

Yes, caramel blonde can be extremely flattering, and you can choose many versatile hairstyles to align with this. Moving onto the summer theme, women may choose a low contrast like a chocolate brown. These colors can help to mask double chins, particularly if you choose an asymmetrical haircut or side-parted hairstyle.

Finally, we have the fall – where the focus turns to women with hazel-colored eyes. They may choose a dark red color hair theme and look at soft waves. Though women with naturally curly hair can align beautifully with the autumn theme. This is because curly hair, especially when dyed, can bring the physical manifestation of the season to their personality.

Is there a perfect haircut for a fat face?

The short answer is no. There are many styles that range from choppy layers and soft curls to sleek styles. The fact remains though that hairstyles are going to be subjective to the woman. Both long hair and short hair can be flattering to a woman’s facial features, and help to mask double chins, whilst also highlighting their shining beauty.

This is often through enhancing the focus onto the eyes – especially when choosing a seasonal theme. The only way to know for sure is to test out multiple hairstyles and have a chat with your hair stylists. They are professionals who have trained to help bring out your natural beauty through the use of your hair.

The bottom line

It’s impossible to say short hair is better for fat faces or long hair is better for fat faces, due to the subjectivity of each person. The best thing to do is to speak with your hair stylist and keep trying different styles until you find one that absolutely works for you!

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